27 thoughts on “Biology: Cell Structure I Nucleus Medical Media

  1. I'm an Italian student but I can understand everything so easily even if it's an English Biology lesson! Great video and great explanation πŸ’ͺ🏻😍

  2. The nucleus is not the control center of a cell. It does absolutely nothing without the signals from the environment. It has the genes and they are transcripted according to the outer circumstances. The genes are ”a tool box” of possible ways to handle the environment.

  3. As an Anatomy & Physiology teacher; I'd like to remind everyone that is saying something along the lines of "this video is so much better than my teacher" to keep in mind that your teacher doesn't have access to an entire animation team. Nor do they have weeks or months to prepare for a single 7 minute presentation. That said, since they don't have that, they should show this video (and videos like it) in class. The YouTube stigma in education needs to go. Some really great stuff can be found here.

  4. An absolute miracle!!! Crazy how wonderfully complex and well designed β€œsimple” cells are!

    Really great evidence for a designer!

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