Breaking News: Combat Erupts On Ukraine War Frontline, [ War Ukraine ] [War in Ukraine]

Breaking News: Combat Erupts On Ukraine War Frontline, [ War Ukraine ] [War in Ukraine]

Ukrainian army shoots from hangar In front of hangar they have positions They can be seen from here… About 150 meters 2 machinegunners and sniper Second pair works from the left part of hangar From the area of belltower Same pair, 2 machegunners and sniper They don’t observe ceasefire that DPR and Ukrainian army agree about Now we can even see how Ukrainian army moves Day before yesterday we were digging trenches It should be ceasefire When I was digging it was silent It seems their sniper is great When I was raising shovel, he seemed to feel the tempo 1-2-3, I put down the shovel with a hole Hole seems to be 7.62 caliber, most probably Dragunov sniper rifle It all was in the air Later we had to fire back to show that we also able Before the shelling you weren’t shot or anything? No-no, it was silent we were digging trenches and nobody was here We even were surprised It took some time to understand because first I heard how brick was broken – it passed trough shovel Later I put it down and my partner told me that there’s hole I looked and saw a hole We were surprised and didn’t expect that We trying not to open fire If there’s ceasefire, it should be ceasefire We are slowly digging and nothing I was surpised, 1-2 and he catched it in the air It seems there’s kind of people that can do it

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  1. hey can you keep making these videos because the Ukraine military and the separatist stop making their videos so I don't know what's going on

  2. Patrick, be very careful, more snipers, especially Western ones, are on the front. Read what Basurin in his daily reports says at, and please tell ALL of the Donbass defenders to take EXTRA care wherever you meet them.
    My analysis of these events is that the ukrainian government TERRORISTS – for that is what they are – are still probing, looking for weaknesses, and furthermore, there will be no major attack/offensive, that is, no worse than what has happened this year, and they will be repulsed as long as they are mad enough to continue with that.
    It's a simmering conflict, and the Donbass defenders have won, although obviously the war is not over yet.
    спасибо to all the good defenders there, from me in London.

  3. 2:49 What were they shooting at? Did they aim for people or did they want to penetrate cover? I don't get it.
    And when they are aiming for solders, why does any one put himself into danger and face Ukraine positions? Or did they shoot into the blue with the hope to hit anyone?

  4. Patrick, as I mentioned yesterday about snipers, and confirmed by Basurin today:

    'Enhanced sniper attacks are noted near the localities of Pesky, Maryinka and Shirokino. Six operating sniper teams armed with NATO standard rifles with increased shooting range were detected. Before the performance of combat missions,
    they are tasked to conduct a targeted fire on the military and local population of the Republic with a view to provoke us into opening back-fire.
    One serviceman of the DPR Armed Forces fell the victim of snipers for the past day, he was killed by a 10.16-mm bullet.
    In addition, according to the information received from the inhabitants of Zaitsevo locality in the territory controlled by Ukraine, there was detected the arrival of up to 20 foreign mercenaries to this locality's area. The report says that the
    arrived English-speaking personnel were armed with sniper rifles and equipment for shooting under night time conditions.

    Again, please tell ALL of the Donbass defenders to take EXTRA care wherever you meet them, it's worth repeating often, even to those whom you have told already.

  5. Thanks to all for helping us get to 100 likes, it really helps get the video out to more people. Please keep it up, lets go for 1000

  6. Europe does not need a protracted conflict like Korea has. It is no longer 2016. The Minsk agreements where good because it stopped the majority of the bloodshed. Read the news. Russian makes a proposal at BRICs Summit, and the United States State department wants to place UN troops on the DNR/LPR border. A defacto non-starter. The real heroes are the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Time Warp: It was President Franklin Roosevelt and Chairman Josef Stalin who made the United Nations that has kept stupid conflicts like these from spiraling out of control

  7. Why are the Russian's still invading the Ukraine? They swore to defend the Ukraine if they surrendered their nukes. And they betrayed them by turning on them and invading them to steal land so they can access the black sea. Meanwhile the entire world pretends it's not happening. We need to attack Russia and dismantle them. They are still an evil empire, and they need to be stopped. Edit: Oh, he's a propaganda agent for Russia. I was wondering why a yank would be spouting such nonsense. The Ukraine are NOT the aggressors. They are the victims of an illegal war, and an illegal invasion.

  8. after every your video-report you have to change your position immediately !!! I am sure Ukrainians watching you with big pleasure.Be wise !!!Unless,you can mislead them…

  9. Pray for the people and especially the children of Donbass and Donetsk. The Americans that are awake know the truth.
    God Bless y'all.

  10. This seems really one sided. If you ever do an experiment like this again could you please just give a multi hour feed? or better yet release the footage you already have since you claim is verifies your account. Until such time I cannot support your possition

  11. You're doing god's work. Nobody is reporting on this war like you, and I have a feeling nobody is going to. This war will last another decade, mark my words.

  12. 5:18 Ak – 47 avec lance-grenade underbarrel (grenade launcher) sound specifically coming from the Russian separatist side thought they weren't shooting. What people don't understand is that of the thousands of people of both sides of the frontlines especially when a fair few of them aren't even enlisted Soldiers you can't always control a cease fire even reporters on the Ukraine side reporters show the Russians shooting at them during cease fires. War is War you can't control the enedible.

  13. I wish you Patrick for your country to be destroyed by the separatists because you have too many Muslims and you do not want to follow their customs ..

  14. That’s how the Russians came to Ukraine or you don’t know about it? How do you like the Kremlin money sweet sugar?

  15. Please get some english grammar lessons such good videos but have 2 turn the sound down when your stuttering .

  16. i want to thank you for letting us know the real truth as to whats going on in donbass. regionally i was fooled by the bullshit media and the propaganda that vice news continually spits out. which is just literally lies. i appreciate you and your vids showing and describing the reality of the terrible situation the people of donbass are in. i am very very ashamed that the country that i love has a horrid government, and that they side with the fascists in Kiev. i only hope that the rest of the world can see whats really going on. and that these people are being exterminated by their own damn government. the thing is that, Kiev doesn't want them in the donbass region, and the hardworking honest people of the region do not want to be a part of a fascist government. so why can Ukraines drunken president just call it a loss, and give the region to the people. that will end the war, and it will get the people that they dont like out of their hands. they will eliminate all the issues. but sadly it all comes back to money. no big surprise there. this was such a waste of life. this could have been dealt with properly, had only Kiev, grew the hell up and would actually negotiate. but they weren't having any of that.

  17. Reporting with a slant towards Russia and it's proxy forces…..
    Anti Ukraine forces break ceasefire constantly as well so you shouldn't try and portray Ukraine as the aggressor all the time. The door swings both ways my friend.
    слава Україні, слава героям !!

  18. Unless the rebels attack and seize territory they will start to loose what they have , if you give someone as many tries as they want they only need one success to be victorious and kick you out from your land , DPR is making a huge mistake by adopting defensive postures only

  19. My home town right there . Had amazing childhood memories. Thank you for the up to date videos on the donetsk area

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