Breaking News US/Australia ll  Inside the duplex of despair where ‘family kept a SLAVE’

Breaking News US/Australia ll Inside the duplex of despair where ‘family kept a SLAVE’

This is the inside of the unassuming western Sydney townhouse where a family allegedly kept a woman as their household slave  Australian Federal Police officers this week charged two brothers – a painter, 39, and a registered nurse, 28 – and their mother, 58, with slavery offences The woman allegedly held in their ‘domestic servitude’ was the eldest brother’s Afghan-born wife, police said  But last year the 39-year-old allegedly tricked her into travelling with him to Afghanistan and left her behind in the war-torn and destitute nation  Police claim the seemingly stranded woman then journeyed back to Australia of her own accord in the hope of seeking justice  She reported the family’s alleged oppression to police in , sparking the first of a series of raids on the house a month later   Share this article Share About 5.30am on Wednesday, police arrived at the home ready to lay charges, before the painter and his registered nurse brother could leave for work    Neighbours said the family had moved into the property in and that the family were rounded up without commotion    Locals said they noticed a ‘younger’ woman at the property, but could not fathom what was alleged to have occurred between the home’s brick veneer walls    SYDNEY’S ‘SLAVE FAMILY’: A TIMELINE: Claims an Australian citizen in Sydney’s west is keeping his wife as a slave are referred to the Federal police: Painter, 39, takes his next wife to Afghanistan but returns home a few days later without her, leaving her behind: The woman complains to police after she travelled back to Sydney from Afghanistan of her own accord: The AFP raids the family home, seizing the woman’s belongings and $88,750 in cash: Police arrest the family and lay charges against all three members: The family are granted bail at Sydney’s Central Local Court  Police claim the woman may not be the only ‘slave’ the oldest brother, 39, has been involved with  The new allegations led the federal to reopen an investigation into old claims from that the painter had kept his first wife in his ‘servitude’   The siblings and their mother were all charged on Wednesday with the offence of exercising the power of ownership over a slave  The older brother and his mother were also hit with possessing a slave charges The offences carry a maximum penalty of 25 years imprisonment The relatives spent the night in custody but were freed on conditional bail on Thursday   The older brother’s bail conditions including a $15,000 surety, having to report daily to the local police station and to only possess one mobile phone  The names of the three family members were all suppressed by a magistrate in order to protect the identity of the alleged victim  The cases return to court in September.  

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