Breaking News! MSC Opera Crashes Into River Boat In Venice 5 Injured

Breaking News! MSC Opera Crashes Into River Boat In Venice 5 Injured

it’s Bruce here with traveling of Bruce
I have a breaking story coming out of Venice in Italy apparently there has
been a collision between a passenger cruise ship and a river boat ship now
this is two days after the tragedy in Budapest but thankfully we don’t have an
outcome that’s near as bad the MSC opera cruise ship was one of the
participants that’s the passenger ship she was coming into Venice the second
ship involved was the river countess a river boat ship that was docked at
after the canal the canal name is Giudecca g i you de see CA the Giudecca
canal which is the main drag the ship was coming in to port when she lost
power and her engines the tugs could not stop her and she began to wedge herself
between the dock and the river ship and you can see the river ship being blown
out into the water because this ship here’s a view from the ship itself
she’s just prying her way in between them and it’s not good damage is severe
to the river ship real bad scrape here’s another shot of the the big ship moving
in this is happening at like a mile an hour and there’s no stopping a ship that
is 65,000 gross tons the tugboats were assisting the ship coming in the MSC
opera when she lost her engine power the tugs their lines snapped and the ship
went basically on its own right into the dock and this riverboat you can see the
damage on the front end that’s just a hint of the damage it is going to be
millions and millions of dollars the MSC opera was built in old for
refurbished in 2015 she’s 902 feet long 105 feet wide Jill it’s 2150 passengers
in 728 crew the river countess ship was built in a three refurbished in 2012 she
was supposed to be completely redesigned next year in 2020 and she was going to
get a new name look at the front end here of the Opera
just unbelievable on one side from the dock on the other side from the ship
what mess back to the countess she was 361 feet long 38 feet wide she can
handle 130 passengers and 42 crew I can tell you right now the river countess is
out of commission she’s perfectly designed for Venice waters narrow long
but narrow and she can fit in some of these canals he can seek a look here
this is her going through some locks in Europe this is a way to see a whole
bunch of European ports and cities along the various rivers but this is the
congestion in Venice too many cruise ships the Venetians are
up in arms about how many cruise ships are coming in but the dollars are
severely good and the fight is on as to who’s gonna be allowed in and who won’t
the countess she’s done for she will not be sailing the rest of this year the
Opera will have to see if she’s gonna be allowed back in follow this channel
Monday to Friday five o’clock Eastern Saturdays at 2:00 we talk cruise ships
six days a week live we’ll keep following this story thankfully no
casualties apparently five injuries but no deaths we’ll stay on this one Seeley
everybody bye for now

41 thoughts on “Breaking News! MSC Opera Crashes Into River Boat In Venice 5 Injured

  1. Thanks for posting this Bruce. Heard about this on the news stations this morning but was hard pressed to find out additional info online. Leave it to you ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I wonder if down the road all ports will have a designated cruise port away from the actual port. Dealing with all the passengers and the larger ships may be easier. Some of the islands are now headed in this direction.

  3. Does there seem to be an epidemic of cruise ship accidents lately, or is this par for the course? I love MSC ships and would also love to sail on a river ship, but the river ships are way too expensive for me. I also love Venice and understand the issues there. How horrible this happened, and it ruined the vacations of two groups of people.

  4. There too big to go thro the Grand canal itโ€™s just ridiculous hope no one was hurt …. again shouldnโ€™t be aloud !!!!!

  5. Sorry that some people were hurt shocking itโ€™s just ridiculous I loved Venice when I went a long time ago but wouldnโ€™t go now itโ€™s very Spoilt

  6. I was on the Contess a few years ago from Paris for the Christmas Market tour. It was lovely and was a wonderful week of beautiful sights. So sorry to hear about this. She was rather small and older compared to the newer river ships.Prayers for all involved.

  7. Not surprise at all. I cruised in the same exact cruise last January. My first with MSC and the last for sure. They are well known for not being safe at all. They charged you a lot of money for their ships but they could care less for the safety of their passengers and others. Iโ€™m sad for those people injured as a consequence of the reckless actions of this company, but I do hope this is the beginning of a big change in MSC safety policies or they get banned for good.

  8. FYI, the 5 injuries were all from people standing on the dock watching the boat come in, who began to run away (and hence tripped and fell) once things began to go downhill.

  9. Bruce, donyou have any tips for getting upgrades cheaper. Iโ€™m paying for my parents as a thank you to my mum for all she did for my Nan over 10 years, so I paid for inside for both rooms but would love to upgrade them to balcony or outside cabin but the difference in money counts me out , do you or anyone have any tips for doing this. Asking nearer to time etc or on board . Thanks in advance . Nick uk

  10. This is such a disgusting incident. The damage these modern monstrosities can cause this beautiful, historic city. Who cares the damage and cost to the ship and company, it's the City of Venice who should sue. They should moor in the sea and only allow small ferries close to the islands.

  11. Bruce
    Great video as always.
    Itโ€™s spine chilling to think what could of happened.

    If the River Countess had been trapped between the MSC Opera and the dock rather then being pushed away from the dock.

  12. im glad to see nobody injured, and nice to see a uniworld boat destroyed. uniworld should stop fucking with honest people! it is the second time i see GOD in action. Karma exists… once these companies will stop fucking around, there will be less accidents… too much greed and unprofessional people..

  13. Ban the cruise will not stop ๐Ÿ›‘ the tourists from flowing in ( profits is good ) they are other way getting to Venice by ban tourists you mean been no visitors from other country and you are isolated and this event was an human error or accident by nature of you can explain will happen. Even if the city is over flowing with tourists you are lucky ๐Ÿ€ to have cruise ๐Ÿšข coming in from all likes and they can skip the port of call if ban cruise ๐Ÿšข then all of them mean no profit from tourists from all over the world and again this was an accident on ship ๐Ÿšข engine problems not humans form problems

  14. Well that country is the world tourist spot and the profit is good for that city and just because of that accident and they confuse on ban itโ€™s as protests over the too much tourist spot and too big ๐Ÿšฃโ€โ™€๏ธ they do have ports designed for cruise ๐Ÿšข away from small ports but they had to go through the canal to other side and this was accident that was not called for and the cruise ๐Ÿšข had engines problem before hand ? And besides according to lot reports review that city has good profits from cruise ๐Ÿšข service and tourist generated by 1000 ( why build canal so so skinny since itโ€™s traffic rag with boats and built the cruise ๐Ÿšข dock at other end that cruise ๐Ÿšข have to go through knowing the canal is small and traffic rag is very high level.

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