Bill Clinton’s Former Chief Of Staff On Trump’s Impeachment Process | All In | MSNBC

Bill Clinton’s Former Chief Of Staff On Trump’s Impeachment Process | All In | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Bill Clinton’s Former Chief Of Staff On Trump’s Impeachment Process | All In | MSNBC

  1. Love the way Mr. Podesta clearly , simply summed up the offenses against our Constitution. I have been having an ongoing argument on Messenger with one Republican acquaintance, and an ongoing discussion (more polite!) with a Republican Cousin in another State and they are so willfully obtuse about seeing this. It is amazing. I don’t believe either has bothered to read the White House Call Memo.

  2. Lots of F-ing Russian n Trump trolls here … I guess the ship is sinking so fast, all the trolls had to be mobilised to try and create more chaos in the hope that it will help to keep the Fat Orange Turd in office. Well, FO trolls – we don't need u coz unlike u stupid jackasses, we have independent, thinking minds and we're not STUPID like YOU!

  3. What gets me is when they always try to talk up the Clinton's. This is like talking to Charles Manson friends about law breakers. Clinton's were and are horrible people. Put the cigar in and pull it out…..then repeat!

  4. Yes, the most recent corruption in the Ukraine came slithering out of the White House, the Vice president's Office, the State Department, the Department of (In)Justice, the Department of Energy, etc…

  5. Trump's inability to do the job of POTUS in a rational manner is reason enough to remove him from office. Nothing is working out as promised due to Trump total incompetency and self-serving manner.

  6. The self professed “Chosen One” thinks the presidency comes with a crown and a scepter. In reality what he needs is a pacifier and a rattle. Followed by a blindfold and a cigarette. In between some tar and feathers.

  7. John Podesta will hang for treason after we reelect Donald Trump in 2020. All of you Leftist Traitors are going to pay heavily for your seditious treason. DemocRat Vermin must be purged !

  8. We haven't been under juris prudence since the UNITED STATES of AMERICA was bankrupt in 1933. Podesta know this. He is a liar and a cheating pediophile. Friend of Epstien and and huge POS.

  9. Democrats are hypocrites. They screamed when Clinton was impeached and now support it against Trump. Pathetic. Guarantees Trump wins in 2020. Cheers from Toronto

  10. Evidence speaks for itself. Trump confessed on live TV and doubledown by inviting more foreign countries to interfere.

  11. Lets be clear. MSNBC is owned and operated by the same entity aggressively pursuing one world government and Trump is NOT in an alliance as was Bush Sr., Jr., Clinton and Obama (which put in all those unGodly executive orders in place to transfer America into a one world government participant during the scheduled global financial collapse) Trump …..WILL NOT implement those ALL important executive orders and the entity pursuing one world government is trying as hard as possible to get Trump out of the office and replace his presidency with someone who IS in alliance…….like Hillary or the like. Vote Trump or have a total financial collapse…… period. Dont believe me…… you will…….keep what I state in mind. My knowledge is extensive.

  12. Why is anyone giving "Skippy" any airtime? The guy is an "alleged" paedophile. Like Epstein status big. Him and his brother are "allegedly" some very screwed up people and they need barred from all American politics. The paedophile code words used in MANY of his emails that were leaked by wikileaks should have immediately resulted in an investigation by the FBI. It was very apparent what was being discussed in his emails. He disgust me and should not be walking free. Im also super anti Trump so my political leanings are not why I do not like Podesta and think he should be prosecuted. Common sense is.

  13. Trump is pure evil. America, you are facing the greatest threat to everything that made your nation great. This has nothing to do with politics. The cauldron of ideas was broken when Trump used corrupted power to hold the republican party hostage. These people are terrified into being his slaves. You must unite and save america by kicking him out.

  14. What Chris Hayes is failing to point out is that in the past any "Impeachment Inquiry" was engaged in by the entire House of Representatives not the "laughing" House intelligence Committee. Information and testimony being disseminated to both Democratic and Republican Parties for evaluation. This is now a "kangaroo Court". Why the rush to destroy the principles of our Republic? He is just going to be voted out in 2020.

  15. foreign influence on US elections?

    Oh yeah, like the US has never ever interfered with foreign governments before LMFAO

  16. Only truly Ignorant People cannot see thru Trumps’ Lies. he deflects everything that’s aimed at him. You call him out for being a Racist…he calls you the racist, you call him out for being corrupt…he calls you the corrupt one and it goes on. So next time he attacks someone… he is actually describing HIMSELF!

  17. I am from Scotland. We are a Population of 5.5 million people. Our Green Renewable Energy from Turbines and Waves supports 88% of our Population with the capacity to support double our Population. We are Leading in Europe with our Green Energy …. more investment is needed and Leaders with the right knowledge would make the whole World a better, cleaner place. Idiots like Trump just set back the Industry.


  19. I absolutely enjoyed humiliating the Democratic Party and especially this educated fool. John Podesta had no idea his polling was wrong. His arrogance and multimillion dollar bank account is meaningless.

  20. 👍👍👍👍👍👍 Podesta rip their heads off. Thank you for taking the gloves off and standing up for the truth about the huge.corruption mob ring at the top. Then we go after EPSTEIN. “NEVER FORGET” ☹️😞

  21. How is Seditious🐀Rat Podesta not in prison when the Podesta’s were doing the exact same thing in the Ukraine as Manafor?

  22. Please do not forge the "Emoluments Clause" both foreign and domestic. Trump is breaking every law, traditions, moral things he can possibly do. And we do not even know what he is doing that we don't know.

  23. We know you and your Brother, Tony colluded with the McCanns and Clement Freud to make Madeleine disappear. You are doomed, JohnPodesta, DOOMED

  24. There one reason Moscow Mitch and the GOP and Fox News isn't follow the rules and law the found father set up is because they are part of the russian hacking.

  25. Thank you, it's about we the people, not trump and the evangelicals! We Americans and our constitution, and I love native American Indians, their home first!

  26. Honestly.. you guys are listening to pedo scum.

    Even if you’re for impeachment, I can’t fathom why you’d listen to this guy who should be investigated for pedophilia.

  27. when the dems take the white house in 2020..listen to the tune the repubs are humming then…the dems will throw all of this stone walling right back in their faces and listen to em howl then

  28. Johnny Han kerchief and his brother, Tony Podesta, were a partner to Paul Manafort. Bob Mueller gave Tony Podesta immunity in the Manafort matter. MSNBC caters to complete idiots. Podesta is a perv like his friend Ed Buck.

  29. Donald Trump v Truth = Contradiction in terms. Donald Trump is running the most corrupt Government in the history of the United States.

  30. The reason the founders of this country gave Congress the authority to oversee both the Presidential and Judicial branchs of our Government, Congress is the ONLY one of the 3 branches where every member is elected by the Citizens of the United States.

  31. Google the list of other countries that have ALREADY instituted dates that ban the sale of NEW gasoline and diesel powered vehicles.

  32. The contrast between “Trump as Usual” and the new Progressive reality is so stark. This is a Tale of Two Americas. I am totally impressed with John Podesta’s ability to step up to the new sustainable world reality and advocate for it fluently. Should we see a President AOC she will have no problem attracting quality executives to drive the Green New Deal. In America’s Sustainable new future being OK is not good enough, things must be signed AOC!

  33. Podesta is rumored to be a pedo:

  34. "They projected onto Biden the kind of corruption that they're engaged in themselves."
    Fake, crooked, disgraceful, nasty, etc., etc., etc., are also projections.

  35. Thank you Chris Hayes and John Podesta that's the best information I've heard in a long time especially the projection of what they're doing now which is corrupt. Keep up the good work.

  36. The FIRST STEP IN ANY IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY IS A VOTE ON THE FLOOR OF THE HOUSE! @4:30 even he says that the HOUSE VOTED on articles of Impeachment and yes that was a one sided partisan attack on president Clinton that ultimately failed in the Senate and blew up in the faces or the Republicans that push sooo hard for impeachment and i fear the same thing will happen to the Democrats this time

  37. – Mary Mahoney – A former White House intern was murdered July 1997 at a Starbucks Coffee Shop in Georgetown .. The murder …happened just after she was to go public with her story of sexual harassment in the White House.!👿

  38. This is a big waste of money for all I can not stand the corruption! The USA 🇺🇸 can not afford this . This will cost millions of dollars 💵 . Drain the money dems . But it is my taxes that pays for your lies . Trump 2020

  39. The American war of independance was financed by French bagmen/fixers on behalf the French King. The emoluments clause is the result of that experience.

  40. Podesta is only partly right at the end saying it's "projection"; beyond the psychological sense, it's what Goebbels did, politically: To accuse your opponents of what you're guilty of. When Trump had suspicious sniffles during the debate, he called for HRC to have a drug test. It's preemptive; any counter-claim looks lame, like a bad "rubber-glue" game.

  41. Mark my word: a couple of decades from now families of Trump supporters will have to deal with similar uncomfortable issues that German families faced after WW2.

  42. Bill Clinton cheated on his wife. Comrade Bonespurs and the Goons of Putin are cheating on the whole country.
    hy·poc·ri·sy noun
    the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform; pretense.

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