38 thoughts on “Birds of Tokyo – Anchor (Official video)

  1. I don’t know what it is but something about this song is so addicting, I can just listen to this for hours and not get tired of it, it’s so damn addictive and I love it

  2. Can't sing along to this without tears welling up.. Not sure if I'm the perpetrator or the object. Or maybe just the observer who has been in both roles.It's very beautiful.

  3. God I'm glad I found this video….I thought this guy was singing about someone being a Anker over the public radio

  4. Sometimes you hear a song for the first time, you fall in love with the melody before you get the lyrics, and you know then and there, it will always be on your playlist.

  5. Is it me or does this song sound like a INXS kind of vibe!!?? Either way I'm loving the shit out of it! It's fkn awesome ✊✊

  6. This plays on my school bell on rare occasions and I would always freak out to find the song. I have finally found it.

  7. I'm actually happy that the songs I listen to don't receive as much attention as the likes of Katty Perry or Nickie Minaj. That way I feel different and remains exclusive from the rest of the world.

  8. To anyone who's feeling low, please don't swim alone, know that you are enough. In time you can heal & be your own anchor, but for now, know that you are worthy of love no matter what you've been through or how broken you think you are. So speak loudly & clearly to family, friends & mental health professionals. Keep reaching out until you find the love & support you need to make yourself whole again ❤. Lanterns: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbJ3vacGOhw

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