Bill Belichick speaks at 2019 Super Bowl Media Night | FOX NFL

Bill Belichick speaks at 2019 Super Bowl Media Night | FOX NFL

48 thoughts on “Bill Belichick speaks at 2019 Super Bowl Media Night | FOX NFL

  1. His coaching job in 13 – 3 Super Bowl was a thing of beauty. Unbelievable. Just a great example of his greatness as a coach. Shut down offense in era of offense. My God. Just ungodly great.

  2. 8:42 Reporter: “What the did wide receiver tell the football?”

    Belichick: (Says nothing, leans back)

    Reporter: “I’ll catch you later!”

    Belichick: (Breaks out into a fit of laughter)

  3. What did the wide receiver tell the football? I'll catch you later. The last question, (joke) to Belichick.

  4. Reporter: Did you capture any Bothan Spies?

    Belichick: Yes many actually. We force choked them and tortured them to death to learn the Rams secret plays.

    Reporter: Very interesting, will you be using the force choke on Goff during the game?

    Bielichick: Look we can't be giving away Sith strategy here at a press briefing, but trust me when I say all the dark side powers will be used to destroy the hope of the people.

    Reporter: When you say all the dark side powers does this include help from other Sith organizations such all the Referee Union, Sith Lord Goodell & the commissioners office, and the illuminati banking clan? It's been rumored… cough cough…. choke …….gasp.

    Belichick: No further questions the Patriots will be victorious and crush the Jedi forever!!!!

  5. Living in Wisconsin most of my life and being a Packer fan for most of it. I know we sometimes get sick of the Patriots being on this run . Just like Dale Earnhardt and Jeff Gordon people loved or hated these two. I just hope people that love the game understand that this is something that we may never see again . Some of you are good with that. I am just going to enjoy the game and understand the history we are watching. This game has had many great QBs and head coaches combos . It isnt like they have done this with the same 52 players year in and year out. My hats off to the Pats . And Im just glad the super bowl Trophy already has a name given to it ,Named after the great late Vince Lombardi because if it didnt it would have a new name .

  6. Saw Belechick at a bar he was in dance floor in the middle of a circle of people showing his moves it was hilarious

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