27 thoughts on “Breaking glass- a leadership story: Dima Ghawi at TEDxLSU

  1. Your interview that it is full of lies and fabricated stories all your family knows how you raise stop saying lies about your father.
    I Dr. Salim Ghawi disown Dima Ghawi who’s currently at United States resident who was known as my daughter. I sever all ties to her and don’t want my name associated with her in any civil , public or legal matter .

  2. Your speech is full of lies and not related to truth. Ian really sorry for the audience who are being deceived by you Dima

  3. Dima, people who don't know how you were raised and how was your childhood will believe you and feel sorry for you when you tell them about your sufferings.
    I want to tell everybody that what you said ls full of lies and not true.
    Your life was a wonderful one, nice house, good food and good clothing. Your father sent you to one of the best schools in Jordan (CMS)' in addition to a private teacher during your senior school year.
    You came to America with a good education, it is normal to continue your studies.
    it is a shame to say bad things about your loving and protective dad who did his best to make you and all his family happy. it is a shame too to give a bad idea about the country were you lived and some of your family are still living.
    I pray to God to reward him for his sacrifices and stop you from telling lies about him

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  4. Bravo! …Good for you!

    P.S. you can reach your goals without breaking the norms and traditions of your family.

  5. You have a story and what a story it is. You've gone past my head and have taken my heart with you. You coaxed me to leave the confines of 3D space and journey into dimensions of me less traveled. I remember now what I had forgotten. I had forgotten me, that as a child, I loved. Oh yeah. I remember now. Thanks Dima. I believe that I can take it from here.

  6. Such a joy to watch this video again! Can relate to so many things you said being from a conservative culture myself.

  7. Dima, I am so glad you broke your glass vase, if we all kept that vase unblemished – as expected – we would've stayed in the middle ages.

  8. You definitely hold a key to the secret of connecting with people, and reaching the depth of their minds and hearts with your candid and powerful narration of your own story. Very pleasant and likeable personality as well. I enjoyed it very much.  Thank you. 

  9. Your speech made me realize staying strong and walking away from nonsense its the only way to find your Identity and your happiness, thanks,great hair by the way:)

  10. Thank you Dima, That was awesome! It sure is a tough life we lead of choosing others over ourselves all the time!!

  11. Your story is so powerful and inspiring for us all, but especially for those who are afraid to break out of the life that is not serving them and to choose to follow their passion, their desire to grow, there need to become who they really are.  Bravo to you for sharing your story in such a succinct and powerful way .  May you continue to be a beacon for growth and change and may your audiences grow larger and larger!

  12. Well done Dima! This talk was even more amazing live. When she broke the vase, there was a gasp from the audience, a pause, then most of the audience gave her a standing ovation! 

  13. Dima!  What a powerful and inspiring speech.  I am so proud to be associated with you!  You need to take this to the next level.

  14. This is an excellent speech that provides perspective on making tough choices taking risks as a leader in business and life.

  15. I don't know the lady, however contributing her situation to her culture is not correct. Her and her husbands family were the base for the limitation. The actual self discovery could have happened in any community where she would have been divorced. The glass is also incorrectly described as the limitation, where it can been the inspiration and drive to enhance and possibly reshape the Glass after heating it to fit the surrounding. Breaking shouldn't be the normal choice, but the exception. 

  16. Dima, that was a very inspirational talk, delivered in a powerful way and for me, it was a completely new side of you. Well done – I am so proud of what you did for yourself and the way you have shared with us all!

  17. “People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates.” – Thomas Szasz

    This is the message you delivered. We are not born into greatness. We make decisions along the way that make us who we are and who we want to become in spite of our "cracks".

    You are inspirational, Dima. I hope you continue to use your past experiences to educated others.

  18. Dima, you were amazing – I was so proud to see you up there so bold and passionate about your personal transformation!  Congratulations!!  Dan

  19. My dear old friend Dima, Your speech was AMAZING. You told the world your story and what a powerful message you sent across. Most importantly you were YOU. I am so proud of you for breaking the glass vase. I love you and wish you more and more success on your exciting leadership journey.

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