Biggest Headline Of The Mueller Report? Not ‘No Collusion, No Obstruction’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Biggest Headline Of The Mueller Report? Not ‘No Collusion, No Obstruction’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Biggest Headline Of The Mueller Report? Not ‘No Collusion, No Obstruction’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

  1. The special counsel found that no US Citizen (that includes trump) conspired with the Russian government to interfere with the 2016 elections…. what do you not understand about that ?

  2. Barr gave Trump a five second head start. "Run Bambi. RUN". Trump had only one thing right. ""He's Fcked"". Tic Toc Mr Trump. Tic Toc. They are coming to take you away Ha-Haaa!!!
    Where did the Supreme Court(Antonin Scalia) think "Citizens United" and unlimited campaign funding would lead to. Absolute Power. Absolutely Corrupts. Maybe it's time for a small time city "Mayor 'Pete' " or similar to return Democracy back to America. Personally. I'd rather be dead than RED. Despots need not apply

  3. Hi Chuck.👋.
    Exceptional reporting, Chuck.👍☺👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Chuck.👍.
    👉👉Patience democrats, patience.👍.

  4. Dummycraps 2017: "Republicans must accept Mueller's findings. "

    Dummycraps 2018: "Anyone who doesn't accept Mueller's findings is obstructing justice. "

    Dummycraps 2019: "We do not accept Mueller's findings. "

  5. 45* tried to obstruct, but was too incompetent, lazy, and weak to do so. Still doesn't mean he can't, and shouldn't, be charged with obstruction and impeached. Failure to commit a crime one is intent on committing is no excuse.

  6. …Like collusion, "coordination" does not have a settled definition in federal criminal law…you can say these terms as much as you like…

  7. Trump hates Jeff Zucker, the CEO of CNN. CNN wanted to merge with AT&T, but Trump was blocking the deal because he hates Jeff Zucker. So CNN and AT&T hired Barr to convince Trump to allow the deal to go through, and in return Barr would take over Justice as AG, so he could "exonerate" the president.

  8. "Ignorance of the law is NOT a defense!" (unless you are a rich, stupid and privileged white boy). Thank you Chalk, I have been waiting for someone to point this out. The culture of double-speak is the one thing that has made the West an unacceptable model most of the world is realizing today. The western system incorporates a lot of lies, manipulations, untruths, propaganda and treachery and may not be trusted. It is driven by greed and myopia. It will lead to the collapse of Western civilization. Donald Trump is just an overt and ugly expression of that malady.

  9. W.. BARR A TRAITOR TO USA OF AMERICA ! WHO IS THERE TO SERVE! NOT A SITING PRESIDENT! BUT TO SERVE ! USA PEOPLE ON AMERICA IN THE 1ST PLACE!!!!! WE AMERICA! SHOULD NEVER HAVE A PRESIDENT AS FULL ON CRIMINAL HISTORY!! WHO IN THE PRESIDENCY!! IS ACTING AS A MEMBER ON AN INTERNATIONAL BAND OF GANGSTERS! AND CRIMINALS!–BARR IS THE TRUMP PUPPET! BOUGHT BY A CRIMINAL!president? IN POWER! TO CONSUMMATE ALL THE CRIMES COMMITTED! BY HE'S Family friends an GOP politics! who has beeen buying! during he's t reasoner! or TREASON !! IN RUSSIA'S FAVORS! in POLITICS!—-Toking on socialize! the candidates millionaires!! want to follow trump ! way on no taxes for the millionaires! or all the RICH OR WETLY!!! they say on all ho fight them!!! HE'S SOCIALIST! that the best insult the get for those who stack them!!! all what the want! is top follow the ways trump is ruining AMERICA! The only people who pay taxes !!are the middle class and the workers on america! as the middle comercial empresses ! american workers!!! MILLIONAIRES AS THEY ARE THE BENEFICIARIES ON TRUMP CRIMES!

  10. At the end of this Republican coup d'e' tat Nancy pelosi will be president by default. The Trump administration (all complicit) will be vanquished including Mike Pence. Consequentially the Republican party and the religious right will be denied governmental powers for 100 years. As is just and prudent. So it is prescribed so it will be.

  11. Better question is why didn't the Intel Agencies inform the Trump Campaign about the Russian Activity?

    They did recently regarding a Chinese Spy .. informed the person involved so they knew.

    They told the DNC about things in 2016, but not the Trump Campaign? Biased Much?

    Why didn't Obama and the Intel Agencies Act on what they knew about Russians Interfering? They did nothing? Why?

  12. If the media and their so called expert consultants held the same legal arguments against Clinton, Holder, Lynch, Comey. Clapper, Brennan, Obama they would all be in Jail … but they don't .. BIASED MUCH?

  13. "The president is ineffective as an executive". Weeping for our democracy. How dare Trump call Democrats treasonous. He and his mindless followers ought to be deported!

  14. You look tired Johnny…you should get some sleep! You probably won’t get a lot of sleep when you’re in federal prison, awaiting the conclusion from you’re treason conviction…


  16. Ignorance of the law is perfectly acceptable when it applies to the elite… no matter how fake those elitist so happen to be.

  17. Every single "report" in this nation's brief history has been a sham on the ignorance of it's people. This report simply continues that tradition. AG Barr displayed the effectiveness (NOT) of separation of powers. The orange turd will be rewarded in multitude for his generous tax cuts. He can REALLY shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not suffer any consequences. DC has been nothing but theatrics for several decades… allot of noise, but no substance. The rich get richer, and the middle class has been crushed.

  18. The most important question raised by Mueller: What do we do with the 63 million morally repugnant people who voted for Trump? Unfortunately, we can't herd them into Oklahoma and firebomb that state. We'd have a better country if we could. Those of us with more than three brain cells have known for decades that Donald Trump was a bad businessman and a bad human being. Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingrich drove the Republican Party into the sewer. The Russians added their two rubles' worth, and 63 million Americans were too stupid and/or morally repugnant to see what was happening. We should impeach and convict Trump, then indict, try, convict, and incarcerate him and members of his family. Then we go after Trump's supporters with some combination of education and ostracism. Otherwise, we are doomed.

  19. dont talk about it do it. bring it on. if you have evidence use it, but you dont so shut up you bunch of dumbasses.

  20. How many Trump/Russian Collusion Democrat Flippers can fit on the round head of a pin with a diameter of 20 MM?

    If the Story seems familiar, look at proceedings of the Council of Nicea in 325 AD under Roman Emperor Constaintine.

    Only Name Tags have Changed since then.

  21. Trump Junior and Kushner weren't charged by Mueller for one reason alone… had they been charged, then it would have been Federal charges that the President would certainly pardon. Mueller set out the road map, and will leave it to others to bring State charges against them. Holding that possibility over the President will almost certainly see him come to an agreement to step down.
    Yes… these are dirty tactics; yet this should come as no surprise to a President who has used almost every dirty trick in the book!

  22. "A statement that the investigation did not establish particular facts does not mean there was no evidence of those facts." Mueller Report, p. 10.

  23. Where is the outrage? Where are the patriots? Hasn't anyone noticed by now how Machiavellian the political right and Republican party has become? Of course they are willing to lie, of course they are willing to cheat, of course they are willing to do whatever it takes to win the day because in their eyes, the ends justifies the means. That is why they voted for Trump in the first place and that is why, unless a lot of good people rise up again these actions, our country is doomed.

  24. Have you all seen how much money Trump has accumulated for the 2020 election? A lot of dirty money. He cannot run on the 2020 election. He will do whatever it takes to win in the 2020 election because he knows he's going straight to jail if he doesn't win. He must be impeached!!!

  25. I cant understand how in listening all day today I havnt heard one person speak to trumps character in regards to being a threat to National Security. Here you have a clearly narcissistic man in the Oval Office. He doesn't know how to check his emotions he lies he tries to get people to lie for him he has very childish AND thuggish behavior. And this man is POTUS??? Given all that we already knew and what has come out in the report to put it clear and plain in front of your face… with one eye closed I can see that he is a threat to National Security I don't know why nobody is talking about that right now

  26. Bannon,Conway with Eric Prince to discuss what? This administration needs so go. Bannon is now in Rome casting his sights on destroying the Catholic Church.

  27. And because his un-american base does not care that his campaign colluded (yes, there was collusion, just no criminal conspiracy to be proven) with Russians, who clearly obstructed justice (which is a crime) and tried to entangle his subordinates in it as well (another crime), and lied and lied and lied about all of it, we have a much deeper problem than trump himself.

    The society is in large parts broken. They are not the majority, but they are too many to not be worried about the future.

  28. According to what a Evangelical told me, trump will get away with everything because he is supposed to turn the world upside down and so chaotic, that everyone will be relieved when the Antichrist arrives….
    I'd like to think this is BS!

  29. When white men and women, dont believe in truth. Then thay r one of the three. No education, kkk,r the Russian trolls

  30. So it’s ok to accuse the President of being a Russian agent when he clearly was not, and obstruction is more important? YOU PEOPLE HAVE GONE MAD!

  31. This is surprising? This guy’s been straddling the boundaries between legal and illegal his entire adult life, starting with papa chump getting him out of the draft.

  32. But Trump is the smartest. He knows all the laws! Per himself…. he can't have it both ways. He can't say he knows everything then plead ignorance of campaign laws. His lawyers told him. He has NO excuses. #ImpeachTrumpNow

  33. Barr needs to be impeached before he stops all the other investigations into Trump – in SDNY, DC, and other Federal Prosecutors offices and those in Muellors report that are redacted.

  34. When are evangelicals going to return to a moral standard for leadership. I get it: They justify tolerating Trump because he will appoint conservative judges to overturn Roe V Wade. Ok, now that’s done. They have their majority on the Supreme Court. And if Trump were impeached and removed, Pence would become President.

    So why stick with Trump? Pence would appoint the same judges in the future. So why ruin evangelical reputation by continuing to support such a horrible, immoral person?

    I think the answer is clear. Evangelicals have been manipulated, along with the rest of the 35% of the American population, to see society as a split between their team, their group, and the Liberal team / group.

    What started as a concerted effort to change what they see as an immoral interpretation of the law, has led them to give up on every other moral imperative to serve the GOP.

    I really think evangelicals need to ask what gun rights have to do with faith? I can see different people having different opinions on the matter, but how is that avunifying evangelical political proposition?

    Similarly, immigration. I would think that a group that focuses on bringing all humans to Jesus would welcome any and all “strangers”, as the Bible calls them. Why are evangelicals so anti-immigration? Again, opinions can differ, but this should be an issue that has no direct implication for faith in Jesus.

    I don’t agree with evangelicals on abortion, but I do honor their position as a moral and ethical issue that is quite similar to the slavery issue. There is no political accommodation that can resolve the matter. It is either murder or it is not, to abort a fetus. This is a legitimate and fundamental issue. I get it! But now that the court has been set up to allow evangelicals to end legal abortion, I would think evangelicals would focus on matters of morality in other matters.

    Simple questions:
    1. What would Jesus say about automatic weapons?
    2. What would Jesus say about immigration?
    3. What would Jesus say about Trump lying so much?
    4. What would Jesus say about taxation (“render unto Caesar…”).
    5. What would Jesus say about poor people who need healthcare?

  35. Trump will Be Busy with his DIVORCE as I'm sure little Mrs Dump has a Section in that Marriage Contract about INFIDELITY A PRESIDENT ever been Divorced in Office??? 😎😋😎
    Find a Tape, PRESIDENT will be getting a Divorce Infidelity

  36. I’m I missing something? How can you determine if the Trump campaign didn’t receive a quid pro quo here when they were all lying , destroying evidence and obfuscating all through. On top of that Trump was not interviewed and he refused to testify. From public knowledge it is clear that the interference benefited Trump… the Russians won’t do anything for you unless they were getting something in return. Why is the bar for prosecuting Trump so low???

  37. Guess this is the MO of all conservative parties, if you start to lose you cheat, if you lose more invite other countries, if you lose more invite russia and saudi and than taut you are all for your country first and sell out your country to foreign nations .. what was it called again .. oh nvm traitor. Wow nice republican sliding down from liars, pedophiles, criminals and now just traitors.

  38. A nice short sentence I did heart that resume the Mueller report is the following; Trump is not "not guilty"…funny but true.

  39. One of the greatest minds of all time!!! Still can't believe anything the guy occupying the Oval office has to say

  40. Mueller literally says no collusion. You lost. fail. You also cant perpetuate the hack much longer. Assange is coming to testify. Seth Rich was the leaker of the first wave of DNC emails. The second wave came from John Podesta giving a phisher his email. Neither of which were a "hack".

  41. The total raid on Michael Cohen must have prompted Trump to order his team to destroy whatever evidence they had that would incriminate him. It is evident that most had but there had also been some who didn't. Whatever the case, it would be foolish to impeach him instead of maintaining a drip, drip effect of his crimes that will be the talking point in the media throughout the 2020 campaign.

  42. The A.G.'s low-key, seemingly reasonable manner is particularity effective at deceiving the public, esp. when compared to the transparent and clumsy dissemblings of the rest of Team Trump. IMO. this "wolf in sheep's clothing" approach makes him the WORST Attorney General in recent history – BARR NONE!

  43. When Lindsey Graham was prosecuting Bill Clinton
    He said that it’s not about a magic world or phrase uttered by the president ,it’s all about INTENT .He said “the office needs to be cleansed “
    Singing a different tune now isn’t he ..the little scum bag
    But WHY is the mainstream media not hammering this home .Its in video for all to see .This is where the MSM let everyone down
    .He should not be allowed to get away with it.He said it then in video and the exact same thing applies
    And moreso now
    It’s all about intent and the office of POTUS needs to be cleansed

  44. We all saw collusion by the entire Republican party when it made it part of their platform to NOT pursue Russia's takeover of parts of Ukraine. We saw Russia being repaid by having sanctions revoked which should never have been.
    We all SAW and HEARD Trump colluding with Putin directly and publicly. We saw him go into a room with him, in which Russians were allowed (press, interpreter, etc.), but not ONE American was allowed. We all SAW him colluding as he welcomed two top Russians into the Oval Office early in his administration, for a tete-a-tete with NO AMERICANS allowed.

    We saw and herd him countless times, and on Twitter rants as well, directly trying to obstruct justice.

    The difference is that what we know and what can be admitted into evidence in a court of law are two very different things. To be admitted in court, the evidence is introduced, and must be verified before accepted.

    As long as they avoid having evidence against them offered into evidence in court, it doesn't really matter to them what we've seen and heard for ourselves.

    So we all know he conspired with Russia. We all know that he tried to obstruct the investigation too many times to count.

    We know it, and can't do anything with what we know. Except to wait 18 months to have a chance to vote. By then, the whole system of government could be lost for good.
    And if the Rs have their way, it WILL be lost for good before 2020.

    We can't just go after Trump. We have to go after the enablers, in both the WH and in Congress. Particularly Steven Miller and Mitch McConnell, both of whom have outrageous power, and are both FIENDS.

  45. Its over losers. He didnt break the law. Hes not going to get impeached. Your media has beennlying to you for 2 years. Time to wake up and smell the coffee.

  46. Maria Butina gets sentenced on Friday… where is the information we got from her? Is it stuck somewhere at the FBI, or maybe part of the redactions?

  47. I feel sick to watch and read that some Americans would support and allow foreign interests especially Russia to supply dirts to harm their opponents and her politics

  48. maybe having an old white republican man investigating another old white republican man really is a waste of time, because they both feed off the patriarchy.

  49. take the Bag of the head and take away the Blinders and Call this What It IS tRUMP Trying to Take the USA into DICTATORSHIP Plain and Simple !!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is Wrong with everyone Don't say it can't happen Here Just What do YOU THINK IS GOING ON This is how it STARTS !!!!!!

  50. Surprise, surprise. Mueller(Republican) failed to be aggressive against Trump. Democratic Presidents have their entire lives scrutinised, every word they say, every dollar they earn, every action they take. Even the slightest failing, personal or official, is highlighted, demonized and criminalized.
    We have mountain's of evidence of Trump and his campaign cavorting with Russians and covering it up. WTF. We haven't even scratched the surface of his entire criminal life.

  51. HEY PATRIOTS, Russia wants to hurt our country. Russia supports Trump and Republicans because they hurt our country.

  52. We need a 9/11 type Committee in Congress whose goal is to protect America from foreign interference election crimes ! The president won't do it. Republicans have been bought. Dems ! Get this going !

  53. We need MUCH stronger penalties for Congress to use, when their subpoenas are ignored, or they are lied to. PLEASE bring this subject up. It is humiliating to see Congress disrespected and treated like weak fools by the people they are questioning. And THAT includes the president.

  54. Which president? Obama? Donald Trump isnt a politician, he's a business man. He didnt expect to win. The American voters didn't want hellory as president. They spoke, and the democratic party should accept this fact. The fact that the dems refuse the to comply with the results, show how little they respect their fellow Americans.

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