Breaking News! 150,000 Travellers Stranded By Thomas Cook Bankruptcy UK Gov Charters 40 Jets

Breaking News! 150,000 Travellers Stranded By Thomas Cook Bankruptcy UK Gov Charters 40 Jets

everybody’s Bruce here with traveling
with Bruce this is September the 22nd 2019 and unfortunately it is the last
day of business for Thomas Cook travel the massive travel agency out of the
United Kingdom with in excess of 21,000 employees of which 9,000 are based in
the UK 119 aircraft are owned and operated by this company under Thomas
Cook and Condor Airlines in Scandinavia 2018 revenues of over 12 billion
American dollars unfortunately they lost over a billion dollars last year they
had to take right downs and they’re carrying a debt load of over 2 billion
bucks they operate Resort Hotels and partner with resorts around the world
we’re talking Europe Cuba the Caribbean the Mexico the Maldives here’s an
example here of some of those Southern Pacific places you can go with the
Thomas Cook you can travel for as from the UK anywhere in the world with Thomas
Cook travel they operate in all the European countries and the entire entity
has shut down and unfortunately cruisers who booked
cruises through Thomas Cook travel I do not know what the status of your cruise
is between now and a month from now there is insurance in place for all
holiday errs who buy packages out of the UK and Britain but each insurance
company has deductibles and rules and regs on how to collect and it is going
to be a mess what I do know is that as of tonight at Heathrow and all Airport
departure lounges this is what it looks like at Thomas Cook’s counters the
employees have been told to go home there are no one normally no lineups
here for anyone leaving anywhere however where airports are located where
passengers have been dropped off this is the status people who are in Tunisia who
are in Spain Italy anywhere near for the world coming home they’re running into
this problem they’re at Tom counters and there’s no one there to
service them to get them back the British government is going to launch
the largest repatriation of United Kingdom citizens at least a hundred and
fifty thousand of them back to the UK since the Second World War this is just
gonna be a massive effort rumor has it that over 40 jumbo jets have been
chartered by the British government to handle the repatriation of her citizens
it’s going to take weeks to make this happen all the Jets operated by a condor
and Thomas Cook are parked probably under liens from bankers and airports
with unpaid bills this will all have to be sorted out by the courts it’s going
to take a long long time it’s a sad story the travellers of course you’re
gonna see a lot of frustration for the employees like these wonderful people
here tears careers have been ended have been shut down without notice a lot of
pensions are probably on the line here this is going to be rough and there’ll
be a lot of calls for government to step in and we’ll have to see how this plays
out any minute that’s the story so far this is Bruce with travelling with Bruce
please join me for more videos thanks for joining me today we’ll talk to you
later bye for now

31 thoughts on “Breaking News! 150,000 Travellers Stranded By Thomas Cook Bankruptcy UK Gov Charters 40 Jets

  1. Wow, hard to believe a company of that size can just close shop overnight! Thanks for the news, I'll be interested to know how this plays out!

  2. For those who are either employees of Thomas Cook travel agency, an icon on the British high street for over 30 years and the symbol of excellence with regards to the package holiday market. And to those who knows of people who work for Thomas Cook travel agency and those from and the Belgian scheduled airline, Sabena. My heart goes out to you all, as for my country's government refusing to step in to rescue the company all I have to say is SHAME ON YOU for putting your own personal (individual members of the cabinet and all supporters of BREXIT); financial interest FIRST BEFORE people's livelihoods.

    I just wanted to say that I'm on your side in this sorry mess, really want you to get the justice that you deserve by refloating you're careers elsewhere. I was an ex Kwik Save supermarket chain employee that was made redundant so I understand what you are going through and understandably how you are feeling right now. When something that has been your life's blood and equally important is the fact that it's something that you loved and enjoyed for many years, suddenly everything crashes. Really appreciate what you have done and achieved in that time. YOU are a credit to yourselves and the travel industry as a whole. THANK YOU!!🤗🤗🤗🤗♥️♥️

  3. Sounds like Cunard (aka Carnival) is working with those who booked through Thomas Cook (via their Facebook page) to get cruises and flights rebooked.

  4. my wife was just on her way to the airport when the news came out she was on her way for a weeks holliday with her mate they are now bk home and not happy at all .

  5. That too showed you that no one is safe with any company that they Work for. A 180 years in business it is very sad to hear wish everyone good luck

  6. This is the largest company I have never heard of. I feel terrible for all the travels left high and dry with this company going bankrupt.

  7. Thomas Cook Scandinavia will resume as normal in the morning, it runs with a profit, and they will pay hotels they are using, 6 am cet flightradar24 from copenhagen…

  8. My Mom booked her flight thru Thomas Cook I was told on Friday to go get all of her paperwork on Saturday…Thankfully they booked with Aer Lingus and their flight is safe.
    When she went and she asked the lady that works there what she was gonna do about her job and the young lady had no idea this was gonna happen…. such a shame, Thomas Cook has been around for Decades😪😪😪😪….
    Happy Mum and Sis will be on their flight in October to get to Miami to cruise with us🛳👍😜🛳👍😜🛳👍😜

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