BRAWL STARS APRIL UPDATE | Balance Changes, Names in Color, Training Cave, Dynamic Maps

BRAWL STARS APRIL UPDATE | Balance Changes, Names in Color, Training Cave, Dynamic Maps

the update is here crows getting above dynamic maps you can make your name pink train in the cave with brawlers you don't even have and so much more let's get into it everyone what's happening Lex pack today for another brawl stars video and today I'm gonna be showing you everything that just dropped in this update here in Brawl stars now there is a lot to cover so buckle your seat belts cuz we're gonna go through this as quickly as possible to get you in and out of this and on to the game now we can't show you Rosa just yet but have no fear subscribe to this channel turn on those notifications and as soon as we can show you sneak peeks of Rosa you'll find it right here now in my opinion one of the coolest new features coming into brawl stars is something that I suggested like a year and a half ago now I'm not saying that they derive this from my suggestion but for the sake of my own ego we're gonna say that they did dynamic maps they're coming into the game and the first iteration that we have here is minecart madness now what happens is minecarts travel along these railroads at different intervals and they do a couple of cool things one if you get hit by them you're gonna take a lot of damage it's like 2,000 per second so try to avoid the travelling minecarts full of gems salt tip secondly they will also block any kind of shots that will travel in between so if you shoot at an enemy and there's a minecart in the way your shots just gonna be wasted so you're gonna have to find those opportunities it's actually a pretty cool idea and I'm really excited about not just this iteration of dynamic maps but the possibilities in the future are quite limitless so I'm really excited to see what brawl stars comes up with from here moving forward now that they've introduced these dynamic maps what's gonna be next I've got some cool ideas but we'll save those for another day while we're talking about new maps let's go over the other new maps that are coming into the game in showdown we've got flying fantasies and yeah it's got launch pads and royal runaway very cool for brawl ball we have center stage seeds we have junk park sparring match straight shot and assembly attack and then boss fight we have danger zone although I don't have an image of that so we'll just have to kind of wait and see that one very cool new maps and actually I think the more decent owin Reds like made all of new maps so props to you guys you're awesome now the changes specifically to show down to help combat teaming is that the meteors now target teamers and it has a better logic and the meteor explosion radius is even bigger than it was before so watch out teamers the wrath of gods coming down on you Healing mushrooms will now target non teamers with better logic as well as energy drinks do the same thing so if you're up in a team you're not gonna get as much energy drink or healing mushroom and meteors are gonna fall on your head so that just leaves the question do you really want a team is it is it worth it still maybe stop the spin next up we've got bow in his remodel now as you can see he's being completely reworked he's got new effects new projectiles a new skin and at first I was really excited just to see a new bow remodel and I still think that it looks good they did a good job however this exists yeah I kind of wish they would've went with that to be honest but maybe we'll get that as a skin if as long as you give me that Getty core skin with bow I'm good I mean this one definitely fits the theme better with brawl stars in the old one however it's just that Getty core skin man it looks so good the one thing that really strikes me is like wait what is this bow is wearing a baseball cap I'm not a fan of that but it just seems kind of weird but hey you know beggars can't be choosers right and we've been begging for a bow remodel well we got it now let's just hope for a Getty course can Carl has got a voice this one caught me by surprise I did not expect to hear Carl's voice but let's take a listen to it always correct your best is my worst will you learn hi doubtful evolution must have passed you by I guess you plateaued calculating awesomeness level truly groundbreaking Eureka No I'm a roadie no no no this cannot be incorrect I don't love this Leon has a new attack projectile his shuriken z' have a different shape and color they look really cool I think that's a pretty nice little upgrade there as well as little helper pin he's got a new attack projectile as well it shoots out of Stocking and whenever it explodes it's got these little Christmas ornaments that's pretty cool so if you got the little helper penny scandal then hey I'm glad to see that they're still taking a look at some of the older skins and improving them and adding cool stuff to them so you get more value for your gems that you've already spent I mean that's that's pretty awesome boombox Braque much like Stella has got his groove back boombox brock's now has a brand new animation and you know he's he's he's grooving he's jamming you know I like it primo has a new attack effect not a whole bunch different summer spikes effects have been polished and gold and barley also has a new projectile he Chuck's out it looks more like a a wine bottle more than some of the other stuff it's different than the normal one so that's cool although it kind of looks a little man but hey it's different and it's another way to separate yourself as a golden barley just from the pleb barley although that one's still pretty cool to them now before we get into the balance changes let's go over a few other details and some of them are actually really cool some home screen buttons have been moved into the Menu button so you'll find them over there it's got a different look and looks pretty nice of course we've got brawl TV you can go in there and you can watch high level gameplay either on Twitch or in game and see top level gameplay non-stop so if you're just it you know to spectate some really high level gameplay that's your ticket now let's talk about the training cave if you there's a brawler that you've been really wanting to try or if there's a brawler that you have that you just want to practice them you can go into here and what's really cool is it keeps track of your DPS on the top right-hand portion of the screen that's pretty neat but it's got various different bots in there that you can attack even the one on the right the shooting bot it actually does shoot back at you the other ones just stand there they don't q but you can go in there and mess around the brawler that you don't have or you know fine tune those skills in the training cave with one that you already do this one's really cool you can change the color of your name for free as much as you want into a bunch of different colors just by going up into your profile and clicking on your name if you want your name to be piqued pick it up buddy if you want to blue well that's there for you as well and speaking of names you can now change your name for gems which is really cool so if you got stuck with a really stupid name and you're like man I should not have changed my name to that now you go in there and you can change it may cost you a few gems but you can change your name so everybody go change your name to Lex YouTube see how many Lex's we can get the world's not ready the world is not ready now there's a few more changes before we get into the balances let's take a look at a couple other things there's going to be a Golden Week event it's coming soon with a new menu and background music there have been some tutorial improvements now this one I couldn't notice but they promised me that it's real the super button has had its radius increase now the button itself looks the same I guess however the place where you can actually click it has been made bigger so that it shouldn't be as easy to fat-finger it hopefully that works because I have totally screwed that up quite a few times the second Jim and Jim grads spawns just a little bit later just to you know give that extra a little bit so you don't run out there and there's not two gems waiting for you and the last one here is this is actually kind of cool is if you see a pet like a turret or a bear and you're not sure if it's max level now it will have a star underneath so you'll know that if you see a turret that there may be a Jessie some more way to shoot that turret to bounce it off of you little visual cue that you're going to get somebody who's max level as well now let's cover the balance changes all the numbers that I'm giving you are at base level however first and foremost my favorite brawler crow is getting his attack damage and his super damage increased from 280 to 300 damage pretty nice this one was really needed Carl is getting his pickaxe speed increased by 25% he actually feels way better now I think he's going to be really strong now as well overall Carl feels much better now and I think he's gonna be in a really good spot darrel is getting his health increased from 4,000 to 4,200 that's a nice little buffer Darryl Shelly is getting double buffs she's getting her main attack range increased from 7.30 three to seven point six seven thousand so a third of a tile longer on her main attack as well as that projectile is going to move five percent faster Shelly's kind of been down in the meta for a while she's very specific for certain maps and/or modes and this hopefully will help her expand that range just a tiny bit Piper is going to be dropping another bomb on us that's right she's getting a buff to her super it will now drop four bombs instead of three they're going to do more damage from 800 up to 900 as well as they're gonna be spread out about ten percent further in diameter so Piper super is going to be a little bit more useful mainly I think in shaping the battlefield so you can blow up bigger areas of walls that sort of thing but look for her to be able to shape the field a little bit more to make it easier for her to get shots that'll be a nice little bit of fit pam is getting hit with the nerf bat and I mean let's be honest it's about time her main attack damage has been decreased from 260 to 240 and they have decreased her health from 4400 to 4300 so that's not like a huge nerf but it's definitely a nerf and with the buff to the other brawlers maybe this will bring likes a poco back into a little bit more viability because poco has been down for a while now and I would love to see our favorite undead mariachi get some more love so we'll see how this affects Pam but she's still gonna be strong Pam is still absolutely going to be strong let's just hope that it's more in line with some of the other brawlers now and the last brawler that's getting hit by the nerf bat is Leon they are decreasing his super invisibility from eight seconds down to seven seconds Leon still does a crap ton of damage in seven seconds still gives you a good time to move across the map quite a bit but hopefully this will keep him in check a little bit he's still gonna be a beast and showdown as always as well as quite a few other game modes like bounty and such so so a little nerf to Leon but it's not too crazy now there's a handful of other bug fixes nothing too major but you can check those out in the patch notes if you would like however that's going to wrap it up for this video and the update tour remember stay tuned for sneak peeks on as well as we'll get you some Sheba Nita and bunny penny as soon as we can show those as well so I hope you guys enjoyed this video now get into the game and go rock it out with some minecart madness if it's available right now I'm not really sure if it is but you know give it a shot and as always until next time I'll catch you guys on the flipside peace out thanks for making it to the end of the video I do appreciate you guys as a port in fact unlike all the other plebs they'd only watch half of this video you guys are the cool ones and I just want to say thank you to you specifically for making it to the end of video and supporting me here on YouTube definitely appreciate it subscribe watch videos all that good stuff you know what to do

49 thoughts on “BRAWL STARS APRIL UPDATE | Balance Changes, Names in Color, Training Cave, Dynamic Maps

  1. My name used to be red now it's just white and has the dumb old formula. At least I get another name change👍

  2. In the training cave when u play as crow then get ur super and jump to the boss. Then get it again but this time be inside the boss and then just spam the super button. So you will then see crazy stuff. (by the way, use Phoenix Crow)

  3. Honestly Boom Box Brock Feels Like The Model He Was Supposed To Have But They Went For A more Simple Design Instead. Why Else Would Only Boom Box Brock Have Many Voicelines Referring To His Boom Box,And Now He Has A Unique Animation Too

  4. Lex I have a problem I have about 3.5k and only have 14 brawlers and I'm f2p and I don't know how to get more brawlers and like every YouTuber says just open boxes I did but I don't have the pls help. And it's so hard to push trophy's


  6. I discovered an ultimate glitch in practice mode

    Play with bunny penny!
    To do it go on penny than click on try , but at the same time swap to bunny penny
    If you do it correctly you will use her in practise

  7. CanYaDigit can you help me on how to get mortis? I tried opening 4 regular boxes i only got 16 gold.

    Digit is Better than Lex

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