Breaking news on this week’s Friday Night SmackDown: WWE Now, Oct. 24, 2019

Breaking news on this week’s Friday Night SmackDown: WWE Now, Oct. 24, 2019

100 thoughts on “Breaking news on this week’s Friday Night SmackDown: WWE Now, Oct. 24, 2019

  1. The Miz Tv segment has what it needs to be one of the best promos of the year. They got the starpower they just need to do it right. A couple of weeks ago it was a fun little friendly promo between rivals turned friends but not it's time for it to develop and get more unfriendly. Specifically between Hogan and Flair. They have great chemistry and can really go at it on the mic.

  2. WWE's fans are pretty much now a majority of the kids who grew up in the eighties and nineties trying to get that those glory days back and a smattering of casuals, families.

  3. Pause pause pause pause why Tf does Velasquez get ah title shot wen we all know tha Brock Lesner is goin to retain the title?

  4. If Cain Velasquez wins the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP VS BROCK LESNER He will be part of Friday Night SMACKDOWN IS ON FOX and face the Universal Champion Seth Rollins or The Fiend Bray Wyatt . At Survior Series at Chicago.

  5. I know I won't be watching Crown Jewel. Like most 'ppv' from there the lineup doesn't interest me. Braun v Fraudy Cain v Brock haaa it will flop big time.

  6. Can someone explain why Smackdown is going to be on FS1? First of all I never even heard of that channel and second of all why?

  7. Who would you want to see as WWE Champion After Brock Lesnar Cain Velasquez, Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan or The Miz.

  8. I’m calling it now
    The Lesnar & Cain face to face gonna end up in a fight that clears the entire locker room to separate them
    WWE really likes to do this lately

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  10. Usos are not in best tag team in world tournament then it will suck but in my opinion as per moves and OMG moment Lucha Brother are the best tag team in the world