BREAKING: Iran Bombs US Airbase

BREAKING: Iran Bombs US Airbase

>>Iran’s State TV is announcing that there
is further escalation of war with the United States. In fact, the nationally owned new service
says that they had launched tens of surface to surface missiles at Iraq’s Al-Asad air
base, housing US troops over America’s killing of top Iranian General Soleimani. This is a disaster and it’s a developing story. However, the Iranian Fars News Agency showed
footage that it showed tens of missiles being launched toward the airbase in northwest Iraq,
which again houses both Iraqi and US forces. The attack was quote, the beginning of a harsh
Iranian revenge for the death of General Qasem Soleimani, the Iranians said. And there are a number of tweets out already
showing that the Iranians have taken full responsibility for this attack. In fact, let me give you a statement from
the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The brave soldiers of IRGC’s aerospace unit
have launched a successful attack with tens of ballistic missiles on Al-Asad military
base in the name of martyr General Qasem Soleimani.>>All right, so unfortunately, the counterattack
has begun exactly as predicted. Our troops are sitting ducks, exactly as predicted. Now, Soleimani’s successor spoke at his funeral. His name is Hossein Salami, and yes, he has
a successor. Wow, nobody could have predicted that. Guess what his successor is? More fundamentalist and more of a zealot and
extremist than Soleimani was. Nobody could have predicted that except every
rational person knew that would happen. Cuz if you kill their top general, what are
they gonna do? Put in someone who is not a hardliner? No, they’re gonna put in the hardest extremist
that they have. So he does a speech at the funeral, saying,
quote, we tell our enemies that we will retaliate. But if they take another action, we will set
ablaze the places that they like and are passionate about. Then the crowd started chanting death to Israel. Now and then today saying, this got nothing
to do with this. Even though I told you to attack Iran a thousand
times, you should attack the US instead of us. But it doesn’t look like they’re listening. They’re gonna attack us and I’m afraid also
Israel as well. The reason we said not to do rash actions
like this is not because anyone likes Soleimani. He has been a problem and a scourge for a
long, long time. But there are consequences to our actions. And when we attack the top general of a sovereign
nation, you know what they do? They put in someone who is more extreme and
attack us back. So that is right now exactly what we’re in
the middle of. It’s breaking news. So we don’t know how many people are gonna
get killed. We don’t know how many of our troops are gonna
get killed by those strikes. I hope none. I hope they all miss. I hope we have good technology to be able
to deflect that. But of course now, what will happen especially
if any of our troops are killed is that Trump will go out. Most of the folks on Fox News will probably
rally. Although now there’s some dissenting voices
and go, well now that a couple of troops have died, they’ll pretend like it was just fresh
out of nowhere. That Iran wasn’t counterattacking, that they
started it and they’ll say, well, we must murder more of them. And we must do more and more and more bombing
until we’re in the middle of a full scale war. Even that idiot Sean Hannity, as he pushed
for more war, says, I’m not looking for ground troops in Iran. Really, okay, what do you think happens when
you have nonstop bombing of one another? You have a war.>>Do they really think that this is what
they need to do to get Iran back to the negotiating table to renegotiate the Iran nuclear deal. Is this the way they really go about it? How stupid is this?>>Literally no one can believe that. Even Rand Paul, we showed you earlier in the
show, said you would have to be brain dead to believe that.>>Trump still thinks that there’s a possibility. In fact, he was asked by reporters, what are
you looking for here? Are you looking for regime change in Iran? He’s like, no, no, no, I don’t want military
action. I don’t want war. I wanna renegotiate this Iran nuclear deal,
right, I’m paraphrasing but that’s essentially what he said. I don’t want regime change. Okay, the way you’re going about this is not
going to lead to any type of negotiation. What he did provoked war with Iran. And of course they’re gonna retaliate in kind,
of course they’re gonna do this. And look, that base that they attacked, right,
that Iran just bombed with missiles, there are Iraqi soldiers there as well. This is the reason why Parliament wants US
troops out of their country.>>Yeah, look, he does these stupid maneuvers
in business. But the consequence in business is not that
extreme. Sometimes it works when he, and we’ve told
you this in a couple of instances. I’ll really quickly retell you the story. Sometimes you would threaten to take over
a company. And so he would buy some of their stock and
say, I’m gonna buy all this, their stock. But he was bluffing and so it would drive
up the stock price, and then he’d make a good profit. You think, well, that’s a good businessman,
right? First of all, it’s not the right way to do
business but even so, no, because he kept bluffing and bluffing. And guess what happened? Eventually, they called his bluff. Then he was stuck with all of the stock and
it started going spiraling down, and he lost all of his money. Now, I can give you a dozen examples where
Trump does that in business context, and then goes, well that’s why he even went bankrupt
six times. But in the military context, when they call
your bluff, what we have is a war.

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  1. Bush was a bad guy. Madeleine Albright was a bad gal. Clinton was a bud guy and a bad gal. Obama was a bad guy. Pompeo is a bad guy. Trump is a bad guy. Please re-adjust your moral compass. Nothing compares to their evil acts in the Middle East. Soleimani defeated ISIS. The threat of ISIS spread under the watchful interventionist presence of American troops.

  2. No way the Boeing that crashed was due to technical issues. Iran has refused to turn over the black box. Very sad, all of this was so unnecessary.

  3. yup. it is sad but this was the logical result of the missile strike TRUMP ordered. the blood of these American troops and all others killed by Iran from now on are is Trump's hands.

  4. America will never learn to leave things along. Greed for nothing.Shame American people have lost their lives for nothing.Shame on you Trump.

  5. Im so glad trump is in charge. My business is booming plus i can enjoy progressives paying 8.00 per gallon in their prius they cant afford. Haja. Lets go Iran. Haha

  6. You guys are idiots. You don't let a terrorist off just because punishing him results in personal consequences. And Trump doesn't want a deal. He was just waiting for them to mess up (which they did). If any of those missiles have positive impact Iran can kiss its sweet ass goodbye. Trump will cake their land so bad it will hurt for generations. And he will be re-elected by a large majority for it as well.

  7. End of story. End of 'revenge." Iranian gov.'t made sure to take credit for tiny rockets lobbed near US bank, certain not to harm or kill US forces. The Mullah message to all is "If any other attack is made on US it did not come from official Iranian state". Embassy attack suddenly over, hmm. Dumb ass religious weirdos realize Trump is not at all like Jimmy Carter or Obama Clinton in Bengazi. Hey Rocket Boy and Chi Coms if are you listening. Renegotiating is "get rid of your bomb making effort ..or you get American bombs shaking Tehran to rubble".Fracking changed everything. Go ahead mine the straits of Hormuth, America is now energy independent. Fat stupid Turk likes to have sex with horses, seriously he said that on air!!!

  8. No mention of the civilian passenger plane shot down by Iran last night? 67 Canadians and 110 other civilians all dead. Iran has refused to hand over the black boxes.

  9. I want to see just one of Trumps kids or family members cabinets kids or anyone that voted for him go to war, front line !

  10. MSNBC Amplified Fake News That Iranian Attack Had Killed 30 U.S. Soldiers
    Network’s reporter echoed Iranian state media propaganda.

  11. Fake news MOFOS MSNBC Amplified Fake News That Iranian Attack Had Killed 30 U.S. Soldiers
    Network’s reporter echoed Iranian state media propaganda. SUCKED IN

  12. Salami boy the lefts best friend killed 1600 youth protestors last month and more, and the left lets babies die in their own country, this is going to be interesting when people start catching on

  13. The left will go to WW3 for their TDS this is how infected they are., WWCringe, there is no gender neutral toilets on the battlefield sir, Sir do i stand up or sit down to pee?

  14. MSNBC helped Iran push the false claim that 30 U.S. soldiers were killed tonight in their attack. Zero were killed.

    This isn't just fake news, this is so damn disrespectful to the family members of those deployed.

  15. “MSNBC helped Iran push the false claim that 30 U.S. soldiers were killed tonight in their attack. Zero were killed,” remarked Jason Howerton. “This isn’t just fake news, this is so damn disrespectful to the family members of those deployed. Do better or delete your network.”
    “Look at this terrible human at MSNBC reporting Iranian propaganda with zero verification,” said Seth Wethers. “Of course Iran is telling their people they’ve killed Americans. That’s how dictatorships work This idiot should never be allowed on TV again. Ever.”
    “Today CNN settled a lawsuit for spreading fake news. And nothing has changed,” commented Mike Cernovich.

  16. tick tock…..watching crazy trump trying to work his base into a frenzy, OMG we're safe now, if we had only
    known how much imminent danger we were immediately in; etc, but now thanks to him, we're safe! Cenk I know you think Pelosi's a twit, but her waiting game is hatching all of the craziest shit ever. The entire trump/ Iran thing has been an elaborate set up! another Irangate?
    Trump is like the sociopathic kid who burns the school down while waiting in the Principal's office.

  17. Lol there were no causalities Iran was sending a message but doesn’t want a full blown war tyt fear mongering again

  18. American left and the right agree on the war and need excuses for there actions. Cenk is talking about the American troops who are in Iraq even if they are not wanted there, you see they dont care about the millions of civilians that are gonna die if/when a full war erupts. Thats why the talking points against war in America are economical, the cost of human life to these countries, who get served American freedom and democracy via Tomahawks and hellfire missles, does not even come in to the conversation. They can speak about American soldiers as heros, who actually are the occupying and the attacking force. Referring to civilians as collateral damage, the others the barbarians. It is the launguage of dehumanization wich can be heard true out these conversations. They know they cant sell peace via innocent Iranians, but they will sell war via innocent Iranians. The mental gymnastics required, to still see America as the beacon of liberty and justice, it is truly amazing. It tells the story of a society that has been hijacked by the military industrial complex and other big business intrest wich feel compelled to rule over resources and political fields. With indocrination about American exceptionalism, wich leads people to think that America is on a unique mission to to transform the world. I would call it narcissism of a nation the American supremacy

  19. Iran failed so much and is like a little baby..

    Iran: "U hit me I'm gonna hit u back boooo"
    Iran: "Fires missile pewww pewwww pewwwww"

    Iran: yes I killed uuuuu many many hehehe
    Reality: 0 deaths

    Iran: ok I'm gonna hold a funeral party for my dead general.

    Iran : ohh no stampede at the event more ppl die than my missiles kills.. ohh nooooo so baddd so badddd

  20. Wow, wasted alot of Obama's money with that little bottle rocket strike Iran👏👋👏👋. The ayatollahs have killed more Iranian protesters than that missle strike did last night, shit more died in that stampede at the terrorist leaders funeral. Tyt is shity "news". Watch cspan or pbs for the truth

  21. Let the MAGA mouth breathers sing mushroom dicks praise when the body bags start coming home….
    Iran is not Iraq… Iraq is a country hemmed together with no real unity except the idea that they are all Iraqis…
    Iran is a country that is forged with 6000 years of history, wars revolutions, colonisation… This is the country that humiliated Rome…
    And they are united, much the same way Democrats and republicans were united after 911…
    Good luck trump. NATO does not have to help unless a member is attacked, and you have alienated all your allies. Let's see you at election time when you have a war that no one wants on your record…
    F-ing Nazi lover….

  22. So excited all these news media……………The whole world is scared of Iran, So Iran is allowed to kill who ever they want and as soon USA responds and only kills one person – the whole Worlds freaks out……………Iran started the confrontation which escalated into a war once they attacked the U.S. Embassy and killed Americans…………….President Trump will not respond to any of these missile attacks unless there are American or Iraqi troops killed.

  23. Lol, Iran's attack didn't do anything. I'm not the hugest Trump lover but this narrative is exactly why he won in 2016 and why he will probably get a 2nd term.

  24. hess looking for a red herring to oppose impeachment. jesus christ ppl. he has already back stabbed his own ppl and cares not
    but to save his own fake skin

  25. As TYT is preparing their unconditional surrender to the Shite Caliphate, not a single American was harmed in Iran’s latest attack.
    Trump: 1
    TYT and Mainstream Media: 0

  26. Iran just demonstrated that it can bomb US bases from a thousand miles away, but they didn't kill anyone because they don't want war.

    This is a slap in the face to America lol.

    Americans lost an aircraft hangar at the Al Asad air base with whatever aircraft were in the hangar.

  27. Trump is handling Iran so well, especially after Obama sent them Billions of dollars which is being used against us. Obama should be in jail! Trump 2020!

  28. I wish i could share a clip of trump claiming that president obama would start a war with Iran around election time just so he can get elected again. Literally everything trump and his people accuse other people of are the things he's done before, things he's doing now or things he plans to do.

  29. This is Fabricated news, just trying to make people agree. And easier to manipulate, like with the Lie about. Iraq ,Iran, Libia. Etc. This is a common thing the US uses any excuse to barge into other countries under Pretence of humanity , attacking people in Ares that are as threatening as crop dusters, then every time they rush in. Before investigatios can be done. Then shrug it off as much along as they can till revealed for the frauds they are.

  30. Us killed bin laden under the Obama administration. So what. They had a second in command aswell, but isis now is like a thing of the past. Sometimes you have to cut the snakes head immediately

  31. More Iranians died at his funeral then were killed by Trump in his strike.

    How RETARDED does one have to be to DIE AT A FUNERAL???!!!

  32. Than iran strikes back and they want blame iran that start war le me break the new to y’all usa started the war

  33. staged … Iran waited 4 days to attack this gave USA alot of time to send troops to safety. IRAN AND USA are playing a very dirty game. I doubt he Iranian general is dead at all.

  34. The Coward-in-Chief that was too damn scared to fight in a war is now happy to start a war and get thousands or more Americans killed!! Trump's dumb-ass thinks it is going to be a cake walk. He is in for a big surprise!!

  35. Trump is playing the media like fiddle. Just as loony left wingers get all fired up on Iran Trump pulls out its so funny. He is taunting his haters. Hes so funny and clever no wonder his ratings are sky high. He got all of hollywood to support Iran and now theyre hated even more. Go Trump 2020

  36. It's obvious that Iran's president and trump had an arrangement.

    Iran couldn't get rid of the warlord because he was very popular, and everyone needed him gone to bring peace, so they worked with America do it.

    Iran postured after, but then warned everyone where the missiles will land…. one hour ahead of time. No casualties by design. Iran gets to boast about firing missiles at the US military to satisfy anti-American sentiment, and gets rid of their own crazy warlord at the same time.

    Iran has now stood down, and soon peace talks will commence.

    Obviously planned by both President Tump and President Rouhani together.

    As OBAMA put it…."MAGIC WAND"

  37. I was stationed out of Al Asad during OIF II.
    May our troops be safe from our As*hole in Chief and an avenging nation.

  38. Al Asad was evacuated day before. This was all some kind of dirty deal. Trump bypasses Congress again, yet can't say the reasons. Trump needs to go. Sick of this embarrassing jackass.
    Adderall riddled maniac.

  39. "who would've knew if you attack a country it will defend it self, nobody knew, nobody, not even me, and I'm a stable genius."

  40. It was a preview of what could happen, if Trump isn't reigned in constant proding will make things worse and more serious !

  41. Buddy … lol !!! You don’t have a voice, here! Don’t get involved dude! This is not of your business!!

  42. This is such a joke lol. Iran gave 6(!) hours notice to US about attack. Naturally no one was killed. What a harsh revenge. I was wondering what course of action Iran would take: Do Nothing and face anger of their people, or Take Revenge and get bombed to oblivion by US while helping Trump get reelected in the process. Instead they have decided to put on a show for their own people e.g. lying to them on TV about harsh revenge by brave people pressing buttons to fire rockets on US war targets that were not there, because they gave them 6 hour notice. What a joke hah

  43. Seems like Trump made a good move after all. 1 terrorist less in the world and an obviously deliberately weak save face “retaliation” that hurts nobody

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