Bombshell messages emerge about the safety of Boeing 737 Max jet

Bombshell messages emerge about the safety of Boeing 737 Max jet

100 thoughts on “Bombshell messages emerge about the safety of Boeing 737 Max jet

  1. The nihilism in the Fox audience is real. There are ways to change things, people. It’s called STRONG REGULATORY BODIES (AKA the government, but old Ronnie brainwashed you, and your political leaders have been cashing checks with your ignorance).

  2. Just a reminder in case all of you have forgotten, but Trump didn’t want to ground this plane even after the second crash, when it became obvious something was seriously wrong. The grounding came despite Trump’s unprofessional & unpresidential interference.

  3. Few million dollars in pain and suffering then the government and manufacturers will sweep it under the rug … problem solved

  4. Push button pilots these days , don't even know how to fly the aircraft anymore …just 100% reliant on the computer systems …so sad .

  5. Our FDA makes this company look like boy scouts. They pass more deadly drugs off as safe everyday for kick backs and profits. Just business as usual in corporate America.

  6. This is why I've never stepped foot on a plane. I live in a complex that houses students that attend an aviation school.
    These people know how to party. I've hung out with guys that assemble planes and they do more drugs than anyone I've come across.
    In my mind I'm like yal can party but I'm not ever getting on a plane. These people go to work high on cocaine and meth, sometimes drunk. Call me a control freak but I'm driving myself and my family across the nation.

  7. I bet you the american underground army that has NASA and Dr Emily Arnold in it caused the electric magnetic properties to fail on purpose Dr Arnold specialty is the electric magnetic field and she want to be queen of the USA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. The rediculous desire : OH YAH… LET'S ADD COMPUTERIZED WHATEVER, TO EVERYTHING!…. we don't need washers/dryers to play songs for instance….WHEN IT AIN'T BROKE… DON'T "FIX"IT !

  9. Very difficult to take anything from Fox as "news" or "true" since it's not a news organization rather it's a conservative opinion dissemination platform. No idea if this is true or not unless it's confirmed by a news organization … keep looking!

  10. Profits over People and nobody ever really gets in trouble … it’s ok, it’s the American Way . Make money at any cost and let the corporate structure and The Who knows Who system protect you 🤦🏽‍♂️😒 . Pathetic . So much money they live like Gods but make no mistake, they’re Genetic Waste 😉

  11. after 787 dreamliner, kc-46 tankers, 737 NG cracks and 737 MCAS; make Booing American Domestic exclusive plane; the rest of the world deserves proper airplane from the like of Airbus, Embraer, etc.

  12. Who are they considering bringing criminal charges against? Who had the responsibility, upon seeing these instant messages, to evaluate them? Was there a duty to repeat the tests or simulations to see if the results the pilot got were valid and reproducible? Why weren’t pilots told about the automatic system forcing the nose of the plane down and how to override it? Was there even a way to override it?

  13. Flying commercial is still the safest way to go any significant distance. Expecting perfection is unrealistic. Looking back in hind sight is sometimes dangerous and narrow minded. Boeing has done more to make commercial flying safe than it is given credit for. Again, expecting perfection out of such complicated systems is unrealistic. Try flying on the Russian or Chinese domestic flights that don't use western built aircraft.

  14. NTSB with its own problems for years. If the perjure now; obstruction of justice. It travels way back, and high up. Just like removing evidence in 911. Obstruction of justice. They are trying so hard to keep info from getting free. So many groups involved, even members of the municipal corporation congress in Washington DC. Many received campaign donations from Companies involved. Thanx Ralph N. for enlightening us, again

  15. Corporate greed, they merged, and more worried about shareholder's profits, and due dates, etc, rather than Safety issues.

  16. Capitalism FTW! See, this is what you get you MONEY is EVERYTHING and you get slipshod work from OVERSEAS to SAVE A BUCK. Humanity is sick.

  17. …accident & injury lawyers auctioning us off like Angus Double Baby Burger Whoppers…I would stay away from the free trip give aways, and cruises, any mass transports…geeze

  18. Americans can't see that there whole country is being dismantled right in front of them, the simpsons episode when Lisa becomes president after Trump and the country is bankrupted is what's about to happen. It's also weird that when Trump gets in office all conspiracy propaganda ends on youtube.


  20. The sad thing is that Boeing is going to go bankrupt, thousands of workers will lose their jobs and the USA will lose a leader in the aerospace industry. A complete loss for the country due to the ineptitude and greed of a few

  21. "Pratyush (Prat) Kumar is president of Boeing India and vice president of Boeing International, and he also serves as managing director of Boeing Defence India." 👀

  22. Let me for the purpose of the F.A.A. explain what their position is. You were appointed to be the "Regulators" to be impartial to all the airlines. One of the reasons why you are coming under such heavy criticism and attack is that at some point you deviated from your initial mandate.

    Frankly the F.A.A. should be subjected to deep scrutiny after what has been learned from Boeing the 737 Max, and it should be taken to task for failiing to execute it's role that it was primarily set up for. They are just as accountable for failing to do their job in all of this to.

    I will say it again that Boeing should be held accountable and made an example of in this instance so that it's a clear warning message to the rest of the Airline fleets in operation that this is unacceptable.

    Make no mistake, Boeing will be and for as long as it takes will be held accountable for the loss of lives. If the F.A.A. doesn't make an example of Boeing then Justice in every sense has not been carried out. and it will bring the F.A.A. into disrepute. Lets not mince our words. Boeing will be stripped of it's reputation until it puts human lives first, before it's reputation.

    If I was a Lawyer, I would not rest until those that were accountable were behind bars. That would be justice. Business is not about profit before human being lives, and never should it be. This is one for the Car industry to take onboard as they too have be flagrant of this mentality.

  23. Thousands of flights and only 2 crashes. How seriously flawed can the system be.

    The one flight was definitely pilot error. The other probably was too

  24. This james Hall sound from speacking very suspect that he know more crime things about boing 737 max Usa have a contact with Boing company 1 billion dollar Trump know this and dont like to pay trump have also boing plane why ? his plane don't chrash this is intentionally sabotage from trump to demolished the boing company to get out of contract to use intentionally other corrupted fly company china saudi Trump is involved in this crime Boing 737 company someone build a device remote controll with special computer hacker's to sabotage to controll the plane by Autopilot to disorder the normal flight process

  25. the ONLY SAFE Boeing MAX is one where the wings are removed and turned into a Bullet Train – NEVER to leave the ground EVER. !

  26. If President Donald Trump falls, the global elite could change that game. Parapisicology is a fact that science studies and who has this gift knows the risk that the world is taking. You may think it's a conspiracy theory, but history shows us that global domination is something that some humans have always wanted. All the great wars of human history were fought by global rule.

    We cannot ignore the fact that beings more intelligent than humans visit us at times that are complicated for humanity. This can be inserted into your belief, will they be ovinis? angels? does not matter. We simply cannot ignore that this always happens in periods of risk to humanity.

    Some countries had their contacts with these beings, with my country was no different.

    We are noticing the attacks that Brazil has been suffering because of this 2021-2030 agenda of the global elite. The goal is to create a narrative that Brazil, the country that has preserved 61% of its environment, is no longer able to do the same, and therefore this global elite occupies the most productive area in the world. History shows us that the most effective way to control humanity is through hunger.

    Brazil was warned at the time of the cold war. Here is the story:

    We are talking about changing and fighting the project that the global elite has for the future. Brazil had all future event data. It is obvious that the leaders who suggest the internationalization of the Amazon and its Synod are part of this global elite to conquer the most productive area in the world.

    At the time of the Cold War, there was a huge wave of unidentified flying objects popping up in Brazil and they say they left a message for the Brazilian military. The Brazilian military, without understanding these messages, sought a Brazilian médium called Chico Xavier. And this médium translated these messages. In these messages were all the plans of the global elite. And in that message it said that the most dangerous years of the articulations of this global elite would be between 2019-2021 (2030). Brazil accelerated with the military governments and made the Manaus Free Zone and the improvement of Decree 288 of February 28, 1967, replacing the previous law. With the objective of boosting the economic development of the Western Amazon and then the Integration of the Amazon, sending there several producers of the agricultural sector. The advice in these messages was to make Brazil a protective country of world food security and create an industrial base in the Amazon.

    Brazil has suffered a systematic attack. The first was the media hype about the Amazon fire outbreaks. And today the Brazilian beaches are covered in oil and, coincidentally, all of this happened in early September. But it is obvious that oil took longer to reach the beaches and did not synchronize with the Amazon fires. But those who orchestrated these attacks underestimated the creative capacity of the Brazilian people. We Brazilians know that the Amazon rainforest biome is huge and humid and that the fires shown were in the cerrado, near civilizations. And we fight back with memes and jokes. The subject in the media headlines has lost credibility. But still, we are still in danger.

    Brazil is a friendly country to all peoples, we are a people who have received refugees from the great wars of various countries over the years and today we are a mixed people. If the Amazon falls into the hands of this global elite, it will be used against various peoples to attack many countries by starvation and try to control them. And all of this can spawn a major world war that would last more than 27 years to wipe out more than half of the world's population. While the Amazon is in the hands of the most receptive and friendly people who sympathize with all the peoples of the world. The world will be safe.

  27. It been some time now haven't they been able to fix this situation at this point? Who is writing the revised programming code for MCAS? This situation should have been resolved, otherwise they should always fly manual on those aircraft to get them off the ground. But for an 8+ hour flight, you need at least several pilots flying and each one needs to have a 2 hour shift driving the plane manually.

  28. What? how can you be a test pilot and say you suck at flying? seems like that be kinda important aspect of the job is to also be a good pilot. lol whatever

  29. First steps
    1.01 get rid of the aircraft fleet.
    1.02 Stop production of this product and similar variations.
    1.03 fire All responsible executives for the total failure.
    1.04 go back to the drawing board and sweat.
    Got that Boeing?!

  30. The text messages reveal that there was poor information sharing throughout the different departments and are concerning the speed trim system, NOT the MCAS system which contributed to the two B-737 MAX-8 aircraft disasters.

  31. BP’s Horizon blow out killed 11 people, Volkswagen’s diesel emission cover up killed no one.
    Both company’s got crucified by the US regulators/courts and estimated fines and clean up costs cost a total of approx $95 Billion
    Boeing’s 737Max fiasco has killed 346 people, let’s see what fines get levied against this large US company

  32. MAX DISASTER! Avoid that plane at all cost! When it crashes again, Boeing will pay your family $20 and tell you to go f*** yourself! They don't care about our lives.

  33. Wow, can we embellish much? The never said "Disasterous", it was "egregious". Not defending Boeing by any means…

  34. The pilots of the doomed 737 flights simply did not turn off the MCAS. All would have been fine like the previous filghts prior to the two pilot error incidents

  35. Even after Boeing's ''fix'' it is still a SINGLE computer in charge of almost 200 lives and only TWO sensors. For comparison Airbus uses 5 computers and 3 sensors.. have a guess which manufacturer I trust more?

  36. I am a former life long Flight Attendant. I am here to tell you that it’s ALWYAS ! About $ And never about saftey like they tell you. While saftey is important to the carriers, it comes second to $. It is a known fact that people , many people , have to die before a change to take place. I have had many close calls over the years and my carrier had five (5) fatal accidents in the early 90’s and it really scarred the hell out of me. Eventually, I gave it up. While I can still be killed on a plane when I fly! I just don’t do it everyday now and my odds are drastically lower.

    Remember, Just like the Comet! I don’t think they will recover from this , simply because of the new information we were told on Oct 18th. Proof in a text that they lied to the FAA.
    Like all companies , it’s always about $ and the share holders and having been in the aviation business I had seen my share of corner cutting and frankly feared for my life and decided that after all the years to stop. I feel absolutely terribly bad for the families as I lost my brother in a terrible accident as well.

  37. Because the FAA deemed the 737 Max too unstable to be used as a passenger aircraft, Boeing came up with an automated system that would keep the nose from getting too high — the MCAS.  It was required for certification. After so many deaths, the aircraft is no longer not fit for purpose. All 393 planes will have to be scrapped.

  38. This is a the result of DE-REGULATION.. why do people support it so much when it compromises our lives to make profit

  39. I used to fly on military jets, I was in on them to go to different countries and one engine started on fire I had a couple mishaps I don't like flying on planes anymore I never really liked them. I know if you have to go somewhere far you got to take one kind of but I just don't make any plans that i go on a plane anymore. God bless all.

  40. Can this get any worse? I defended Boeing at first but now it's clearly become indefensible. Heads must roll and roll soon.

  41. I must be wrong, but the test pilots are flying the simulator e and talking about a specific problem with the trim , nothing about the MCAS , that they didn´t know exist by that time. Simulators sometimes don´t represent the real plane .

  42. No they aren’t. The conversation was about the sim software that was still under development.

    How about a news story about the 737 stab trim system being the same as on the 707, 727 and all 737s? MCAS creates a condition called runaway stab trim for which any qualified properly trained pilot can overcome in less than 10 secs.

    What was lacking on Lion Air and Ethiopian were pilots who thought they were properly trained but aren’t.

    How about some reporting about all the other people killed by Lion Air and Ethiopian on other aircraft other than the Max?

    No! I don’t blame the pilots. I put the responsibility on third world countries that don’t maintain the aircraft or provide the training the pilots need to operate a complex aircraft.

  43. Criminal proceedings against FAA too.
    It is simply not possible that they didn't knw abt this faulty MCAS system.
    Their cosy relationship with BOEING is responsible for 2 crashes in Ethopia and Indonesia.

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