Breaking news regarding WWE Crown Jewel, free agency and more: WWE Now

Breaking news regarding WWE Crown Jewel, free agency and more: WWE Now

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  1. Due to Seth not being captain for Team Hogan, I really hated that. Ever since that episode of RAW, I legit was screaming when he was captain for one of my favorite hall of famers team. But I understand, a falls count anywhere match for a championship against The Fiend is big. But hey, Smackdown is gonna be great when Roman Reigns FINALLY gets a title match, and its for the IC Championship.

    WWE: making fans mad

    WWE viewers: this is horrible
    TNA viewers: this is confusing
    AEW: this is boring

    Get it the way we want it Vince.

  2. Real wrestling fans don't care about your silly Saudi Arabia PPV or WWE. Most intelligent adult wrestling fans, all frown at the fact, you keep going there too! -_-

  3. Why is Seth defending the title vs The Fiend lol

    Neither Fiend or Wyatt have said they have any interest in the title

  4. Wait WHAT? Authors of Pain, who were already signed to Raw before the draft, are going to Raw? I’m absolutely shocked

  5. What did Roman Reigns do exactly to earn a intercontinental Championship Match other than Using Twitter No wonder why WWE is going downhill

  6. They'll have The Fiend lose in Arabia because they'll receive the least crowd Backlash there. Because for some reason the people there think it's really good vs evil. Idiots.

  7. Pfff I was scared of Steph30/30 in the year 3000 when Vince Said she was apart of the Business because that's when I Knew … Omgish THATS WHY I WAS SO CONFIDENT and feel like I want to hack in Shrinking size text , how did I

  8. Wait Seth Rollins was already booked in a match before it was announced he would be in another match? You would think that these things would have been organised earlier rather than as a reaction to bad booking at hell in a cell. Oh well the fiend will get pinned by the pyromaniac that is gets booed for being a likable guy because he thinks the Saudi crowd are bigger marks than the rest of the world and will cheer Seth.

  9. Watch them end the match again but this time by count out in a Falls Count Anywhere match from how they’ve been messing up their match rules

  10. Hat The Fiend nicht verdient das ist meine Meinung weil wer bekommt eine 2 Chance niemand also wieso wird der bevorzugt genau so wie bayley das genau das gleich voll arm von euch liebes WWE oder sollte ich sagen RAW und SMACK DOWN egal beide sind so billig geworden

  11. Sami Zayn soll endlich mal sein Maul halten der typ fuckt einfach nur ab mit seinem gelaber der hässlich Mitläufer. Was der sich rausnimmt der braucht mal eine trachtprügel die sich gewaschen hat. Der Tombstone hat wohl nicht gereicht vom Undertaker der braucht mal einen Lastride

  12. If WWE was better at long term story telling they wouldn’t have to change so much on the fly what was the point of Seth being apart of the teams at CJ this company is stupid

  13. They should have done more with Shinsuke as the champion but at least when Roman wins it either tomorrow night or in their enviable rematch at Crown Jewel the IC title will surely be on tv on a weekly basis. Also if they do champion vs champion at Survivor Series again if Roman is the IC champion and AJ is the US champion that could be a good rematch from extreme rules 2016.

  14. Seth will beat the fiend at crown jewel and end his undefeated streak and retain his universal championship believe that

  15. If Aliester Black doesn't fight a tough opponent at Crown Jewel, I WILL RIOT!!!
    This guy is always forced to fight jobbers at random RAW and SMACKDOWN episodes

  16. So will there not be women at crown jewel again then? Already that's killing the hype for that ppv. If they want to pay for the wwe product they should accept women are a part of it.
    Quit selling your souls for money.

  17. After Hell in a Cell: "Seth is gonna get booed out of the building on SmackDown!"
    SmackDown: Seth gets cheered when he entered
    "He got cheered because it's SmackDown. He's gonna get booed on Raw!"
    Raw: Seth gets cheered when he got drafted
    "He got cheered because it's the draft. It doesn't count."
    After burning the Firefly Funhouse: "Seth is gonna get booed out of the building on SmackDown!"

  18. And your winner by DISQUALIFICATION is Roman Reigns and Still your Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke NAKAMURA 😂😂😂

    Easy to predict!!!

  19. Wwe should have a match called old gen vs new geb where 10 people from the old genaration fight 10 people from new gen this is an elemination match

  20. Is Roman Reigns really that cocky to think that he can be on the same level as Nakamura? Lmao.

    I know these Twitter Tweet Wars are mini-storylines, still a big joke to compare one of the best wrestlers in the World with Reigns. Just shows Vinces big hard-on for Reigns although he doesnt get that much of a push right now thankfully.

  21. Both Roman Reings and Shinsuke Nakamura r my second favorite WWE superstars. And it's little difficult for me to support. I never wanted Nakamura as a heel, but as a baby face WWE champion. Roman,on the other side has accomplished alot of things in WWE and is even a Grand slammer champion. But my maximum support would go to Shinsuke cus,he hasn't achieved a lot things(or rather not given a chance to achieve or forcibly taken back chances). Let him win.. Turn face plz…. And become WWE world champion…

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