BIL2012 - Mencius Moldbug: How to Reboot the US Government

BIL2012 – Mencius Moldbug: How to Reboot the US Government

I saw is how to remove the US government so we're up and right please your warm welcome from inches long now we've got a fairly a difficult problem up here um is there any way to go you two just this is battery yet who likes you certainly is it doesn't want placing see some hands dealer Oh whatever that great okay so obviously very complicated problems so I like to simplify things so I release this very complicated problem to a simple for another area which is rage and rage stand for retire all government employees very very simple the problem with this is why didn't I ever heard this before why is not never suggested let's just get rid of this thing this is us insulin standings because most people are operating operating under illusion that they need a seven for years if followed in 2008 a complete this government in 2008 and it was just the same um the reality is as anyone even in philosophy knows that the politicians you elect in these democratic elections are really entirely superfluous to the mechanism in Washington and change makes a little bit you know it matters a little bit whether you vote for Democrats or Republicans with Bates play at the whole system work with the whole electoral system all this you know how a bill becomes a law especially limited 11th grade all the superior Washington gone running exactly that's right so we'd have kind of a serious problem here and really the problem from the perspective of you the Democratic global audience is this seems obviously pathetic but it's not obvious to the average American as because the average American is will be very different this is just crazy as impossible idea oh my god that's fire and so I'm tracing slots that will hopefully help you gestures or a reality a little bit because that's the reason my passions and so first let's look at this fascinating picture does anyone recognize the author of this working that is our team by dr. Seuss and I thought this bread that is on a racist burger people that racism do you think of dr. Seuss is a racist what's more interesting is okay this is a world war two apartment look at the date the date on this is actually before Pearl Harbor so why is dr. Seuss to run races cartoons and Japanese before so let's let's leave these this ones I mean you can fly me wrong very very streamys not this is this is real this is really published and you might be wondering why was dr. Seuss you know obviously well later dr. Seuss as you know as progressives compete maybe he was just unenlightened this time no this actually appeared in New York's leading progressive families pay per diem in 1841 and believe me the people who wrote from here my races so what's going on that's like every lock all right this is an ad from the american mercury 1943 you probably can't read all of us on better loan soon a little bit but this is published by i am um and appeared many publications and let's look at smith the strange details on this material now if you start reading this you know this carlos sports leader our freedom okay what is really who made cross sports of the leaders really what kind of a post-war world are we funded to create a 32-mile carlos war zone it's one with an organized world with no more place for the in article independence of the nationalistic states well this very peculiar who repeats himself over here nationally that the previous complete independence of nations must cease they must submit to a superior international law now this is resemble the story of world war ii neither familiar with do you think world war ii as a war are too many to eliminate the independence of nations and they can submit to a superior ranking which made carlos warts up the leaders really I for Steve these functions which we might agree to on thirties very lightly with a pencil and not an indelible ink so you know people if you read the news now you know Prime Minister of Italy just got fired basically by the EU and replaced with you know many of you bureaucrat and people are like well you know what's happened to be a soccer team independence well looks like so you know we look at this at these genuine historical documents they should put in place where you're almost wondering if I force these documents I didn't but these documents are real documents and they're firmer which is not really the reality that in reading history books and you might almost say that there's something a little bit Orwellian above that we go for one click let's let's demonstrate a few overwhelming things about the way we think the world today you've probably heard if you've seen that Hillary Clinton on CNN probably heard we're talking that global leadership I might even forgot her se dong we Came we saw he died he shall attack a certain world leader and you'll never see this describe this world domination what's difference between global leadership control domination does anyone have there's another interesting that it's nasty one I'll you'll notice you have very high positives for the word democracy very high negatives for the word colonists what's politics the democracy with smart assume that politics they're opposites in terms of their interval meaning but dangers their emotional connotations is in community same thing okay here's an authority sources one which most of the people know it's probably trust as New York Post another which was the people on the audience permanent distrust is the backing okay how did New York Times acquire this position of authority it's better Wikipedia undefined policy hope WP reliable under which the New York Times that certainly reliable source back in is certainly not a reliable source how how the pending part that's that's penny lose it what if supposed to speak another interesting there you've probably heard this if you can expose too many libertarians they sort of wonder why huh hey you know racism and fascism asking okay why are a system of fascism now so you could it be because Hitler was a racist and the fascist and until six million people yeah that seems very much well except that on your eyes and then you say well on when we do about racism infections and well we have this extremely elaborate mechanism for persecuting races these fascists let's call it what it is we have a very elaborate mechanism for firing them for destroying lives etc etc and then there's private Smith socialism oh really and if you try to imagine America with a madman in the mechanism for persecuting communists and socialists the way personally racist infections intervention in a very different country so you'll all be here you know the procuring some conservatives ask what gives with this you'll never get an instant question whomever we never heard them saying either should stop persecuting racist infectious or should you start Christian communists and socialists very difficult question they may have another strange one of nationalism German nationalism back Italian nationalism good in the in the mid consider at an inflated century polish nationalism during actual isn't bad black nationalism good way – Wilson what gets then they have a number of people who believe very strongly in constitutional rights now there are some people who believe that the entirety of the Constitution should be enforced there are other people who tend to cuckoo a little strange things like the gold standard clause in the Second Amendment but they believe very strongly in the first minute how exactly does that work you know if we didn't have these old people you know 200 years ago and that's the first amendment would you have me break free speech it's really very confusing and you know whereas the people who believe that the Constitution should be interrogating for us well the Constitution is in being apparently worse it hasn't been enforced in any way since 1933 honest arguably since 1861 so if the Constitution stopped being enforced is it still an excellent Constitution maybe it's a warmer Constitution maybe it has no relevance at all maybe we're just living the same force so you know these are questions that I get into it you know I can actually answer you know there would be on these questions but we're instead don't you move on and say you know I'm overwhelmed in political system and when you get sucked into these riddles you're really falling into the trap of this Orwellian system the correct answer is in fact step back and say let's throw the whole thing maybe the whole thing is crap and that question makes some of our most basic beliefs probably everyone in this room grew up living in Morrissey so here's an interesting question for people who believe in democracy it is in an engineering device performance is good government or is it a moral necessity even whether or not it is true is either these drew are they both true democracy definitely why do people growing up in the Soviet Union believe in communism if you think of it as an engineering device for assuring the government you might cast your eye over the number of cases in which democracy has been introduced in countries in the prompt of falling into ruins you might see very few cases of the reverse if you believe it's a moral necessity why why do people have a right to political power on again that's a difficult question so here's my answer this basically you need to just if you actually want to change our political system you have to resign from it you have to quit your to stop clothing you have to say I don't believe in eating this stuff and you have no right to political power why should anyone have any right you know you you're the reality of your relationship with your government is there government no power over it and worker actually you have no real experience for ability you have one government you don't know anything about them you know only about watching this you know reality show called CNN and if you look at the reality of Washington first of all people in Washington are not doing a great job for the government even though they do it every day it's definitely Americans have no idea I mean the the reality of this political system the bomb you know is that it's just completely disconnected from the reality of government and people working in government perceive little ripples coming down from your election and that's all so the only thing that your position to man is basically saying and you can't demand that but the only way and it is stop caring about you know stop stop with your you know your political opinions your government you just WH do that you're either you have got really Washington you're either for it or visit and saying you to do this to do that it's really right beside the point when you've got no power at all so the one of the thing that you can do is you can believe in this repeat this really this political system is never to hundred years is not a very long time like historical timeframe and one of the interesting things that define if you start going back in you know the wonderful world enroll through Boston so you can actually read things that were written a long time ago for example there's one wonderful document everybody's read the Declaration and it's very few people have read the the scriptures on the declaration by Thomas Hutchinson which is basically a fisting of it revealing how ridiculous a document it says I'd say less than a thousand Americans for greatness you know magnificent piece of work I'm just getting long aged through a few of my favorite works discussed on the blog and did Tuvia the enraged slide there's another great one the Civil War my favorite author Carlisle predicted was one of a few Victorians to predict of the 20th century would be a century and that was disasters Henry Bane who explained basically that democracy really is you know where activities from every Slayer classic bunking of war one book published in 1915 everyone is pretty much doing this on your scalp World War one mythology here's your world war two mythology there's still a lot of thing that you don't about world war two we don't know for example selects an American knew that Stalin's plan to invade Germany in 1941 and this is really one of my my favorite books of political sciences James Vernon's the Machiavellian discussing on the Italian elitist school 20s and 30s and really the importance of seeing politics in terms of reality and reality has very little to do with CNN and finally we get to the rest of just a go over this very briefly what is government my garden is just a corporation which owns the country nothing more nothing less and you know if you think that corporations in other countries you'll be right because that's what they are it so happens that our sovereign corporation is very poorly managed and there's a very simple leg to replace that which is what we do all corporations have failed we simply believe them we say ok you know but you used to work for Kodak Kodak is no longer in existence you need to find a new job your 401k is still there and you know maybe being a camera company we haven't be able to do that for two years so that's it now you know anything that an artist on so obviously kids in the police in the military rolling on tomorrow unfortunately the people that are actually law enforcement officials start seeing the least powerful in the government because actually power flows top down in in in the security area they actually obey orders most of the government power absolute closer bottom up as the people who really control policy are government bureaucrats government bureaucrats I know that the other thing about getting rid of your government is you can't just say well the limits of the government or the limits of the formal government you have to say well what is this system actually and it includes a lot of things that are called NGOs things are called universities things that are funded by the state it's very very large system and it all needs to be destroyed of course YouTube you know think there's a lot of talented Americans who actually don't have to run things and make things work and are generalists and you can just get these people put them in positions of responsibility and have a guru thing and finally you need to CEO and a national CEO is what's all I did there it's the same thing there's no difference between easy oh dear Americans want to change their government they're gonna have to if their phobia one way of dealing with that is that I think a lot of they're really two sets of Americans there University of Americans and you see Americans Christians economist basically Christmas none of them in their communist dictator in comments don't want to live near a person a dictator there's a very easy solution there's a very easy solution to that which is simply client executives have them make sure they work together and in business much there's some really no other solution to you know long getting there statistically is you don't have the power as Democratic leaders to create an organization that can actually shut the system down level only take over the task of caring all right all right well thank you very much everyone in our dimension small bug if you like to have generally Goods available

47 thoughts on “BIL2012 – Mencius Moldbug: How to Reboot the US Government

  1. 0:13 Does anyone like USG?
    0:48 Complicated Problem

    1:23 Most people see elections as a reset. Reality: It’s Not a big change
    2:33 Dr Seuss Racist Cartoon
    4:18 Carlos Sporza
    5:16 PM of Italy 🇮🇹 fired.
    6:12 Orwellian. Globalism
    6:48 Democracy is Politics
    7:16 How do you acquire reliable Status
    7:38 Racism, Fascism, Hitler.
    8:14 Communism and Socialism
    8:48 Nationalism
    9:06 Constitutionalism
    10:18 Taking a step back
    11:37 If you want to change the system, you have to resign from it

    13:33 Declaration of Independence and The Strictures
    14:00 The Civil War, Carlyle, Henry Mane, WW1, WW2, Reality,

    15:08 What is a Government?
    A Government is a Joint-Stock Corporation

    Good Government is well run Government

    Bad Government is poorly run government

    United States Government has been poorly run

    16:08 Police Power flows top-down. Political Power flows bottom-top
    16:34 NGO, University, State funded institutions
    16:53 “ There’s a lot of talented Americans who actually know how to run things and make things work and are generalists.”
    17:08 National CEO = Dictator
    17:43 Hire 2 executives

  2. How to save the west:
    Take women’s rights away. No voting rights, no higher education or high earning jobs unless they have 3 kids or more. (Maybe two, idk)

    Ever since women got the right to vote, the welfare state has blown up to be crippling; national debt hasn’t been contained at all, immigration has been allowed to the point of negatively affecting jobs, wages, and safety; most importantly of all, fertility rates have dropped below replacement levels precisely because women are too busy working to have children. And if your society isn’t replacing itself each generation, then it dies off, never to be seen again, forever gone from history.

  3. Curtis Yarvin is the only man preparing for the end other than the communists, and the communists' plan is to eat the carcass of Western Civilization like a vulture. The majority of people will always associate anything non-leftist with fascism because they know fascism is strong, and fascism helps the people in the country the fascist represents, and there is nothing a leftist hates more than a power that they have a difficulty destroying.

  4. If voters have no political power, why are politicians terrified of them? Has this guy ever met a politician? It seems like he spends way too much time online.

  5. Also I believe that when the FBI murdered those Black Panthers, they did so because they considered black nationalism bad.

    At least do some fucking research before you commence your polemic.

  6. "What if we lived in a country that treated socialists and communists the same way?"

    You mean, Nazi Germany?

  7. Yeah if monarchies such a successful system compared to democracy how come there are basically none left in the entire world? Democracy is not a fluke. It is an evolution in politics, and it has succeeded where other systems have failed because it is stronger than they are and better evolved to deal with modern political climates.

    Hire two dictators? Yeah that's going to be suuuccchhh a stable system. No ship can sail without its two captains.

  8. I freaking adore this guy. Sadly, public speaking doesn't seem to be one of his many talents. Shouldn't be a surprise, I suppose.

  9. The communistas really hate this goy, huh?

    Must defend the infinitely permeable and malleable political systems of the West until they can supplant them entirely through extant mechanisms.

  10. Petty bourgeois mentality ("my sense of security", "my money") all the way which portrays itself as rebellious and groundbreaking. They use big words and write apparently complicated essays but in fact they have the same mentality as all these mass-produced white collar Joes. Their only claim for subversiveness is that they're not PC and dislike religion. Well guess what: if you look at what people do, not what they say, you'll find out that nobody is PC and nobody takes religion seriously.

    At the end of the what they want, is exactly the same system as the one we have now but with less hypocrisy. Their argument boils down to a vague feeling of dissatisfaction. In fact, they simply don't have the courage to admit that the system as it is suits them perfectly. So instead they play the rebels because the petty bourgeois they are can't resist playing the rebel.

  11. Five minutes in and Yarvin implies that Hitler didn't want to coalesce Europe – Russia, too, for that matter – under the German flag. And anyone is supposed to listen to the rest of his revisionist past? And, folks, that is why the word is "history" rather than, "thestory." The past is but a construct, written by the perceived winners and those in the future who claim to be on the "winning" side.

    Democracy – no good. Comminusm, socialism – no good. From his readings, a shift to a monarchy equals good. THAT, is rich. Usually "these people" want a return to the Leave It to Beaver construct of the 1950s (with all its intendant racism and sexism and nuclear familyism —- while utterly failing to comprehend what a collective PSYOP the 1950s were; the great money-making for the power elite operation to distend REAL families, i.e. mother, father, children AND extended family, to move them wholly from rural areas and closer to cities — subtly shifting the societal paradigm to the urban space, where, of course, the power elite can maintain a tight and strict control over the populace.

    But Yarvin and his ilk want to take this one step further —- to king and queenship. They want to return Western Civilization to a time where fealty is paid to one family; where feudalism is the way of the land. And if you dare to think outside that tiny box — off with your head! Oh wait, Yarvin actually believes, in his dream of monarchy, that, "thinking" is of no consequence in a monarchy. Only an act gets you punished. In Yarvin's world of war-craft there are no agencies acting as "thought police."

    I gather he is wholly ignorant of the fact that the first potent iteration of what we now know as "British Intelligence" began in the 16th c. I also gather he is also wholly ignorant of the fact that the entire British monarchy then was 50 years behind that of Spain and Portugal. Yes, just 500 years ago the "royalty" and the "powerful" of the British Empire still refused to wash their faces for decades so as not to wash "the holy waters of their baptism" from their faces; that perfume was derived to hide the gross stench from their unwashed bodies and that the handkerchief wave became, not fashion, but a necessity to fan away the stench of the person before them. Meantime, their southern neighbor elites were busy stealing all the technology from the "African savages" – marking the so-called end of the Dark Ages – weaponizing everything in sight (as psychopaths would) and were sailing toward the Americas.

    Oh glorious monarchy!

    You don't have to ascribe to a political faction to understand the cruel twist of fate that, today, allows people like Yarvin and his neoreactionary crew (Bannon) to be anything more than the most extreme socio-philosophical outliers.

  12. If he were really concerned about the failures of American democracy, he would be giving a talk on the Republican effort to disenfranchise voters and suppress the vote of minorities and the poor going back 40 years. He would also be talking about Republican gerrymandering of such absurdity that voting districts in North Carolina have begun to look like fractal amoebas. In short, the reason we think Democracy is a good idea is, among other things, that it's in our DNA, and that, as Churchill said, though highly flawed, it's "better than anything else". The reason people like Yarvin and Bannon have fallen out of love with Democracy is not hard to find. It's that changing demography is making their grip on political power increasingly unlikely, and their half-century efforts to hamstring and sabotage actual working democracy are increasingly hard to hide. If they don't do something new soon, the wealthy, white, Christian core of the Republican party will increasingly become irrelevant. So this is their something new: monarchy. Reverse the Enlightenment. That's why people are calling you sociopaths. What you're doing is absolutely transparent. You have no interest in good government. You have no interest in political processes that actual represent what people want or that are practicable and effective and efficient. Because they don't serve your narrow interests and you know it.

  13. Basically this guy is a nerd, had no friends, never got laid, and ended up hating the world and imagining some dictatorship with sad lonely white men like him in charge.

  14. This is basically a long string of "um" (pronounced 'ahm'), with the occasional non-um word thrown in. Ahm. Ahm. Ahm….AHM AHM AHM…..AHM……AHM………..

  15. This guys parents were both civil servants. Could it be his entire elaborate, convoluted, confusing, overthought world view is one giant rebellion against his parents? Wahhhh wahhhhhh Look at me I'm an anti-social tech genius I'm so oppressed!! Everything is societies fault wahhhhh wahhhh everything I've built is dependent on the broader culture — I take public roads, call police, firefighters, military, social security, courts, and benefit from public education and every conversation, tv show, cultural product of any kind, literally almost every moment of my life has been shaped by society for free but wahhhhhh we need dictators!!!
    Just another "misunderstood" angry nerd

  16. Smug self righteous ignoramus. This guy claims he spends 500 dollars a month on books but doesn't know fuck all about socialism or communism. Flowery language and presentation devoid of actual substance — some interesting points with absurd conclusions. Typical "red pill" garbage from a bitter reactionary.

  17. That was hilarious. As soon as he spoke of dictatorphobia, they ran out of time and no time for questions. Thats the standard liberal way of dealing with political discussion. SHUT IT DOWN!

  18. Moldbug is further proof that white people with their heads completely up their own ass can accomplish anything.

  19. It's a little entertaining how people seem to look primarily for ways and reason to dismiss the arguments of the speaker, rather than actually entertain them. These are ideas; why are you afraid of them? I don't happen to completely agree with Mr. Moldburg (I'm more libertarian than anything else), but the fanaticism of leftoids coming on to dismiss all neoreactionaries as "fascists" (which might be true), "racists" (usually not true), "sociopaths" (almost certainly less true than of the politicians YOU voted for), or whatever other nasty name they can come up with so as to avoid a serious conversation. No doubt, Moldburg and the rest are not surprised by this.

    If your only criticism is "this is stupid," or "you're sociopaths," you make the neoreactionaries look like the comparatively reasonable and rational side.

  20. What the actual fuck is going on in these comments? Not one single argument against what he's saying, but plenty of frothing at the mouth and calling for mass murder of "sociopaths". If you think his ideas are foolish or dangerous, then explain why.

  21. Imagine someone emigrating to the United States to take refuge from the brutal dictatorship that made life in their home country a living hell, becoming inspired by the values of democracy and free will shared by its citizens, seeing the unfortunate state of political affairs and resolving to take an active part in fixing them. You can't help but relish in your newfound sense of purpose, you're so overwhelmed by the sheer degree of freedom you're allowed to express that you don't know what to do next, the possibilities are dizzying. Sure, things could be a lot better in some ways, but for the first time, you genuinely feel optimistic, like there's a point in carrying on.

    Then this shit-eating little weasel hops up to a microphone and explains how freedom is evil and that we should establish a dictatorship.

  22. The relative geopolitical stability of the Pax Americana is at an end and Western nation states face existential threats on several fronts. Both from within and without. Russia and Central Asia is the pivot of the world's landmass and whoever controls this centre can dominate the globe. Aleksandr Dugin knows this. Russia is troubled by having 20% Muslims in their military and fundamentalists/separatists in the Caucasus. Russia will go where there's least resistance first: the Baltic States and begin the thrust into Central Asia.

    Dugin infuses his geopolitical tracts with bizarre esoteric epistemology of perennialism, Russian myths and nationalist symbols, EuroAsianism, Orthodox Christianity and appeals to Islamic solidarity through Sufism. The forms of perennialism/traditionalist school, Orthodox Christianity and Sufism in a syncretic metaphysical and geopolitical alliance against liberalism, egalitarianism, the United States, consumerism, capitalism all culminating in a Russian unipolarity, cultural hegemony and ultimate victory. A strange ticket to get allies to sign on to.

    In the 21st Century there'll be no possibility of deconstructing nation states and returning to city states. Globalist ideologies are Utopian fantasies that can only ever be dangerous and ultimately futile enterprises. Nationalism is the only course. The deconstruction of parliamentary democracy cloaked in Schmittian legality. Maybe temporary suspension of the Constitution as in the Weimar Republic to meet existential threats to the state. That provides an opening but true power cannot be achieved unless an anti-democratic political subculture can transform itself into a mass movement. Dugin uses mysticism and epistemology with overturns of active nihilism. This is what all dictatorships need. Alain de Benoist and Guillaume Faye both realise the importance of the merging of the political and the spiritual and they have emerged as Pagans.

    These are the interesting forces to watch over the next decade or so.

  23. Great speech mencius! Your logic is just unbelievably strong, I can see all the people in the comments section with double digit IQs raging at your brilliance. It's clear that you have threatened their status quo enough to bring them to a boil!

  24. This is like if you asked a bunch of economists and historians to design and write a computer program: a total disaster.

  25. I hate the internet and how it gave idiots like this a voice and an ugly facsimile of self-confidence.

    Mendicus, fuck you, you piece of shit.

  26. Ha, some dime a dozen software engineers think they'd be part of a new aristocracy in a monarchical new world order. Yeah, sure. This is even stupider that people who want to live in Galt's Gulch.

  27. Ah look at the collected sociopaths, now if you really want to solve some problems, sterilize everyone who attended that.

  28. Nice black-and-white logic and false equivalencies. Way to address large socio-cultural movements, gender, race, human rights, economics. Oh wait he doesn't.

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