17 thoughts on “bluegrass guitar lesson: C Pos clip 2 "anchoring"

  1. Glad to hear you like my approach. Yes this is an alternate picking technique Down Up Down Up. If you incorporate more notes into the pattern, cross picking, you might find that the rest stroke approach is helpful in certain situations: D D U etc…
    Be sure to check out the 5th Fret Productions website for more flat pick resources and lessons

  2. Thanks for the great lessons Adam. You have an excellent teaching style. Question:
    When plucking the b and g strings after hitting the scale note, is it on an upstroke or downstroke. Can't tell from looking at the video. I assume it's an upstroke but just want to be sure. Thanks!

  3. Michael, I really appreciate the kind words! I try to explain things the way I see them and use them myself. I'm sure my approach is not for everyone but I'm glad it works for you.

  4. Adam: You have no idea how much I appreciate your reply! I have now returned to the music I always loved and wanted to play Bluegrass. Union Station are my favorite band,I also love Darrell Scott Tony Rice etc, then searching youtube to find a someone who could unlock the secrets of bluegrass I found this amazing teacher YOU. You teach the essential skills/ foundation which we all need to build on, you're the best teacher out there. Last but not least, I must commend your guitar playing 100%

  5. Michael, good to meet you. Yea I bet you'll find that Darrell's tune inside those techniques. If I can help or answer any questions, feel free to give me a shout.

  6. Adam: Thank you very much,I'm a 55 year old acoustic/singer/songwriter from Ireland who has recently got into B Grass. It all began when I seen a video of Darrell Scott playing River Take Me, I'm trying to learn the intro to this song which is in C F G AM. I have spent hours trying to find a lesson that might explain it. My time was well spent because I found you, your lessons are my key into world of BG. I'll work on this C picking as I feel Darrell's tune is there somewhere. Cheers Adam!

  7. Thank you SOOOOOO much for taking the time in making these tutorials. I've always loved bluegrass and haven't found a "teaching structure" that fit me. I've been playing other styles of acoustic guitar for 25 years and FINALLY I've found a method of learning bluegrass that I can follow.
    I appreciate all the time and effort that you invested in these videos. I have my sons watching them now.

  8. Thank you very much for your time Sir'. I am enjoying and learning a bunch from your lessons. I will pay it forward!

  9. @yeshua4U Stay with the pick. New technique always feels odd at first but is invaluable. If you run into any questions or road blocks do feel free to contact me.


  10. @adamschlenker I watched closer and just this morning went out and bought a bunch. For now I like the softer ones, actually my wife who just started to play the mandolin uses the "tri tip" and I liked hers.. Thanks
    I am an intermediate guitar player who plays a lot of worship music, so these lessons with the flat picking are a real challenge for me, but I really am enjoying them, I find that I can pick out the first few lessons much easier with my fingers than the pick, but I'm sticking with it.

  11. Some of the fastest pickers on the planet are metal shredders & bluegrass flat pickers. Its good to hear we can learn from each other for a common goal, to become better players!

  12. Good ears! Yes that part of the exercise is pretty much 8 More Miles. I don't know that it started out to be but once is settled in it just made since.


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