Boris Johnson on course to be next PM after first Tory vote

Boris Johnson on course to be next PM after first Tory vote

ladies and gentlemen on behalf of the 1922 committee charles walker and i as the returning officers for the election of the leader of the conservative and unionist party can now declare the results of the first ballot the total number of votes cast in today's ballot were 313 and you'll be pleased to know that there were no spoilt or rejected ballot papers the total number of votes cast for each candidate in alphabetical order were as follows Michael Gove 37 Matt Hancock 20 Mark Harper 10 Jeremy Hunt 43 Sajid Javid 23 or it's Johnson 114 Andrea Letson 11 Esther McVeigh 9 Dominic rabe 27 and Rory Stewart 19 therefore the following 7 candidates are eligible to participate in the next ballot on Tuesday the 18th of June Michael Gove Matt Hancock Jeremy Hunt Sajid Javid Boris Johnson Dominick Rob and Rory Stewart and on your behalf can I thank my colleagues were participating in an orderly election and my colleague officers of the 1922 and our staff for helping conduct the ballot in an orderly fashion today thank you very much yeah that's good

34 thoughts on “Boris Johnson on course to be next PM after first Tory vote

  1. If we want a moral society then at least we should choose a faithful man. While Boris may be entertaining he doesn't unfortunately fit the bill.

    He claims to be inspired by Churchill; but Churchill, though he may not have been perfect, was at least a faithful family man as far as we know.

    Jeremy Hunt, on the other hand, cites Wilberforce as his hero. Wilberforce, who fought for the abolition of slavery, was also a keen advocate of morality.

  2. What a circus! The PEOPLE of BRITAIN should be voting for a new Prime Minister. NOT the 🤡 in the asylum!

  3. Is he not the one that wish to leave EU without paying the exit fee? That there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to pay them. Lucky that the EU is not important for anything major in UK, like beeing a big food provider or so… Like 29% of al food big.

  4. How ironic is going to be when the main face of the Brexit campaign cancels Brexit… ha ha ha ha ha…

  5. Brilliant the comments on here! All you remoaners have really spat dummy out! Your Remain EU soldier May has gone! It's Brexit time.. I spit on you all…

  6. I will Never vote Tory again if B Johnson becomes prime minister . The world does not need more colourful Characters leading countries. Believe in the calmness and clear head of J Hunt and the best orator and strong leadership qualities of M Gove .

  7. UK on the road to self destruction companies leaving the UK over Brexit wake up Brexiters you are destroying our economy bloody idiots

  8. Anybody got a ladder?
    There are men in grey suits at the front door and in white suits at the back.
    Bloody hel I thought there was something wrong with that while pepper. Can't trust any one

  9. Very good. Boris should be the one to lead the brits to hell. A typical British lunatic, he is! The brits deserves Boris, it suits themselves. Soon Britain will be wipe-off the map and the world will be a better place.


  11. Its' all good because Brexit isn't happening. The grown-ups and educated know that Brexit was a red herring, a way of placating some UKIP thickos, and a protest vote by disenfranchised plebs. Soon they'll distract you with something shiny, which you'll run after like the servile dog you are. I sit in the Uk and the EU as I write this, and that won't be changing because a few cretins have learnt the word globalist and WTO at the bar in Wetherspoons.

  12. The UK is just one big reality distortion field – and the hotspot of it is the Conservative and "Unionist" party!

  13. its about being long term in 2050 the eu will be one of the most powerfull forces in the world and the uk chose to isolate themselfs in an ever increasing global communaty , long term brexit is just a dumb move period

  14. School kids the Lot of them They are the ones who elected Theresa May in turn She has decimated the Tory party. They opposites are the Bolsheviks who are determined to undermined Democracy in Britain.

  15. How noble is this sceptred isle. Our Premier-in-waiting refers to homosexuals as "bum boys", women following the religious dress code as "letterboxes", singing "The Road to Mandalay" at Myanmar official visit and who concusses 11 year old Asian boys in a rugby tackle……all while in the office of Foreign Secretary. The fuzzy lubbly cuddly Tory Party where the "party" means more than the nation state.

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