BREAKING NEWS In Animal Rights! FBI Re-Defines Cruelty

BREAKING NEWS In Animal Rights! FBI Re-Defines Cruelty

Breaking news in animal rights! Well not necessarily
breaking you know I’m not a news channel so it happened a couple days ago. Recently
there have been some interesting developments on the legal side of animal rights both at
the state and federal level. And I’m going to tell you all about them. Hi it’s Emily from Bite Size Vegan and welcome
to another vegan nugget. Today we’re going to look at some very recent changes in the
legal classification of animals and animal cruelty. There will be links to the original
court documents and other resources in the blog post for this video, which is linked
in the description below. First let’s head over to Oregon where the Supreme Court issued
two rulings recently granting animals legal protections formerly only given to humans.
As reported by Arin Greenwood of the Huffington Post. in a severe animal neglect case, State
v. Nix, the court held that the 20 goats and horses found starving on Arnold Nix’s farm
amongst the bodies of others who didn’t make it could each be considered individual
victims under the law. And in a second case State v. Fessenden, the court upheld the warrantless
seizure of a starving horse under the “exigent circumstances” exception of the Fourth Amendment. So what does this mean exactly? Well, typically
in animal abuse and neglect cases, multiple animal victims are merged into one count,
denying the individuality of each victim and their right to justice. This happened initially
in State v Nix, the case with the starving goats and horses, but was overturned at the
Oregon Court of Appeals as the court found nothing in the statutes saying explicitly
that the term “victim” was limited to human beings. And the Fessenden case, allowing
for the warrantless seizure of animals in imminent danger, has removed a lot of the
red tape that often led to animals dying before law officials could obtain a warrant. While these are certainly advances in our
legal view of animals, I feel that their celebration should be taken with some caution. Neither
case changes the fact that animals are legally considered property. Animal rights lawyer
Dane Johnson of the Animal Legal Defense Fund brings up the critical lacking of these developments,
saying “Why…do we consider the recognition that individual animals are as much victims
of inflicted suffering as human crime victims significant when we kill billions of sentient
animals in violent and painful ways every year unnecessarily for food? And that, to
me, is the main point her. The vast majority of animals abused, neglected, tortured and
killed are our food animals- and they remain without any legal protection. But again that
is not to say that these advances aren’t a good thing. Now let’s move on to the federal level development:
the Associated Press reported on October 1st that the FBI has now deemed animals cruelty
a top-tier felony. Up until now, animal cruelty was filed under a label of “other” making
it difficult to find, track and count. The main motivation for this change was to keep
better track of potential serial killers in the making. It’s widely known that in their
youth, most serial killers abused, tortured and killed animals before later moving onto
their human victims. The FBI hopes that better tracking of animal abuse can head off the
development of future killers. While this reclassification was motivated
solely by the interest of protecting humans, it does give more legal clout to the crime
of animal cruelty. However, it is again limited mainly to pets and those animals deemed “worthy”
of protection by our society, excluding the 150 billion animals that we kill every year
for our consumption. So here is my take on all of these developments:
it’s great seeing some legal advances which benefiting animals but with the extent of
animals suffering and death in the world, these developments are barely a drop in the
bucket. We need to protect those animals who are most exploited- our food animals. Until
we can rectify our collective cognitive dissonance and speciesism that allows us to place the
rights of one species of animals above another, there is no true victory. Now I’d love to hear your thoughts on this
news. Do you think these are great victories? Do you think that the battle for animal liberation
be won in a courtroom? Let me know what you think in the comments below and please share
this video around to spread the news and get the discussion going. And if you’re new
to my channel I would love to have you subscribe- here at Bite Size Vegan I address all aspects
of veganism and always in 5 minutes more or less. Give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed
hearing about current events in animal rights. Now go live vegan and I’ll see you soon! Subtitles by the community

45 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS In Animal Rights! FBI Re-Defines Cruelty

  1. recent developments at both the state (Oregon) and federal (FBI) level are changing the legal classification of animals and animal cruelty- giving animals rights once only relegated to humans and deeming animal cruelty a top-tier felony.  but is it time to celebrate?  i tell you my thoughts and would love to hear yours! featuring @ALDF and @The Huffington Post 

  2. BREAKING NEWS In Animal Rights: FBI Deems Animal Cruelty A Felony & Oregon Grants Animals New Rights

    recent developments at both the state (Oregon) and federal (FBI) level are changing the legal classification of animals and animal cruelty- giving animals rights once only relegated to humans and deeming animal cruelty a top-tier felony.  but is it time to celebrate?  i tell you my thoughts and would love to hear yours!

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  3. Is the only way to stop animal cruelty in a court room? I like to think not but it seems that its the way of our society 🙁 I hope i get to see it stop in my life time! I think these cases you spoke about are definitely a step in the right direction and even though they are small its still raising awareness! It feels like veganism is a snowball at the moment. An unstoppable one! VEGAN FOR LIFE!

  4. It's a good sign and a step forward. Amidst all the ag-gag laws, something like this (at the very least) shows people that it's not all doom and gloom from the government side of things.

    I don't think legality is what we should focus on. We'll never get much help from legislative or judicial activism unless society puts significant pressure on government officials. Government action is typically nothing more than a symptom of its society. 

    One only needs to look at the Reconstruction Era to see that laws don't necessarily free slaves. There are almost always ways for slavery to continue if one is so inclined and rewarded to do so. What we need to focus on is creating a society that completely abhors slavery in all its forms so that only the most irrational and insane would attempt to keep it going.

  5. The phrasing of the concept that people are more likely to become serial killers having abused animals also shows a level of where we are at, as I would say anyone who pays for animals to be killed in a situation where it isn't for survival already is a serial killer.

    Humanity has a lot of waking up left to do.

  6. I think it's good and bad. Good because of the awareness and regulation it brings, bad because it re-enforces the categorization of animals into those it is ok to harm, and those it isn't. The only true change will be WHEN the world begins heavily shifting to Veganism. When less animal products are being bought, the supermarkets etc will buy less, and in turn the meat/dairy/egg industries will reduce their production i.e. breed, use, kill less animals as none of them will want to see a loss in profits – that's what I feel anyway! Yet again, another good video (do we expect any less 🙂 ! )

  7. I think it's one step closer to finally abolishing speciesism, which is years away, but I'm happy that animals can finally be considered victims (which they always were) under the law

  8. I loved this video! I heard about these cases but didn't look into them and know exactly what happened so I appreciate that you summed them up. However, I did hear about the Humane Cosmetics Act which I wrote to my Congressman about. I also sent the link to a bunch of my close friends and family members so I hope they made the right choice to end animal testing for consumer products. P&G makes pretty much everything so it'd be nice if I could go convenience shopping every once in a while without the cost of my values. It would be amazing and monumental if we could make it ILLEGAL to cause this one of many unnecessary harms we inflict on nonhuman animals.

  9. I think it's great!
    However, we know who'll ultimately win if the consumption animals come into view.
    Until big business has a true rival with pockets just as deep as theirs and politicians are willing to stand their moral grounds against lobbyists nothing is going to change on a massive scale. Not saying there won't be minor changes, but we won't be able to save as many lives as we'd like to. This reminds me of the drug dealers allowing the cops to have that occasional big bust, just to make it appear that they're making headway in the war against the cartels. We all know that both are really in the same bed.  

  10. Man
    People > Peoples > Flesh & Blood

    Person > Persons > Fiction

    Human Person = less than man

  11. Several comments…

    1) This is an extreme waste of resources, since it only really covers like 0.0000001% (or less) of the animals killed each year. 
    2) These serial-killers in the making could very well be taking up jobs in slaughterhouses in order to quench their appetite for killing. Will the FBI be screening all those workers too? What about hunters? What about people who raise their own animals so they can kill them for fun (while pretending it's just so they can eat)?  There are so many loopholes here, and I'm not sure how effective this will be in the long-term. 
    3) There's a huge amount of moral conflict when we deem it cruelty under one circumstance, but then perfectly legal and social acceptable when it's done under another circumstance.  

    As someone who's already made the conscious move to veganism, these "wins" seem very insignificant in the whole scope of things.  

  12. Thanks for sharing, Bitesize!  Like you said, it is great seeing some advances.  I don't know if the battle for animal rights can be won in a court room but the court room could certainly help win the battle.

  13. I really appreciate your videos! I recently went vegan and I feel like I can't get enough information. Im also raising my ten month old son vegan and I know im going to get tons of pushback from family, so its nice to be prepared with facts to give them. Im so proud that he hasn't had any meat or dairy, and that he will grow up being healthy and compassionate!

  14. Emily, your view of this is exactly right, in my opinion. Yes, legal actions are necessary, and move society forward. Grass roots education about animal agriculture is extremely important though. 

  15. Thanks for the video. I feel that it is a step in the right direction. This "revolution" of thought will not happen fast and we need to use the same court system that is used against us.

  16. This is definitely a victory, however I believe that ultimately the battle will not be won in a courtroom. Instead, Animal Liberation will be achieved by education and a mass connection of human emotion to simple facts.

  17. Any progress is an opening for greater progress.  It seems logical that we would start with the animals we could protect and move on to include all animals under these precedents, and/or creating new ones to the extent that we can until we can wholly protect their lives and prevent their deaths.   A war is many battles.  Regardless of the reach of this individual precedent,  I think we will eventually deem factory farming unconstitutional collectively, simply because the research that animal products cause a great majority of reversible disease.  Knowing this and instilling this profound truth in the rest of the world will be the platform that liberators will use to overthrow the animal eating paradigm.  The diseases eating animals cause is the key, I would bet money, and have no choice but to be patient.

  18. You hit the nail on the head 100%. Any rational person who has studied the issues involved can see that what you said about the limitations of legislation like this is correct.

  19. I can't say this isn't good news… Every step in some "right" direction helps. However there are also lots of animal-ag folks celebrating as well. Seems that many states have passed "right to farm" laws. And well… Most of them mean that "meat, milk and eggs" is just further entrenched in the corrupted and ugly "food" system. :/

    It's really hard to know when to be happy for nonhumans… As long as they're property, the "laws" meant to "protect" them are hollow. And then the idea that some species are recognized under the law and others aren't… Well that's so arbitrary and twisted that it deserves ridicule. 

    "Oh what a tangled web we weave when at first we practice to deceive!" And that's exactly the contradictions that these court opinions will lead to: chaos and meaningless verbiage. Legal protections must be based in sentience in order to be consistent, rational and fair. I'd love to see the courts (and society) continue on this quest to hair-split what one speices deserves and what the other doesn't. Next thing you know they'll be doing it between races and sexes… Hummm…

    For all your amazing work Emily – Thank you! 😉

  20. Small improvement it may be, but it is important to report it because any good news is good for moral.   I do believe the change is happening but it is so agonizingly slow at this point.  Once the ball gets rolling…….It just can't be soon enough.

  21. The laws need to change in many different countries globally. The only real way to get those laws changed is to get overwhelming public support for them to be changed. So education of the public is still going to be a key factor. Reducing the demand for the goods will be the best way to have an impact on the commercial sector. We have good and excellent ways to communicate around the world now which will help. Good video as always. 

  22. It's progress. And yes, animals rights are going to be a legal issue… they already are increasingly so & there will presumably be a tipping point in the future wherein animal agriculture is banned.

  23. I think it is a stepping stone. Which I will take. If people can see that these offences are real then it will lead hopefully to the farmed animals. Its unfortunately not going to change over night.
    But YAY for a step in the right direction 😀

  24. Love my dogs. And I do think animals that we eat should be treated nicely (like how the bible says they should be treated.). But burgers are delicious.

  25. To be honest i have very little respect for the human race and i think that those who stand only for humanity are horrible people who only care for themselves and the only way to be a true human is to care for animals and not care about anything that's material like your private property and car.

  26. I remember asking myself over and over why the lives of blacks were considered of less value than whites in early american history. My question was answered seeing the constant contradiction of "animal lovers" who eat animals. We are blinded by propaganda, society's cruelty and lies. Animal rights are not a luxury and should be deemed to ALL sentient beings!!! <3

  27.    Will anyone ever stand up for the trillions of insects that die, or get maimed in horrific automobile accidents every year?  Talk about inequality.  Vegan terrist(Earth worshiper)  for life, imagine jainism world wide, and set this mother free.

  28. It still means that animals will be tortured and eaten. But now there is a stiffer punishment. How to get the human race to have a conscience to stop eating animals when psychiatry, religion, government, corporate and tradition invade the masses with the insanity that majorities are correct. Which are controlled by the previous and have the same three or four smart aleck responses to why they should be allowed to oppress through this populace instilled prejudice that allows the derangement for food so that they can thus oppress others by their murderous ways. Eating meat creates crime and wars through lack of humanities effort to unblind themselves and open their minds and heart to the truth. Go vegan get real.

  29. Not to mention science testing on animals for either vanity or the human race breeding habits deficiencies.

  30. The war for animal liberation, and animal rights will be fought on all fronts.
    This is a step towards the end goal, progress happens slowly and incrementally.
    But this is undoubtedly progress, as precedence has been set and these rulings will be used again and again to liberate and save the lives of animals.
    I mean, It's hard to say where a goat liberated from starvation would end up, if it would be given to a sanctuary, or merely sold to some other goat slaughterer when it's all healed..
    Once again, progress needs to be made on all fronts.
    Now bring these laws to Canada please.

  31. Like any other revolution, the vegan revolution is fought on many fronts. The court may help protect some animals and forsake others, but it's a start. For me, any step in the right direction is a victory.

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