8 thoughts on “Breaking TRUMP News 2PM 10/16/19 | CNN Breaking TRUMP News Today Oct 16, 2019

  1. And Trump stands there looking colossally bored – how disrespectful. He doesn't give a shite about anyone but himself. Makes me sick to watch him. Changing channels.

  2. When is Kaitlin Collins going to get her own show. I love the way she explains things. She's clear, direct, and has proven that she's unafraid to speak truth to power.

  3. This fool idiot corrupt fake President Trump cannot praise himself in front of the leader of other country. His fake President tried to lie to the audience as usual. A simple question to him but he just keep praising himself 20 times longer than just answered the question.

  4. Hey idiot Trump! Is there a war and bombed in Kentucky?? OMG, such a fake President shows to the world on TV.

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