48 thoughts on “Brave Journalist Rahul Kanwal put tight slap on BJP minister Piyush Goyal over politicizing Army

  1. Super sir. Hats off to your guts Rahul, nd now b prepare to be called as anti national, if i am right, i Iink bhakts already started shouting u as anti national… Because according to their knowledge anybody who questions BJP is termed as traitor, shame on them nd their thinking…

  2. Minister is dog and question has to bjp not to our army and real fact is bjp doing politics on army and that the person known who know politics dramas

  3. Rahul nice yaar cool question piyushjii running here and there amazing the minister really not answering he is just running

  4. He is the idiot minister who uploaded a fast-forwarded video clip of Train18 and uploaded it on his twitter handle. Stupid minister

  5. rahul kanwal asking question to bjp is anti national theory according to them so why cant u understand this.

  6. Y BJP people go to Pak always. When anyone speaks against them, they bring pak between us. Common man never thinks about Pak.

  7. BJP ministers are stinking fucking assholes,Piyush Goyal is one of them.these derrainged saffron dunghead bigoted uncivizeld bastards don't know how to answer the question,no one is questioning the armed forces but questioning dungshit Patras statement s n BJP chutiyas

  8. Mr Goyal you are wrong because Rahul is not minister of India you are centre government so please as gentlemen you should reply

  9. All the Bjp MP & Minister are Crazy about Cloudy Modi, radar modi
    Modi wave is finish…
    Shadi suda but he call himself kuwara. 😂😂😂😂
    Chalo puducherry ko Vanakam..

  10. yr deshbhakt hn to kya sawaal nhi kr skte kya .proof nhi maang skte kya..mtlb sawaal kro to deshdrohi..he is talkng in english as anti national n hindi me pucho to deshdrohi..sawaal krta h be…

  11. How to be nationalist
    Abuse Pakistan
    Abuse Muslim
    Create riot between hindu and Muslim during ram navmi or Bakri ed
    Never question BJP minister because u becoming anti national
    Go on roads and shout vande matram
    Then BJP gives a certificate of NATIONALISM then u are true patriotic

  12. Imaan lao imaan…. Bhai bhakt bano bhakt…. Tumhare Imaan mein kami hai…. Believe don't question…

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