Breaking News About THE TICK Pilot (2016, Amazon Studios) SECRET SCREENING

Breaking News About THE TICK Pilot (2016, Amazon Studios) SECRET SCREENING

Breaking news! Granted, I’ve only just launched this show
and I’ve only talked about one topic so far, but I have breaking news about that topic! As you well know, I’m signal boosting the
pilot for The Tick on Amazon because I really want to see it greenlit for a whole series. Recently I learned something about the Pilot
from Griffin Newman, the actor who portrays Arthur Everest. And since we’re basically best friends on
Twitter now, I wanted to also push this info along to my fans, followers, and subscribers. On the most recent episode of Griffin Newman
and David Sims’ Blank Check Podcast, Griffin drops some really important information about
the pilot at almost two hours into their show. According to Ben Edlund himself, Amazon has
clarified exactly how their view system works. In order for your view to count, you need
to sit down and watch the whole video all in one sitting. This includes the weird sandcastle Geico ad
that’s edited onto the front of it. You can’t skip ahead. You can’t pause the video to use the bathroom,
or grab a snack, or check your phone. You can’t skip the credits at the end. If you turn away, even for a second, Amazon
will think that the pilot isn’t holding your interest, and your view won’t count. Even if it notes that you eventually watched
the whole thing in parts and pieces. In my attempt to keep the runtime of my previous
Secret Screening episode under thirty minutes, I didn’t really get a chance to speak too
much on the depth and nuance of Griffin Newman’s performance of Arthur Everest. In my haste I glossed over an important fact
that The Tick pilot doesn’t explicitly show off. Griffin Newman is hilarious. And incredibly sharp. I could listen to him talk about films all
day. Currently he may not be as well known as Peter
Serafinowicz, but believe me. He will be. Knowing that he can bring the comedy just
as strong as the drama might help you better realize the massive potential of the series. We have just until September 19th to help
get this show made, and every view counts. So power up your Amazon account, set aside
30 uninterrupted minutes, and watch – or rewatch, The Tick. For more Tick Tips, a showcase of Griffin
Newman’s comedy chops, and fascinating conversation about movies, be sure to check out UCB’s
Blank Check Podcast on Soundcloud, iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts from. (Though you can save yourself a search by
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Secret Screening. Stay weird.

15 thoughts on “Breaking News About THE TICK Pilot (2016, Amazon Studios) SECRET SCREENING

  1. Okay there's a in joke between friends that me and doughles are basically best friends and now I know that by his logic it's true

  2. Good information. Thanks for passing along your, "how to watch and make it count", procedures. I logged on Amazon through my Prime account so all my demographic details were captured along with my survey answers. Guess what? Fell in love with this pilot on first viewing. No doubt about it, Arthur is one fascinating character. I want to see more.

  3. OK that's a ridiculous list of criteria for a view to count.  How many people watch through the ad, show /and/ closing credits without pausing? How many people would know how important it is for the sake of the show to not pause the video even once?  I think "The Tick" is awesome, love the cartoon and this new pilot (I missed out on the live action series they had back in the day) and I really hope that they get greenlit for a full season.  I absolutely loved Arthur in this.

  4. hey Mr. MacKrell in your last secret screening you said you translated the Russian words on the top of the metal box. but after re-watching the tick there were also words on the side i didn't get a great look but I saw the number 2 and some more words maybe they shine some light on the suit origin. thought you should know.

  5. Well. As I'm sure I paused the Tick pilot and stopped before the credits finished rolling., I'll go back and let it run from the start to the end without a break.

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