Breaking News: Sociopaths in Action!

Breaking News: Sociopaths in Action!

A high profile planned city financial advisor
found herself in jail today. Authorities say she stole money from elderly clients for years. That’s the trait of a sociopath! Shshshshshshsh We begin with Breaking News: it”s a disturbing,
monsterous, horrific case of child abuse out of Mesa. A three year old girl duct taped,
put in a trash bag and left alone in a closet for hours. All of this happening by her supposed babysitter had sex with random people he met online. That’s the trait of a sociopath! Shshshshshshsh From friendships to first loves, high school
memories can last a lifetime, but not all of them are good. Melissa Dohme. barely survived
her high school sweetheart. He stabbed me right here in the shoulder, and then right
here in the back of the neck, and then he went back over and started right here by the
ear. That’s the trait of a sociopath! Shshshshshshsh Shshshshshshsh

One thought on “Breaking News: Sociopaths in Action!

  1. We need you!! You and the gift GOD has given you. Please help us recognize and protect ourselves from these evil
    predatory human demon!! Please be a good shepherd for us!! No one else seems to care or has a gift to enlighten people about these covert devils in the workplace, in relationships, in churches, in schools, practically anywhere. Please keep making videos and helping us. We need a good shepherd, a voice in the wilderness, a Lighthouse!!!

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