36 thoughts on “Breaking News!! Producers Talk About Valkyria Chronicles Tanks Collaboration!

  1. still upset it's locked by a tourney i have no hope of winning because i have no team and random pub teams are basically cannon fodder

  2. how about giving them armor that matches the weight instead of giving it bullshit stats just to sell it as a tier 8 premium. Money hungry cunts.

    And no, they don't look more realistic

  3. what the fuck are you doing your kill the game I'm stoping play if you do this its ww2 game not sci fi

  4. wow that's a LOT of negative comments there
    Well for me, I like it. I dont care if its non-realistic or something. I still wanna try it
    Besides, I dont care much about it, but I do care about how much I can use it and how useful will it be! for me, the more you use the worst tanks, the more you improve! I used to suck using an m3 lee (well I still suck) but I still need practice.

  5. WG should also bring them to NA server, its very excited to have tanks from Valkyria Chronicles as my collection!

  6. They have been designed by cartoonists and graphics artists, NOT by military engineers.

  7. 씨발롬들아 니네아가리로 고증게임이여 전차를 창작하지않는다고 한지가 몇개월이냐

  8. wg fuck yourself!!! why wg ruin wot by sell fucking otaku imagine tanks? we do not need fucking anime tanks. shame on you!! wg!!!

  9. WG.. one of the selling points of WoT – its on the home page of your website – is "historical accuracy". So what the fuck is this anime shit? Its not bad enough that you have filled Tier 8 with OP premiums, but now you are putting these ridiculous pieces of garbage in the game as well… and making them uber OP to boot. If I wanted to play these tanks I could do so…. in Valkyria Chronicles.

    Thanks for finally providing me the reason to stop playing

  10. That's it, if that fugly Lupus ever makes it into PC i'm not just never buying gold or prem time again im quitting the game. What an abortion.

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