36 thoughts on “Bill Burr Is Annoyed By Journalists – CONAN on TBS

  1. 1:44 media titles the video "bill burr doesnt want journalists to wear helmets in a war zone" or better yet "bill burr wants all journalists to die"

  2. This dude is so damn on point 😂😂😂 I can’t stand dumbass nerds who act like they are needed in sports.

  3. Bill Burr makes a good point. The obsession with interviews on sports broadcasts is absolutely ridiculous. I also find almost all 'expert' commentators do no more than state "the bleeding obvious" (to quote John Cleese). Team A are beating Team B. Expert: "Team B need to play better." That is very often the level of expert remarks.

  4. On point as always. No one cares about sports journalists and their uneducated and inexperienced 'opinions'.

  5. At 1:44 shouldn't the question be "You think journalists shouldn't go to war?"
    Conan is always like "so you're saying…" and it reminds me of that Jordan Peterson interviewer.

  6. Amazing in a way that you get more salient critique of embedded journalists (i.e. propaganda tools) from a comedian than any journalist in major print or TV media.

  7. I stopped watching wwf wrestling in 1990 A D[28 years ago] and the nerds geeks and dorks should stay away from the nfl🏈football games and locker rooms!

  8. the nerds geeks and dorks should go to the book store and the public library and stay away from the NFL🏈 football🏈games🏈.

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