Bonsai in 6 month / ছয় মাসেই বনসাই (Update) With English Subtitle

Bonsai in 6 month / ছয় মাসেই বনসাই (Update) With English Subtitle

Hello! this is the month of January means in India it is the end of the winter season we had to cut this night jasmine plant for our temple building work. so instead of cutting this tree, I brought this tree with roots and plant it in this pot with normal garden soil after cutting its roots as this pot size after that, I give water on this plant daily now you can see many buds are started to coming out this way I want to keep this night jasmine tree in this pot as a bonsai some days later now see the growth of this plant have been started we can use melted wax on this cutting portion of this tree for protecting this portion from the water or you can use any paint color instead of the wax but here I have used weathercoat paint after more few days this is the month of may means, it’s been 5 months since I was planted this tree in this pot and this May-June month is the best season for taking care of this night jasmine tree to get a good amount of flowers. I haven’t used any fertilizers yet on this roots soil so now I am going to use fertilizer mixed soil when I will repot this plant here in this pot here the soil I am using this is my homemade fertilizer mixed soil the branches of this plant are getting very long so now I am pruning these branches to keeping it as a bonsai tree if you can keep the down portion of the trunk clean in a bonsai tree, then it looks more beautiful so I am cutting down these buds and branches from the down portion of this plant a few days later now I have applied fertilizer in the soil so the growth of this plant will be very fast so after applying the fertilizer in the soil, we have to prune the branches 2-3 times then the tree will not get much longer and also became dense but not cut the branches for too long time because if the braches are not old then maybe the flower bud didn’t come

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  1. আপনি একজন প্রতিভা শীল ব্যক্তি । যে কোনো বস্তূকে জীবন্ত করে তোলেন 😱😱😱😱😱😱

  2. Halder ji, Novelty and creativity is your style. Never before tried as bonsai from big size tree. Good effort! Keep rocking!

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  4. শুভ দীপাবলির শুভেচ্ছা নেবেন ও প্রণাম নেবেন ।

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