Hi everyone, thanks for joining me. So in today’s video I wanted to Do a video on the global warming report greenhouse gases everything like that. I’ve read it on my phone and Basically scientists are worn in if we do not do something to combat global warming. There are gonna be serious consequences It’s going to cost us a ridiculous amount of money and we’re gonna solve there’ll be more you could say natural disasters rise in sea levels and countries like the Maldives to sort of below sea level with these islands will be on the risk of Not being there anymore another low-lying citied as well and pacific islands they might not be around anymore ice caps melting and everything about everything you can imagine in a disaster movie and as I read down through it, I saw one reference of you know certain things of how we can live and eat that they never mentioned anything about animal agriculture I did see a video shortly after where they were talking about You know, would you give a beef for the environment and then what other other things and plastic and so forth But the majority of people strangely enough was said that they wouldn’t give up beef some that said that they may cut back. I Don’t know what is so amazing like beef that you would risk the environment the planet Just so you can carry on eating it that’s beyond me. But again, this is pure they seem to realize just how much of an impact it has and if these people want and where there’s gonna be so many more so I wanted to do this videos or Express Or get some information out there But how much of a big impact and my agriculture has on the environment? And if you truly see yourself as an environmentalist, you can’t continue to eat meat anymore So for any of you that are new here, hi, my name is Lee And I have a vegan Fitness channel here and I try and spread awareness on veganism to everything to do about the environment the health And the ethical side and I also try and give up fitness advice to help people with fitness goals if that appeals to you Subscribe down below click the bell for future notifications and enjoy today’s video So yeah likely said I want to be sort of spreading information about how much of an impact going the vegan is and I’m kind of a Bit more shocked, but I’m kind of I don’t understand how Animal culture isn’t something that people are impressing upon us to make a change for if we truly care about the environment everything just seems to be about the Transport industry and cutting back on gas and or petrol and diesel cars moving more towards electric moving more towards You know wind and solar energy production Which is going to cost a lot of money, but that’s something that’s saying that we need to be doing now You know trying to collect the plastic and China other’s loads of town specially down here and corn walking Nuki is being given plastic free. It’s amazing that everyone’s trying to do that It seems a little strange that people were trying to cut back on plastic to save fish, but still continue to eat it that seems a little bit a Mind boggler there a little bit of a contradiction However, people are trying to make a change. They’re trying to do things that they feel they can. However, I think And obviously it’s an easy thing to see, you know, plus it doesn’t degrade You can take it like a thousand years fishing over animals getting caught and it’s clean It’s very easy to see that however, people don’t seem to realize The impact that animal agriculture has on the environment. So I want this video to spread as much information as possible So any of you that, you know know anyone who cares about the environment, you know Is someone that enjoys nature anything like that show them this video so they can actually understand how much of an impact Animal agriculture has on the environment. It was something that I was completely unaware of until I watched cowspiracy and What I’m going to be doing is the information that we’ve shown from you it’s from cowspiracy calm. It’s in their FAQ section I definitely recommend you go check out after the video or I will be going through in this one so you may not need to But the link to the website will be down below So make sure you bookmark, whatever and go and check it out at a later date But this it is an amazing website with some amazing information and until you watch the documentary Which is free on Netflix or you can get on DVD I can use some links to that down below You don’t realize how much of anybody has and we don’t realize What we’re doing, you know everything besides animal culture transport what impact it is having on our environment now if we keep going the way that we’re going There’s gonna be some serious consequences if we do not make a change now, so we’re just gonna head on over to cowspiracy comm and I just wanted to start off with a few different Percentages here and I thought the reason why this would be great to do it this way as opposed to me just chucking up information up in the air It can be hard to keep track of so I thought at least this way if I go directly to the website It’s not getting me get perceived as me making up numbers. This is coming from a website where they even put the sources where this information is coming from – and at any point And I recommend it just pause the video and actually take it in because some of this is going to shock you So what we’re going to do is I’m just going to go through it now. So We are all led to believe that the transport industry Is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases? okay, but as this clearly shows here animal agriculture is responsible for 80 percent and that’s more than the combined exhaust from all transportation Why isn’t this being highlighted? I think it was greenpeace that we’re doing it all I know that they were one of the People that were mentioned in it Why is this not being shown if we’re worried about you know planes cars everything like that? We’re trying to cut back move more towards an electric We’re worried about coal and other little things that produce no interesting all these different things Why is animal agriculture which seems to be more than the whole come? Transportation why is this not being blow up and it’s like the thing I’ve seen before they say you can call yourself an environmentalist If you’re if you continue to eat meat because when we think about a mile course we’re thinking of cows pigs and chickens all that but you’ve got to think the amount of resources or the amount of it’s mainly methane really The particular cows produce to have such a big impact On that number and that’s something our raping people Especially me went until I watched Ellsbury aware of it and it’s ridiculous And as we look down without the transport and the exhaust is wonderful 13 bus M Greenhouse gases emission from this at the primary of all fossil fuels burn Perot rail air and marine transportation Staggering amounts numbers there and I mean 13% might not seem like a lot but in the grand scheme of things it all Contributes to what we’re going from now And we’ve got here we’ve got livestock and their byproducts that account for at least 32 million tons of carbon dioxide Per year or 51 percent of world war greenhouse gas emissions. So you’ve got a picture that us half worldwide greenhouse gas emissions coming from livestock and their byproducts So as you can imagine by going vegan If you’re not going to be consuming those products Look how much of an impact you would be having livestock on their byproducts 32 million tons of carbon dioxide It’s not going to be there because we’re not putting those livestock there to be able to eat them So the game if you care about the environment, you’re worried about your impact or your footprint Going vegan is going to have a major impact that and then gain these numbers are amazing As you can see 51% Again. This is livestock and climate change What if the cue I’m actors in climate change were pigs chickens and cows are getting these are things that we’re not Realizing have such an impact if you want to lower your footprint and in front of that going vegan There’s the most sensible thing that you can do. We’ve got methane It is 25 200 times more destructive and co2 on the 20 year time frame and that’s the thing It’s really really important is we’ve got to think that you’ve got You know, you might have 50 million Animals that are killed every year it could be more than that You will think how much of that is going to be cows and cows are firing and burping and everything like that How much we’re so worried about co2? We’re not realizing there’s methane out there and that is more destructive and that is being produced but all of the cows that we’re having they’re flying and burping and all of that and you think the amount of millions that are going around every single year that Is going to have a huge impact on people hear Me shane has a global warming potential 86 times up co2 our 20 year time for him to again, you know We’ve seen the focusing on co2 moxy co2 It’s something that we need to cut back on and that something that is damaging our environment. We’ve got anything that has It’s so much more damaging to our line and the biggest cause that that is going to be coming from Cows from the livestock and the amount that we’re going through is millions. You might think how many times they burp far You know, it’s shitting all that like every single day and how big they are And again, we’re feeding them food that they were not meant to eat So again, they’re bound have digester thing, which means it’s probably going to make them do even more How much of an impact is that going to be having? And we’ve got lifestyles from once with a 65% of washing related emissions of nitrous oxide and gas Greenhouse gas with 296 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide, which is stays in the atmosphere 150 years So again, we’re producing something and we’re having something come from these animals that not only is more harmful than carbon dioxide But it stays in the atmosphere for so much longer So again, it’s the game. We’re looking at the 20 year time frame up here 20 year time frame. These are bad Okay, but they’re around a such a long time. So again, it’s not something that’s gonna be happening now This is just gonna get progressively worse and worse and worse Emissions for agriculture is protected to increase by 80% By 2050 okay. It’s just going to get worse Energy-related expected to rise to increase 20% U.s. Methane emissions from live shot and natural gasses are nearly equal you gotta think like we’re producing so much livestock now because again the population is getting bigger and bigger and bigger and By you know, they were hitting nine billion soon we don’t know where it’s going to go how far something you need to feed those people and Unfortunately, the way that we’re looking to feed. Those people is by using a livestock And again, the more that we have the more emissions that these animals are creating the worse. It’s going to get for our environment So again, if you really want to make this huge impact to the thing, yeah You know walk into an electric car maybe using public transport or you know, think of that is great okay, but by eradicating analog products and not having Animal products like livestock putting them there because that supply and demand chain that have a far bigger impact on the environment As well as doing all the things the case of this is something that is extremely important cows produce 150 billion gallons of methane per day 150 billion gallons anything worse than co2? I Mean it’s crazy again at any point guys if you want to pulled it to like we do things that are underneath please do because again this video is meant to not just like we’ve been giving my Perspective on things and just trying to get it out there to you This is just showing you this website and everything here. I want you to take in just like Just the numbers here and just how much of an impact that that is going to take 150 billion gallons of new in the day And again, we’ve noticeably famous worse than co2 It also stays in the environment for a lot longer which means it in the long run. It’s going to cause more damage And we’re having to produce more more counts, but there’s a game There’s still the demand for where if you go vegan you reduce a supply and demand chain We can bring these numbers down. Okay? Comparing to windsurf I will take 28 plus years and roughly 42 indoors So this is something again where you know, we’re getting a lot our energy from burning their fossil Fuels and stuff like this. We need to be working more towards renewable sustainable energy the longer we leave it the more that this is gonna cost and the game the damage we’re causing now that is going to take a lot of money to Repair me, but I think the amount of damage we’re doing to the planet like the rain forests and things like that That’s going to take time and money to be able to repair all that and what was it even without fossil fuels we will exceed our five and sixty five Giga tons co2 Limit by 2030 all from amazing animals, but that is a huge statement now. So again, everyone seems to be brainwashed into thinking like fossil fuels are the big enemy and again, they are some it is Extremely taxing on our planet and it’s something that we shouldn’t be relying on which we moving towards renewable sustainable energy You know like wind and solar but without that We’re still exceeding our limit But we will by 2030 just from raising animals for a game if you can really care about the environment You’re really worried about global warming when we all should be worried about global warming. We will had that massive heat wave in the summer and that basically if in one reference, oh it was The planet was on fire. We had fought four fires in Canada, California Japan This isn’t going really well. I mean here now we’re gonna be getting twenty degrees and it’s October What kind of like it’s kind of like the planet is getting out of balance? And it just does something it should be something that you’re worried about it should be something that we should all be taking steps towards going that a Simple thing of just changing your eating and not eating animal products How much of an impact of that is going to have? its massive you don’t realize just how much of an impact it goes way beyond just You know Again, it’s important like animals aren’t dying there that that’s a thing and I’ll see your health But the bigger scale thing goes way beyond us the planet Reducing methane emissions would create kind of all benefits almost immediately. So again if there’s something like us actually changing what we’re doing and cutting back on The supply and demand chained by what we’re buying those animals will start to come down It’s gonna have an immediate effect thinking because of me famous these around for such a long time The sooner we start doing things the better we need to be acting now and the quickest thing you can do We all still need to drive will get around and do things in the game It’s gonna be a while before we can eradicate and getting electric cars after that and make it run smoothly But you could literally go vegan tonight tomorrow you could do it right now and it will make a difference and It goes into the water consumption Some of this is just like incredible the amount of resources that goes into The animal agriculture industry so it’s just like so much like how much? Grain, how much? Water how much land goes into just producing like a pound of beef or so many eggs or so forth a gallon of milk The amount of resources that go into it. It’s a phenomenal again You’ve got to get these resources from somewhere where if you were to have vegan products it taxes the environment uses less Like water and for my that lets land to get so much more back and this again This is why the vegans are promoting this because again, you’re stressing the planet the environment on X by producing just as much food So we could feed more people using well X land and less resources what we already animal agriculture So we can see as the animal culture consumption ranges from 34 to 76 trillion gallons annually Some incredible my ammo correspond to 89% of us war consumption. I mean, that was crazy. Um You know a little bit like the droughts and on California and places like that. They’re really really struggling They’ve got a proper water crisis going on there and they’re giving 89 percent them Or they’re using is going to animals Where obviously you could probably using to be half of it, maybe a third of it to grow crops Because again, you have to grow crops to then feed animals and the animals need water themselves Extremely taxes and we’ve got grown feed crops for livestock consumes 56 percent of water in the US It’s a crazy amount again. You’ve got to get the crops if we had to build them up GA got to get the Soil whatever it is You’ve got to grow that okay, which takes resources then you’ve gotta feed that to the animals Which we wouldn’t let you anywhere near that amount you blow them feed them up in the meantime they’re still having a water they need and All of that is going on and all you get back is one behind the beef For the amount that you put in is we’re not game in. We’re not putting it We’re putting way too much to get us so little back in the game. That way is taxing us so much California’s use 1,500 gallons of water a day per person close to half dairy products Gain, and mainly amount one below 2500 gallons of water are needed to produce one pound of beef just imagine how much two and a half thousand gallons of war is That’s so much resources And always you get him back is one pound of beef You’re not getting a lot back. Are you? So yes that some of those are just crazy amount. So we’ve got some more get foreign And since I’m done the work, I don’t produce one pound of eggs 900 gallons produce one pound of cheese we’re putting in so much to get so look back and we’re worried about droughts and things and yet we’re giving so much away just to get so little back a thousand gallons of water required a produce one gallon of milk They are not some good odds. They’re Going more into That their animal goods as long as a twenty or thirty percent the water fresh water consumption in the world today That’s a crazy amount of special anything about like those pictures where you seem like an African different place site where people were struggling you can get water something that everyone should have the Ability to have is something there’s so fundamental to life that everyone should have the right to have Yeah we’re feeding so much of it to animals in the effort of not just living and whatever but just to be able to produce and Get very very little back for food that we don’t need and we shouldn’t be eating. It’s bad for our health isn’t ethical either We’re giving up so much Help our ethics, you know the planet which boils down to just our taste It’s crazy Again this website is amazing that I definitely recommend you check out but like I said pause it have a look read what I’m saying And everybody going to go on the lands we’ve got livestock and live feed occupies a third of the Earth’s ice-free land a Third of the planet sort of ice-free, you know of the land is occupied just for livestock is Ridiculous how much they livestock covers forty five percent of the Earth’s whole land I Said this is staggering. Okay, absolutely Staggering people are worried that we’re not gonna have enough room For people they’re saying that the world is becoming overpopulated and I do think obviously, you know That will be an issue again. That’s getting more more populated again. I’m not gonna be someone saying well we need to cut back but the question is is is our population the issue for the planet or is it the life so that we’re producing to feed our population is the real issue if we were did it live on a plant-based diet Would we be taken up that amount of land? Highly doubt. It wouldn’t be taxed my planet as much. Well, I highly doubt it. That’s something we need to be looking at We’ve got the animal culture the leading cause of species extinction as ocean dead zones war pollution habitat destruction This is something that is crazy And it’s something I do you think? people talk about enough We talk about a species extinction you think they’re mounted like and that’s what links into the habitat destruction so we’re looking at different things like like destroying rainforests Rainforests are one of the ones that like they’re inhabited with some of the most diverse amount of animals and creatures and planting like that you think if you’re destroying all of that thing about how many animals that you’re Killing how many other being extinct because you’re wiping out their home the what now the animals directly? That is going to have a huge impact. If you’re destroying the rainforest a lot of the rainforest Amazon quickly. It’s being stripped down For grazing for animals and to grow crops like soya to feed them So we’re destroying all of that just to feed and delight these animals to sort of live and graze and all that law It’s a crazy light. But like I said, it’s them, you know, you’ve also got the ocean dead zones Akane, you’ve got to think where Will these animals whether when they crap when they piss everything all their waste and the amount of waste they produce is this staggering? It’s on a little bit lower Where is that going to go? A lot of that is just being dumped into the sea and again when it goes into there is killing life I think it was something like it goes in there and out regrows and takes all the ork and like Fish died and everything like that, but it’s maintaining zones where nothing can live. It’s because of the waste and obviously that leads onto Pollution and everything like that. So I’ll be cooking that on there so we scroll down We’re looking at two and two to five acres of land per cow huge amount of land How much food could you grow in that acres of land? For just that one count where you just get that one pound of beef, you know Box, you can get more than a pound of beef per cow but that’s what I mean The amount of land is taken to get so little back So that the planet is The first foot the lifestyle is a leading driver. The game will actually just destroying the planet For the livestock first to feed them This one is crazy every minute seven million pounds of excrement are produced by animals raised for food in the US This is just the u.s All of that excrement, where’s it going gain? That thing going into the sea it’s going to Rivet if that much destroying wildlife is destroying this war pollution The fish are dying everything of that. It’s just completely destroying planets gotta go somewhere, but these animal don’t you there? Because we’re raising them to be neom We go a farm with two thousand two hundred thousand dairy cows produces him, I’ll waste of the city of four hundred eleven thousand people We’ve definitely got more than two and half thousand cows on this planet to just picture that The u.s. Livestock produce 116 thousand pounds of waste per second During these numbers I’ve said to scroll down and give it in two different ways a day per animal How they found this out, I don’t know but it’s incredible definitely check it out All can do is go into the oceans so we’ve got the third Three-quarters of the world’s fisheries exploited or depleted. I’ve seen this mentioned numerous times We’re fishing Blitzing to the point where there’s nothing left in the sea We could have fished this oceans by 2048 god knows what sort of impact that gonna have on the overall environment. I mean King those Are basically pulling them out and killing them fastened they can grow Ninety to a hundred million tons of fish a port from the oceans each year crazy crazy amount and again We didn’t even eat half of them and as many as two point seven trillion animals are pulled from the ocean each year 2.7 trillion animals are killed needlessly For every pound of fish caught up to 5 pounds of unintended marine species caught up and disco so again, this is something where it’s per his giant net so that you just Cover the floor and they just drag everything up lever. It sharks You know, whatever it is gets caught up in it they might be looking for tuna or whatever They’ll just drag everything and then what they didn’t want this gets chucked away. So loads of these animals like Some of more than what they’re actually taking its killed needlessly Literally needlessly because it’s not even eating. It’s probably just discarded and thrown away As many as 40% 63 billion pounds of fish caught globally every year just just discarded So they’re killing them and they’re not even being used Yeah 650,000 way. I was dough concealer could every year by fishing vessels in animals are being killed and they’re not even They kind of just like in the way you could see My 40 to 50 million sharks killed in fishing London net severe rainfall exists an important one and a mobile course responsible for 91% of Amazon destruction. So the biggest rainforest something is extremely important to our Planet and again, we need trees Taking in co2 putting out oxygen for controlling The water cycle and gain they’re taking water like that Once you clear out though the rainforest That water let me go and that’s whether you’ve got problems like flooding in their front and that but most important we need plants for that You know take an MCO to put now oxygen something We need to live and we’re destroying it – and why agriculture 1.2 acres of April clear that every second just imagine an acre Tommy you imagine it to have gone and again and again Leading cause of rain brought such as lifestyle and feet that feed crops of game. I know they wipe it all out For grazing and I that and then it’s for growing soil Up 237 plant more in six species at lost everyday beauty due to rain forest destruction to a game You’ve got that and what extension it’s coming from that Palm oil production. Okay. This is important You got to think all that clearing the effect that has on the environment the amount of animals and plants that are destroyed through that Just to produce palm oil. This is why vegans have an issue with palm oil and why they try and boycott them So just why a lot people say the palm oil is not vegan for this impact Hundred thirty six million reinforced acres clear for animal agriculture Just incredible This give me one of those ones Where is this going to go on and on and there’s so much this is something that’s very very interesting Antibiotics and I know one thing and I’ll probably leave it on this Antibiotics and I know a lot of people are talking about the anthropoids of course aware that we can become resistant or bacterium become resistant To it This is the reason why bulk of the antibiotics will produce are given to livestock segoe. It allows them to grow faster and Also see the conditions that they live in More than will survive Ok, because it’s discussing what they live in the bacterial agenda at that point If you keep giving them these antibiotics things bacteria become resistant to them Once they become resistant to them if we were to get any of these illnesses dance But because we would then use for ourselves have no effect Then what happens if down the line? Common infections could kill you because antibiotics would not work and more this is why they trying to work on a new version of antibiotics because this is something that worried about and they’re telling people don’t use antibiotics when you don’t need to get is how about the Antibiotics are not working the bacteria becoming resistant to it. It’s not the curse of the livestock ok guys, so that Is it for today’s video? I just want to sort of share with you something that I know We all should be worried about this and the report was out there saying that you know global warming is a real thing It’s on winning to worry about we need to loosen making steps and people are making steps in this great But if you want to have the biggest impact and help the environment And work towards on Monday. It’s going to have a bigger impact and it’s something that is a lot easier by going vegan You have a huge impact and again scroll back through these numbers although head over to Cal spreadsheet of common go through it yourself the numbers speak for themselves it shows you how much of an impact and my will call jazz on our environment and the only reason why it’s there is because You pay for it to be there stop paying for it to be there and it won’t Cease to exist these numbers will then come down and our environment our planet and then start to heal That’s it for today guys. If you liked the video give it a thumbs up If you loved it can sort of subscribe and comment down below. Let me know what you think about this You know, have you you shot by these numbers? Have you known this for a while? Do you spread this awareness yourself? After you now watch this and you’re shocked and surprised and maybe going vegan or something you’re going to do for the environment Let me know coming down below and that is it for today guys. Thank you


  1. Great info mate and to think we kill 74 billion land animals each year and around 2-3 trillion marine life and we have around 7.5 billion people in the planet and we are growing enough to feed around 10 billion + and we have 800 million people starving.

  2. Cowspiracy is great and highlights not only the number cause of climate change but also the moral issues with eating animals. Nice video man.

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