BREAKING NEWS !!! MagnetG Magnetic Weighted Blanket

BREAKING NEWS !!! MagnetG Magnetic Weighted Blanket

experience better sleep with the MagnetG
magnetic weighted blanket magnetG combines magnetic therapy and deep
crusher therapy to soothe pain relieve stress and improve sleep
this single washable piece contains 272 ceramic magnets which are evenly
distributed to work on your entire body magnetic therapy improves blood
circulation and decreases pain in your body over a period of usage by affecting
ion channels additionally this weighted blanket increases relaxation and reduces
stress through deep pressure stimulation likewise weighted blankets are
beneficial for insomnia PTSD OCD Alzheimer’s and severe forms of anxiety
deep pressure also stimulates the same sensations as when you receive a hug
increasing serotonin and melatonin levels and reducing cortisol levels
magnetG uses minky fabric for softness and comfort along with eco friendly
micro glass beads it features a contemporary stitch design and color
that goes with most environments finally magnetG comes in four weight options
this magnetG magnetic weighted blanket is now available at price $239 USD you

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  1. I would like to give this product a try, but cannot get on the website, How do we make a purchase?

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