36 thoughts on “Big News Big Debate : Politics Over Praja Vedika In AP – Rajinikanth TV9

  1. Onu vedu madhu kalthi chesi janalani champdu vediki vote lu echena vedhavalini anali gani vediki vedipartiki vote veyalydhu evm temparing

  2. Thathkaalika kattadam ayyinappu adhi thathkaalikanghane vuntundhi joopudi gaaru. Merru chepinde ayyindhi khadha..

  3. ఒరేయ్ బుచ్చయ్య నదిలో కట్టకూడదు పందిలాగ బలిసావ్ బుర్ర పెంచు.

  4. Atlast common people are loosers,if it's illigal YSRCP should have gone to court for stay when it was in opposition now corrupt CBN has spent public money for building now demolishing it is public lose ,this building could have been used for government hospital or orphanage etc but demolishing it and causing again loss to public is wrong.

  5. సీఎం కూలి gangaputra లేకపోతే ఇరుపులపాయ లో కూడా అక్రమ కట్టడాలు స్కూల్స్ వేస్తే అప్పుడు నిజంగా సీఎం

  6. యసందుకు అంత ఏక్సిటే యెల్లో రజిని కాంత్

  7. Illegal ani telisi kuda Chandra babu Yela katuthadu andii Aaaaa antaeee 40 years antadu kada Aaa matram Teliyada katakudadu ani e issue ki only one solution CM ki power aaa time lo unna CM ni and employees ni arrest cheyali

  8. Sincere advice to Jupudi Anna:

    Don't waste your valuable time by participating & supporting such illegal issues. Why can't tdp send their able leaders who enjoyed ministries without contesting elections. Please avoid such debates which will degrade your value in front of Telugu people, anna.

    Society needs able & sincere leaders like you to be in power to do justice to the supressed. So please take-up the below song & do the needful.

    "It's time to party now" Oh sorry song should be:

    "It's time to (change the) party now"

    Jai BHEEM.

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