31 thoughts on “Bolt Connections – Column Shoes and Anchor Bolts

  1. Is it possible for this system to put reinforcement inside then weld the anchor bolts to the reinforcements before pouring concrete? Thanks man.

  2. Is the pedestal safe without any reinforcement bars inside? Just the concrete where the anchor bolts was anchored?

  3. Can I have a summary of this process? I'm a first year architecture student and my group presented this video (rest assured we didn't steel any content and had sent our prof the link you provided) we used this in our little mini-thesis and we need to write down the summary but we're all bad with words given we know little about these ^^;

  4. This bolt is strong only non movable in steel column but fully supported in pile cap and pedestal.

  5. Is it that 9 people's hands slipped and hit dislike? It surprises me how many persons dislike videos where the user is simply sharing good information.

  6. Excelente modelación del anclaje para columnas de acero, por parte de Peikko Connection. Visiten y leán más en :

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