Breaking News! | New Guest Race | Elvenar

Breaking News! | New Guest Race | Elvenar

[struggles, making noises] We have some breaking news for you now!
We’re receiving unconfirmed reports of a new Guest Race in Elvenar. Sightings have
been reported around the Council Hall, which you will of course remember that
the Constructs recommended to build in every city. I understand that our
correspondent Andres has just arrived at the scene and can talk to us live.
Andreas, I understand the Humans and Elves have just finished construction of the
Council Hall and we’re now getting reports of a new Guest Race. Can you tell
us what is happening on the ground? Soon after construction finished,
eye-witnesses reported what they believed to be a light beam or a beacon of light
from the within the structure, followed by a flurry of shapes forming around the
light. The light soon vanished again but was followed by some radiant ancient
beings stepping out of the Hall. It is believed that a new Guest Race might
have arrived in Elvenar and citizens are rejoicing as the news spreading. Some
even believe it is High Men themselves. I can imagine now, Andreas, that the big
question that viewers around the world are asking themselves right now: “Has a
new guest race arrived in Elvenar?” Yes, in a way it has, and in an a way it hasn’t. It’s a bit more complicated than that, I’m afraid.
But a new Chapter has definitely begun with the arrival of the Elvenar. Andreas, can you tell us what is happening in this new Chapter? The Elvenar are
believed to have arrived in Elvenar and Humans and Elves have since started
researching and building a series of new facilities, all focused on agriculture,
arts and construction. Okay understood So what is this research focused on?
What kind of facilities are being erected in the
cities? I’m told that we’re getting some video through, now.
Andreas could you talk us through it? As said before, the new Chapter was started after some research,
with the construction of the Council Hall. Once this building was finished, it
started acting as the Portal for the new Guest Race, the Elvenar. This building
has since turned into a storage unit that is to store all goods that are new
to this Chapter, for further research and production purposes. The Elvenar, as recollected by the Constructs, stepped out of the Portal and brought lots of ancient
knowledge to Humans and Elves. These newfound experiences are captured
processed and shared from within the Academy. Once the Academy was connected
to the Council Hall, Ideas and Workforce could be produced. They are used as a
base for the productions of the entire Chapter of the Elvenar.
Once the Academy was fully set up, it was time to add all other production
facilities of this chapter, Atelier of the Elvenar, Agriculture and Factory.
As it turned out, these three new buildings needed to be connected to the Academy in order
to allow for productions based on Ideas and Workforce from within the Academy.
Soon Elves and Humans found that one Academy would not suffice, so
preparations started for several more Academies to be built, following for the
connection of more production buildings, and even more efficient use of Ideas and
Workforce. Each of the three production facilities focus on different topics,
making most of the available Ideas and Workforce. Within the Atelier facility, the
most artistic citizens are creating living paintings by fusing Ideas with
Royal Velvet. Workforce on the other hand is used in conjunction with
Moonstone to create wonderful sculptures. In the Factory facility, Ideas and Workforce us are turned into very different items. Combined with Platinum, Workforce creates Constructs, while Ideas and Arcane Ink make for designs for future things to come. Finally, within the Agriculture facility, Workforce and Elven Tree Grum are used to create plants, while Ideas and Obsidian
are fused into crystal balls. I see that’s a whole lot of new development in the
city, but what is the ultimate goal of these productions? Just a few moments ago
we received reports of the discovery of the final facility of the Chapter.
This facility turns all of the newfound productions into something far
greater than just regular Goods, creating Manifests and Collections. That sounds rather impressive.
Can you show us? The final step in the production chain is
performed within the Vault of Wisdom. This is where all produce from
Agriculture, Atelier and Factory is used to create the special Guest Race Goods:
Manifests and Collections. The Vault of Wisdom needs to be connected to all of
the aforementioned buildings for this very purpose. Once the connection is
established, Manifests and Collections can be produced. These differ greatly
between the Races, reflecting the differences in the culture Humans and
Elves have established over the years. Once produced, Collections and Manifests can be turned into the equivalent from the other Race, by a simple exchange
production. Of course this exchange comes at a small cost, for you need to spend
time and some of your own material to trade it in for what the other Races
have created. Wouldn’t it be great if Humans and Elves would finally work together, and all of this exchange would no longer be necessary, Thomas? Oh… yes!
Of course… Indeed!
[mumbles] Where were we? … uhm Andreas, you are a specialist in
the field of Guest Race development. Can you make any predictions on what other new improvements we can expect after the arrival of the Elvenar? As research into this
Chapter will progress, players will get to improve the cities and several
different ways. First off, we already know that the Elvenar have a great influence
on the Society of Scouts. Once the Advanced Scouts research is finished, Scouting costs and Province difficulty will decrease, making for easier progress
on the World Map and for an easier time with World Map related Encounters. But doesn’t this mean less pay for the poor Scouts? The Elevenar have exceptional spatial
awareness, and I expect them to teach the cultures of Elvenar a thing or two about
Expansions. I predict that a new row of Expansions will be unlocked allowing to
make even more space for the newfound economy around the Elvenar. As with every Chapter, new Expansions can be researched, or obtained with premium. But the Elvenar are very special, so they also help Humans and Elves understand how to make the most of the knowledge they gathered while exploring Province after Province.
At this rate, I believe one new Province Expansion will be added per Chapter,
allowing for progress even after 457 Provinces were completed.
Finally, I expect the Elvenar to bring further knowledge to player cities, as
the Ancient Wonders get researched and build at the end of the Chapter. The Vortex of Storage increases the storage capacity of any Portal that gets placed
into the city, including all upcoming Portals from the next Chapters.
This will allow players to store more Capped Guest Race Goods and make the most of
their Portal Profit Spells. On top of that, it also adds a production boost for
Sentient Good productions. The Thermal Spring of Youth, on the other hand, increases the amount of Population any Residence brings to the city, improving
the efficiency of regular and Magic Residences. Furthermore, it provides
Culture for each level of every Ancient Wonder placed in the city. Andreas, thank you very much indeed for that report on the waking of the Elvenar and your
analysis on the impact on this developing situation. Well, that’s all we have time for today. If you’d like to hear more news about Elvenar, the Elvenar, Elvenar’s development and anything else Elvenar, please subscribe to our News Bulletins… I mean YouTube Channel and leave us a comment and tell
us what we should be reporting on next. This is Thomas for ENL news. Until next time. Good night! you

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  1. Dits okay playing these games . But when you need to buy diamonds so you come get more keys and you can’t you have lost , so what is the point , ".

  2. Mmm this guest race sounds very interesting, but alot of work
    involved; but never mind I'll give it a bashing so my city looks great.

  3. great a new race of old world learning. from the Spire. i was hoping for the mermaid people. i am no way close but gives more room to grow with each race . love the idea. consider the under water world too.

  4. I"m already over scouted as it is and have to pay for any extra expansions and I refuse to spend real money on this game. I won't be building this city. It looks great and all, but the guest races are becoming to complicated and time consuming.

  5. Will there ever be the ability to switch races? I have played on 3 worlds and, unfortunately, the one I am still playing, because I am in a great fs, I am a human. This puts me at a disadvantage and I preferred the bldgs as an elf, but I am so much farther along, in the last chapter, on my human city that I am not going backward. Would love to be able to switch it from human to elf.

  6. Das alles hört sich so spielend einfach und leicht an 🙂 – aber ich befürchte es wird eine harte Nuss werden :-)))))

  7. Andréas , laisez les nouveaux visitirors…humaines en France confrontent une problème avec les serveurs depuis 8 mois.
    S il vous plait…!!!

  8. Hello. I have a few questions for developers games Elvenar: 1.When will new products(goods) be added to the market for exchange's, trading and buying from a wholesaler(Copper, Granite and Others)? 2.Will there be a generated building(decor) giving copper, Granite and other rare resources (not 1-3 mining levels)? 3.When will the information(video) on the new invent made for Halloween? Yan

  9. In order not to bear any responsibility to the players for their mistakes, the creators of the game just say: – We do not understand what you wrote to us.

  10. For that to pay money (outcome)???? For an ill-conceived idea? Many events are made very bad(they pass just not real). The decor is almost useless, it does not bring useful and rare resources.

  11. It takes many days to collect enough granite to improve the branch. One study costs a minimum of 9,000 units of granite in the initial stages. Many events are made very bad(they pass just not real). The decor is almost useless, it does not bring useful and rare resources. Collecting keys, corals and other things to get decor in events very long process. Prices in events are very large.The price of attempts is very large, and the decor appears only from 20 attempt.

  12. Is there any way to add captions to your videos so it's easier to understand? Please don't take this the wrong way, I'm not trying to be rude, it's hard for me to understand some of the words, but I love the videos!

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