23 thoughts on “Black Polish boxer Izu Ugonoh obliterates left-wing journalist multiple times

  1. 'Pure blood, sober mind' refers to body and mind free of alcohol and drugs. Only oversensitive leftist moron would see something racist or supremacist in such slogan.

  2. Why do you poles live in German
    y?In Britain
    Austria,in Balkans,even in Muslim countries

    ………..in these countries
    yours has more than migrants
    .Get to your country
    .Poland for the Poles heheh

  3. Let the media claim the Patriots are "NAZIS" because they just labelled legends, National Socialists secured freedom for their country, their people and challenged the corrupt jewish satanic grips on mankind, Pols are doing the same.

  4. Ok so please reply to this if you hold these views and you see this comment. But what kind of world do you people want because I keep seeing shit like this and from comments on this and other videos I've seen all I imagine is this depressing world where we are all in countries based entirely on what your skin color is and interracial dating is like considered a capital offense. Where everyone just stays in country there whole lives and isn't allowed to interact with another race.

  5. I bet that after this interview he wont be asked again to TVN for another talk. You can clearly see that he is Pole not Black man ^_^ so it is contradicting with TVN political image ^_^…Gr8 stuff Izu Ugonoh

  6. Come on, he was born and raised in Poland and he is Polish just as much as me or any other white skin Pole. Color of his skin does not matter at all. And he is quite reasonable and objective in his views to boot. Racial purity is nonsense. Even as Poles we have admixtures from all kind of nations due to our history and these days Poles are getting used to having Polish citizens of different skin color. It's not such a taboo anymore. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's duck. He does speak Polish, was born in Poland, so he IS Polish. End of story.

  7. Wow, I thought that poles were true conservatives. But turns out that cucks in comments actually say that a black man can be polish. Lmfao.

  8. Look at the comments from the Poles. They all say ''proud of you Izu'' until Izu dates your daughter lol. Are you ready to have a half black pole grand kid? Izu has respect and money, of course you're gonna accept him. If it was another regular Nigerian, you would kill him for approaching your daughter lol. The Poles will never change. They act like warriors even if they never won anything. Germans fucked them in the West, Russians fucked them in the East, Jews fucked them in the Banks and now America is fucking them with false promises. Poland aint shit, same as Ukrainians.

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