Breaking News!! Australian Skilled Occupation List Changes  – March 2019

Breaking News!! Australian Skilled Occupation List Changes – March 2019

well hello ever an Andrew from Visa Hero today
I just wanted to run through some changes which were announced today March
the 11th 2019 and in regards to the occupation lists for visas for Australia
quite a lot of occupations of chopped and changed and being moved around to
different lists I’m not going to go through every single changes as so many
to get your head round but I’ll just run through some of the main changes just so
you’re aware have written a few of them down here on the paper and I’ll bring
them up on that on the wall here as well so the first ones in terms of the
employer nominated scheme 186 of permanent residents these are employer
sponsored visa for people to come to Australia or get sponsored here and
what’s happened here is eight occupations have been added to this list
so these eight occupations and how potentially can get sponsored with a
employer nominated scheme 186 visa essentially it means they’re now on
what’s called the medium long term list so you can see just to my right and
these eight occupations so there we go so yeah good news for dancers pressure
welders tennis coaches and footballers basically moving on to a different visa
now so this is the temporary skill shortage visa the 482 so this again is a
company sponsored visa or potentially up to four years so two occupations have
been addict’s of the medium long term list for this visa meaning they can
potentially access a four year visa with the option of
residency after three so good news for these two occupations which apart
telecommunications network planner and pressure
well there’s they’ll be celebrating tonight in the streets of Australia
somewhere so yeah so those two occupations will have the option of
getting a four-year TSS visa and the potential of getting your permanent
residency after three and applying for another visa still over the TSS for a to
visa six occupations have been moved from the short-term lists of the medium
long term missus so also good news for these occupations on the screen there
just to my right so yeah there’s one I’ve mentioned just out of those so
footballers have also actually interestingly got a limitation or what’s
called a caveat against it which means that the salary for these footballers
must be over one hundred and twenty thousand dollars per year peanuts
football of these days I think and Gareth Bale in Madrid’s in that in
Australia so yeah so that’s big changes there also interestingly dentists of
being moved on to the regional list as well so dentists in regional areas can
also get sponsored for the TSS or a to either
stealth of the TSS 482 visa there’s been five occupations which have been
completely removed from the list which you can see that so not good news for
library technicians moving on to different visas now so we’re going to
look at the skilled independent one eight nine a skilled regional four eight
nine family sponsored and the the temporary graduate through the graduate
work stream so thirty-six occupations have been added to the medium-term list
so it can potentially be eligible for those three visas so as I said the
skilled independent one eight nine skill of regional for eight nine family
sponsored and the temporary graduates and graduate work stream for 85 for
thirty-six occupations which you can see hopefully just about on the screen there
and have been added to that list of potentially can get access to those
visas so I just wanted to mention as well in terms of the skill assessing
authority changes so five occupations have changed who will assess them in
terms of their skills so you can see the five occupations they’re just just
behind me so essentially family support worker resident residential care
officers Disability Services officers just to be clear will move from vet
assess to the ACWA so they’ll be no longer assessed by bet assess we’ll go
now to be assessed from the ACWA a big change there okay thank you so much for
watching really appreciate it if you found this video interesting it or you
know want to get more up-to-date news and things to do with everything to do
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button just below the little video and yeah we will be in touch very soon thank
you so much for listening take

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