Bible Prophecy Update – October 13th, 2019

Bible Prophecy Update – October 13th, 2019

all right let’s get to our prophecy
update today what a week I want to talk to you about what took place this last
week doubtless you have been following the development concerning Syria specifically Turkey’s invasion of Syria
on the heels of President Trump’s controversial decision to withdraw US
troops out of Syria I suppose that those who are students of
Bible prophecy should not be surprised however what might be a little
surprising is the swiftness with which everything is happening I have to
confess that I was a little taken back by the reaction on the part of those who
supported the president’s decision I mean unwavering they just have this
unflinching support of the president no matter what he does but then on the
other side of that you also have those who will no matter what the president
does will oppose him I remember reading a post one time that from a supporter of
President Trump an avid supporter of President Trump saying that if President
Trump had come up with the cure for cancer they would blame him for causing
cancer to begin with so you’ve got two sides and both sides are reacting to the
president’s decision to get out of Syria under the banner of
endless wars really a campaign promise of his before he was elected now the
concern and it’s a valid concern is for the Kurds who many accuse the president
of abandoning and it brings up the bigger question of Israel if we are
completely out of Syria which is what the president has announced then what
does that mean for Israel are we abandoning Israel and so that’s the
question what I found of particular interests are the evangelical leaders
that have voiced their support or concern for the president’s decision so
on Thursday Haaretz reported on the quote rare rebuke of evangelical leaders
who are slamming president Trump over the Turkish assault on Syria’s Kurds Pat
Robertson said quote the president who allowed Khashoggi if I’m pronouncing his
name right to be cut in pieces without any repercussions whatsoever is now
allowing the Christians and the Kurds to be massacred by the Turks the report
goes on to quote other leaders evangelical leaders one of which was
Franklin Graham who took to Twitter voicing his concern and asking for
prayer in the first of two tweets Graham posted today I ask that you
join me in praying for the lives affected by the White House decision to
pull US troops out of northern Syria both Democrat and Republican leaders are
deeply concerned because this would be in essence abandoning our closest allies
there the Kurdish people in the set the second tweet he posts the Kurds are
the ones who have been leading the fight against ISIS in Syria also pray for the
Christians who the Kurds have been protecting they could be annihilated
would you pray with me that president at real Donald Trump will reconsider
thousands of lives hang in the balance as you might imagine there are many who
are very concerned rightfully so and Israel is amongst them which is why
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was quick to respond Arutz Sheva published a
report in which they quote Netanyahu at a memorial service for the soldiers
killed in the Yom Kippur War saying we don’t aspire to be a people who dwells
alone but that’s how we were forced to stand at the beginning of the Yom Kippur
War that only nearing the end of which did American aid arrived and he’s right
about that as in 1973 listen to this this is very interesting still quoting
Netanyahu we still greatly appreciate US support which has increased greatly in
recent years as well as the tremendous economic pressure the u.s. is exerting
on Iran do you hear a but coming oh it’s coming however we always remember and apply the
basic rule that guides us what is that rule Israel will defend itself by itself
on its own in the face of every threat the IDF is ready to preempt every threat
employing defense and attack with its overwhelming power weapon power and
power of spirit sounds pretty confident doesn’t he
there’s a reason for that I want to talk about that in a moment this is the great
spirit that the Yom Kippur War generation has bestowed upon us the
prime minister emphasized okay bear with me as I was following all of this this
last week I was struck with what all the so-called expert analysts had
to say secular and Christian both alike I mean everybody’s got an opinion and
they’re all pontificating and offering their take on this decision as
controversial as it is with the lack of support that it has and then here are
the Christian leaders with all due respect also coming out offering their
opinion what they have to say and I’m sorry but we’re waiting with bated
breath I wonder what so-and-so is going to say
about it and I’m including myself in that social media pastor JD can’t wait
to see what you have to say stop that what I have to say what I have to say it
doesn’t matter what I have to say you know what matters what God has to say
that’s what matters what God said and that settles it God
said it He already said it and that settles it God in His Word told us who
would be in Syria who would not be in Syria what would happen to Syria and
what will come from Syria that’s all I have to say let’s close in
prayer know I’m going well Isaiah 17:1 let’s start there shall we I would
submit that this is the next prophecy to be fulfilled on God’s prophetic calendar
Isaiah 17:1 a prophesy against Damascus see Damascus will no longer be a city
but will become a heap of ruins I would suggest it already is and the only
reason this has not been completely fulfilled is because it’s also a
prophecy that Damascus will be uninhabitable and it’s almost there once
Isaiah 17:1 is fulfilled it will be the trigger for Ezekiel 38 to be fulfilled
which I believe is by virtue of serious absence from the nations that are listed
in that prophecy in Ezekiel 38 conspicuously absent from those nations
is Syria which tells me that Syria is taken out of the prophetic
picture prior by way of and by virtue of the prophecy in Isaiah 17:1
and then from the north from the northern border there in the Golan
Israel’s border with Syria once Damascus is destroyed uninhabitable
then Russia Iran and Turkey with the other Alliance of Nations invade Israel
for the purpose of taking a spoil if you were to ask me what I thought was one of
the most detailed prophecies in the Bible it would have to be Ezekiel 38 and
the reason I highlight that and mention that is because it’s these details that
I would argue are indicators of just how close we are to the fulfillment of this
prophecy one such detail is found in Ezekiel 38 verse 13 which says that
Saudi Arabia by their ancient name Sheba and Dedan the merchants of
Tarshish and the Young Lions thereof which some believe could be a reference
to the UK and the u.s. we don’t know it’s possible so the merchants of
Tarshish and the Young Lions thereof in verse 13 of Ezekiel 38 we’re told will
only question protest what are you doing have you come to take a spoil have you
come to take booty you’re invading Israel why is it for the oil yes it is
even now we’re seeing it already begin to happen on Friday the Times of Israel
report it this is interesting that the us okay so we’re leaving Syria
but guess what we’re deploying three thousand more troops to Saudi Arabia why
to boost the air defenses why oh you haven’t heard what’s going on between
Iran oil and Saudi Arabia oil oh they’re striking each other strikes against
Saudi Arabia from Iran these are missile strikes and what’s
believed to be Saudi Arabia’s missile strikes against Iranian oil tankers it’s
all about the oil it’s all about the oil another interesting detail it’s at the
end of Ezekiel 38 in verse 23 and it’s this often missed detail that no nation
including the United States of America will come to Israel’s defense America is
not in Syria America is nowhere mentioned unless verse 13 is a reference
to the Young Lions of Tarshish again possible can’t be dogmatic about it but
no nation comes to Israel’s defense actually contrary to the prime minister
stating that Israel will defend itself by itself here’s the truth it will be
the God of Israel who defends Israel not Israel not the US and listen to what God
declares through the prophet Ezekiel in verse 23 of Ezekiel 38 He says thus
I will magnify Myself and sanctify Myself and I will be known in the eyes
of many nations then they shall know that I am the lord
that’s why Israel will stand alone i go back to that map of course i can i have the
i had to update it i was just looking at this map I mean it just to put it
into perspective look at how big Russia is Russia is so big this is Google
Earth right so I did a screenshot and I had to zoom way out in order to just get
the the red or the yellow line and put the name Russia at the top of the slide
but if I could zoom out even more Russia’s like the whole thing and then
Libya Turkey Iran Sudan Ethiopia by the way these are the areas we know
modern-day they’re listed in Ezekiel 38 by their ancient names different borders
than we understand them to be in the modern day countries but these are the
Arabs I mean we’re getting it from all areas why do I point this out because you’re telling me that there is a
prophecy in the Bible yet to be fulfilled where all of these nations
huge nations are going to come against and invade little itsy-bitsy tiny so tiny
even my little red circle that I put there you like my red circle that’s actually bigger than Israel
Israel’s like this little sliver just it’s in fact on some maps if you do a
search for maps of the Middle East you can’t even fit I S R A E L in the actual
land that is modern-day Israel so that what they do is they they they do what I
did basically and they take a little little arrow and they put the text
Israel then there’s an arrow pointing to this little sliver and God is saying look at
this map they’re all going to invade Israel and they’re going to be defeated
who do you think’s going to defeat them the little red little spot right there
wow no they’re going to know that there’s no
way Israel could defend itself by itself against that unless it was God that’s
the whole point I probably could have made that point a lot sooner and a lot
quicker but I didn’t the details that we have in the Ezekiel 38 prophecy are such
that they become markers of just how close we are here’s another one we’re
told in Ezekiel 38 that that Israel will be at this place that they are dwelling
confidently militarily economically we can defend ourselves by ourselves
Israel is strong we have the power we have the spirit big G little o Go Go I mean it’s
just that like and that’s exactly what God says through the prophet Ezekiel that
they will be like there will be this confidence this strength that they’re
secure and prosperous and they are they’re so prosperous economically very
strong Israel militarily very strong Israel and this is exactly what we were
told would happened everything we’re told would happen is beginning to happen
precisely how God said it would happen and again please you’ll forgive me for
the bluntness with which I say this but it doesn’t matter what everyone and all
the experts have to say the only thing that matters is what God has to say and
this is what God said He said this was going to happen
He gave us detailed prophecies not just for the sake of us being in the know
that’s not the purpose of Bible prophecy no the purpose of telling us what’s
going to happen before it happens is so that we will believe and that’s what
Jesus said in John’s Gospel chapter 14 verse 29 I
have told you now before it happens so that when it does happen you will
believe that I am in other words Jesus is saying that I’m going to tell you
what’s going to happen before it happens so when it starts to happen you’re going to
say well didn’t God say that was going to happen yeah right here right here He said before
it would happen that it would happen yeah about like
2,500 plus years before and it’s happening yeah exactly like You said it
would yeah whoa it must be true ya think no other religious writing you
cannot read the Quran and find any passage that has prophecy about what’s
going to happen because Allah is not God and Muhammad is a false prophet only God
can say I’m going to tell you what’s going to happen before it happens so when it
happens you’ll know that I’m God I am the Lord I’ll say it’s almost like the
emphasis is on I and throughout the Old Testament to the Israelites I am the
Lord your God it’s almost like God’s saying they’re not your God that’s not
your God I am the Lord your God Israel you’re going to be invaded against
insurmountable unfathomable incomprehensible odds and you’re going
to be victorious how because I am the Lord your God that’s how that’s why and that’s why we do these prophecy
updates it’s to bring to the forefront these prophecies in God’s Word that we
were told would happen at the time of the end because you know what they’re
happening you know what that means it’s the time of the end and now we can take
what we see happening in the world we can connect the dots with what God said
would happen in His Word and what can we conclude from that well Jesus said in
Luke 21:28 when you see these things begin to come to pass here’s what the
believer can do look up and lift up your head because your redemption draws nigh
what about the unbeliever the unbeliever when they see these things beginning to
come to pass things that were told would happen prior to them happening and now
they’re happening then the non-believer would believe because that’s the good
news the Gospel Jesus came He was crucified He was buried He rose again on
the third day and He’s coming back again one day and aren’t you glad did you
imagine if it was just Jesus came He was crucified He’s buried and then He rose
again from the dead have a nice life that’s it yeah that’s like Paul Harvey
would say the rest of the story and by the way history His story that’s
history and there’s this beautiful marriage between history and prophecy in
the person of Jesus Christ Paul writing to the Corinthians in
his First Epistle the fifteenth chapter verses one through four says moreover
brethren I declare to you the Gospel the Gospel which I preached to you which
also you received and in which you stand by which also you are saved if you hold
fast that Word which I preached to you unless you believed in vain for I
delivered to you first of all that which I also received and here it is that
Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures why is it important that
we know it’s according to the Scriptures because it’s according to the prophecy
about the first coming of Jesus in the Scriptures according to the prophecies
about His first coming in the Scriptures Christ died for our sins and He was
buried and He rose again the third day and He says it again according to the
scriptures you know where the first prophecy is in the Bible
think about this Genesis 3:15 the first prophecy in the Bible and it’s when sin
entered the world and God declares this curse on the serpent and prophecies that
the seed of the woman would crush his head you’re going to bruise His heel but
He’s going to crush your head I can’t wait doesn’t sound like you can’t wait either
that was a prophecy of the virgin birth the seed of the woman the woman doesn’t
have the seed the woman has the egg that’s the virgin birth that’s the first
prophecy it’s called the it’s known as the protoevangelium meaning that
it’s the yet coming foretelling of the prophecy of the Savior that will
come because now sin has to be paid for and Jesus Christ came and died and paid
for all of our sin that’s the good news that’s the gospel and He defeated death
and He defeated the devil according to the Scriptures and so that’s why we now
have this gift by the way had an interesting email from a brother in the
church I love this guy he always points things out to me like this he says stop
using free gift it’s redundant I thought about it he’s right free means
like it was a discount I mean a gift by its very nature is free right and by the
way isn’t it true nowadays especially online for those of us who read before
we click agreeing we just you know we just you know do you agree to the terms
do you really know what you’re agreeing to free okay click I agree I want free I
agree I want free I agree and you find out you just got a free trial for 30
days and now all of a sudden there’s a charge to your card that showed up you
agreed to thought it was free so I’m not going to use the word free it’s a gift
it’s a gift of eternal life this is why we do the ABCs of salvation it’s a
childlike explanation of salvation and it’s simply this the A is for admit or
acknowledge that you’ve sinned against God that you need the Savior this is
what it means to repent it’s a change of mind it’s a turning from our sin and
turning to the Savior for forgiveness of sin Romans 3:10 says there
no one righteous not even one whenever I do a memorial service I always bring
this up because everybody isn’t it interesting how everybody always has
something nice to say about the deceased kind of interesting because they never
said that about him when they were alive oh they were a good
person like you sure weren’t saying that before oh they were a good person he had
a good heart listen you might be a good person you might have a good heart it’ll
never be good enough there is no one that is good enough
save One Romans 3:23 says all pretty much covers all right you look it up in
the original and you would yeah that word all is oh it means everyone all have sinned
and fallen short of the glory of God ready for some more bad news well here’s
some more bad news Romans 6:23 you know what the penalty is
the wage of that sin that all have sinned death the death penalty that’s
the bad news are you ready for the good news now
Romans 6:23 but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord
that’s the A here’s the B believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord and that
God raised Him from the dead that’s what Romans 10:9 and 10 says if you believe
in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead you will be saved
I’m so glad it says you will and that it doesn’t say you might or you could
or you should or there’s a good probability or likelihood no you will the jury is no
longer out the verdict is in the penalty has been paid He went to His death in
yours and my stead and He rose from the dead
here’s the C lastly simply call upon the name of the Lord or as Romans 10:9
and 10 also says if you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in
your heart that God raised Him from the dead you will be saved for it is with
your heart that you believe and are justified and it is with your mouth that
you confess and are saved and lastly Romans 10:13 for me this was 37 years
ago I did this it says all who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved it’s
that simple that’s the childlike explanation of
salvation and you might be watching online and God led you to this video by
His Providence by His design it’s not by accident or maybe you’re here in this
church I make no assumptions and quite frankly if the truth were known what’s
happening in the world today has finally got your attention I want to say to you
that today is the day of salvation and this is the most important decision any
of us will ever make in our life for eternal life and it’s a decision that
needs to be taken seriously and the ball is in your court if I can say it that
way why don’t you all stand and we’ll pray loving Father in heaven thank You for
Bible prophecy thank You for the purpose of Bible prophecy thank You for telling
us what’s going to happen in the world at the time of the end so that when
those things start happening non-believers will believe and believers
will look up knowing that Your return is at the door and our Redemption draws
nigh Lord thank You for Your Word the more sure Word of prophecy thank You
that it’s only You and what You say that matters in the end and You’ve already
said it so Lord I pray that we’ll take heed to Your Word in Jesus’ name Amen

100 thoughts on “Bible Prophecy Update – October 13th, 2019

  1. Bit of history…did you know that the US did not move to stop Hitler until US citizens started crying out in fear he would come to take over this country?

    Most also don't know we had Jews as well as the Japanese in slums during WW2. We would have done the same thing.

    The leaders of the US are not what they pretend.

  2. 📯☁📯☁📯☁📯☁📯☁📯☁
    Greetings in Christ precious name 🙌.

    What do sign posts tell you?
    They tell you where your going,don't they?!!⚠ 🚷📵🚳🚫


    Scriptures clearly tell us what would be the signs before the end in Matthew 24 and what would be the culture in the last days in 2 Timothy 3:1-5!
    We are also instructed to WATCH AND PRAY in Luke 21:36!! 👀.

    BELOW are a list of some key end times sign posts(prophecies)which have been fulfilled and others which are in play:


    1.📖 Isaiah 66:8(Israel's rebirth)✔
    2.📖 Matthew 24:32-34(The parable of the fig tree.) ✔
    3.📖Psalm90:10(We are the generation) ✔
    4.📖 1 Thessalonians 5:3 (Peace and saftey) ✔
    5.📖 Isaiah 17 (The destruction of
    Damascus!). ✔
    6.📖 Matthew 24:6-7 (Wars and rumors of wars). ✔
    7.📖 Matthew. 24:15 (The Temple ). ✔
    8.📖 Scripture tells us the second half of the tribulation will be a time of
    great persecution against both Jews and those who come to faith in Jesus during this time.(The rise of Anti-Semitism and Anti-Christian fervor). ✔
    9.📖 Ezekiel 38-39( The battle of Gog and Magog). ✔
    10.📖 2 Peter 3:1-10 (Scoffers)✔
    11.📖 Revelation16-17 (Artificial Intelligence) ✔
    12.📖 Matt. 24:7 (Earthquakes) ✔
    13.📖 Matthew 24:8(Increase in birth pangs) ✔
    14.📖 Revelation 13:1 NWO(New world order) ✔
    15.📖 Revelation 13: 2-4, 7 (One world religion) ✔
    16.📖 Revelation 13:16-17 (A one
    world currency) ✔
    17.📖 Revelation 17:12-13(A one
    world army) ✔
    18.📖 2 Tim. 3:1-5(The exponential increase in wickedness) ✔
    19.📖 Matthew 24:37-39(As in the days of Noah and Lot) ✔
    20.📖 2 Thessalonians 2:3 (The Great Apostasy) ✔

    Thank you for all your updates. You have been such a blessing to me!!

    The CONVERGENCE OF SIGNS are in our face!!!!

    We are at the finish line!! 🏁 🏃

    God bless
    Watchman in the wilderness🙏🏻

  3. ships of Tarshish ISAIAH Chapter 60 – 8 and 9 Who are these who fly like a cloud, and like doves to their windows?
    Surely the isles and distant coastlands shall wait for and expect Me; and the ships of Tarshish ( shall come ) first, 
    to bring your sons from afar, their silver and gold with them, for the name of the Lord your God, for the Holy One of Israel,.. Amplified Bible  
    Britain and others and especially the U.S.A. were the protector of the sons and daughters of Israel who help bring them back to Israel. ( the ships of Tarshish ( shall come ) first,

  4. I really wanted a ❤️ button rather than a 👍🏻, so here is my ❤️☺️

    You are my Pastor!
    When I feel so alone and out numbered with how I process events… I listen to JD and suddenly I no longer feel alone in my way of thinking. Thank you and God bless you JD and my bretheran of this church and online church ❤️

  5. Pray for America. Chinese troops are embedded in this country ready to take over and kill all Americans. They are under the UN banner thanks to Obama. He signed the document allowing them to come and take over if they don't like the government. They can put a government in they like.

  6. The heart of the king is in the hand of God! Trump and Cyro in history are similar. The decisions are not Trump’s are God’s and Trump does not even know it. God is moving his plan with Trump from the beginning, God will save Israel by his power, He does not want any other country there defending Israel (Ez 38), so God commanded to Trump’s heart: take your troops home cuz I’m about to fulfill my will and I don’t want US troops here. How about that? Actually God still loves US

  7. Stop being so “PC” Pastor!

    Actually, I thank-God that there are at least a remnant of Bible Teachers like yourself who still have the fortitude to tell it like it is! 👍

  8. OK Ezekiel 38 please hear me out. I’ve come to believe that Ezekiel 38 must happen in the tribulation. Here are my reasons why. If there’s one thing I have learned when God fulfills prophecy he does it totally and completely and with precise accuracy. I believe the Ezekiel 38 war happens in the tribulation Because…… it specifically says that all Jews will be dwelling in the land, emphasis on the word all. Secondly it says they will be dwelling in peace and safety with no walls no barriers no bars on the windows. Let’s be honest people there are walls all over Israel they do not live in peace or anything close to it. I love Amir, But he is completely incorrect to say that Israel dwells in peace and without walls. God always fulfills His prophecy completely and fully accurate. Finally it says that there will be a massive earthquake during the attack, the earthquake will make mountains turn upside down, cliffs crumble and all the walls in Israel will collapse. I believe this attack will take place after the halfway point of the tribulation because the antichrist cannot stand in a temple and declare himself to be god if the temple and all its walls have collapsed in the Gog Magog war. Israel is not dwelling in peace and safety, they have walls surrounding their cities, and the scripture indicates that there will be great destruction within Israel when earthquake strikes. It is more likely that the antichrist will come on the scene create peace and safety, tear down the walls surrounding Israel, build the third temple, declare himself to be god, and the Ezekiel war come sometime after that. Just my theory. I believe God completely when he gives prophecy and it will be fulfilled with complete and unquestionable accuracy.

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  12. Search YouTube for “Syria through the eyes of a female Traveler”. I couldn’t copy the link here. Watch it. Damascus is “life as usual” and appears to be in great shape. There seems to be a cognitive dissonance between repeated portrayals of Damascus being almost completely destroyed and very recent real time footage and eye witnesses who reside there. Just difficult for me to reconcile. I don’t know who to believe.

  13. Middle East Convergence

    I think Psalm 83 will be coincident with Isaiah 17 and destruction of Elam and other parts of Iran that have their deep nuclear labs centrifuges and stockpiles of weapons. I think that Iran has taken over Lebanon and Syria currently taking over Syria’s massive stockpiles of chemical weapons in Damascus. Iran will start firing missiles armed with chemical weapons from their Lebanon proxies and Syrian proxies in Damascus. This will cause massive horrific casualties in Israel. Israeli Samson Option will then commence. Israel will hold Syria, Lebanon and Iran accountable for all the Israeli casualties. Israel will likely take out Damascus and Lebanon out with nuclear weapons, and rightfully so as they were attacked with unconventional chemical weapons. Israel will likely use massive EMP in Iran, then strategic nuclear bunker busters in Iran, then actually send troops into Iran at their strategic nuclear sites to make certain their business is complete.

    This is just one possible scenario which I think is likely.

    James A Thorp MD
    [email protected]

  14. My decision didnt compel any thing but my response sure did . ive seen wait on God wait on God all through scriptures. So wait I did. I learned God isnt my conveinence and when he says come and i ignored that then when i did decide i was made to wait.

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  19. JD you are so humorous and your description of Israel and your update and teachings are so profound..look forward to these weekly updates!!!! Isaiah 17,,,,,Ezekeil 38……..we the chosen generation experiencng God's prophetic Word…It is sooooooo amazing!!!!

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  21. Gods gift is the most redundant gift there is. Pressed down.. shaken.. and running over. He wrote the book on redundancy. His mercy endures forever.

  22. Interesting that you mentioned BrotherJD that little Israel will be no match up against Putin & his allies! I was just reading by Divine Providence 1Kings 20 where Ben-hadad the King of Syria gathered all his host together: and there were 32 Kings Verse 13 And behold there came a prophet unto Ahab king of Israel, saying, Thus saith the LORD, Hast thou seen all this great multitude? Behold, I will deliver it into thine hand this day; and thou shalt know that I am the Lord! And the other scripture I was given a couple of days ago is 2 Chronicles 32:1 when Sennacherib, King of Assyria came, and entered into Judah, and encamped against the fenced cities, and thought to win them for himself. Verse 7 Be Strong and courageous, be not afraid nor dismayed for the King of Assyria, nor for all the multitude that is with him, said King Hezekiah. Verse 8 With him is an arm of flesh; but with us is the LORD our God to help us, and to fight our battles. And the peopler rested themselves upon the words of Hezekiah King of Judah.

  23. thank you Father God for this preaching of your faithful servant like Ptr JD.May we be found faithful .As we awaits your comingLord Jesus i love you.Have mercy on our country the Philippines.Amwn

  24. Thanks for reminding us, only  what God's will is,  will come to pass. Longing to be with the Lord in rapture, with all of you, can hardly wait.

  25. I still can't get over how non-believers don't believe in God or Jesus, BUT – then say; I'm a good person so I will go to Heaven. They also don't believe in Hell. As far as I have observed they never see the irony of their statement. Go figure!!!!!

  26. We live in perplexing times. We must put all of our trust in King Jesus and the word of his Father God. The Ezekiel 36-39 prophesy makes it clear that the U.S.A.. will not be active in the war against Israel. We are already seeing this happening. I was shocked when president Trump with drew from Syria because I also felt he was abandoning Israel. I had temporarily forgotten that God Almighty has planned all this centuries ago and he is is total control. I have now changed the focus of my prayers. I can no longer ask the Lord to do it this way or that. My prayers now that whatever happens I will rejoice that we are closer to his return, and I pray that Donald J. Trump accepts Jesus as his Lord and Savior, if he has not already done so. I pray the same for Putin, Netanyahu and other leaders.

  27. AMEN Pastor JD. God said it I believe it and that settles it.
    Thank you for your updates. God richly bless you. Perth Western Australia

  28. This was the first time I’ve disagreed with President Trump. I’ve been raised to stand with allies I’ve got a son serving ! We are not robots We make choices It’s not just abandoning Kurds but Christians and Is Israel 🇮🇱 This. Is only setting the stage for Ezekiel 38

  29. Sarah Ward. Everyone is blaming President Trump for pulling the US troops out of
    Syria . Well if you read your bible. according to the very last days
    God made it very clear that when all these countries come against Israel.
    That He God would be the one to destroy all of them!
    And then Israeli would know that he was the Almighty God
    So that is why he moved on Trump to pull the US troops out.
    Because it was interfering with God's plan.
    He God doesn't want any help and doesn't need any help.
    He wants Israel to understand there is but one God.
    I am the great I AM . The Alfa and Omagh . The beginning and The End.
    The God of Abraham. Isaiah and Jacob and there is no other God.!

  30. Even so, COME, LORD JESUS. Personally, I believe, if it is possible, the RAPTURE will cause America ( as a “super power”) may not be around during Ezekiel 38. GOD IS IN CONTROL here.

  31. Question: Could satan be using prophecy as a playbook? What if the time isn't for many years to come and all this is being engineered to happen in these days to mislead a multitude when things don't end the way we think? Please, I'm not an antagonist. I'm a believer in Jesus and love Him, and these times, and watch fervently with all joy… but this thought came to mind lately. We all rest on the idea that the world and the forces of evil don't care about or understand the words of prophecy. However, the demons in Jesus' time knew very well what was happening, yet were powerless to alter the course. How will the same happen in these times? Is there something we're not seeing? A confounding factor evil isn't able to counter or comprehend?
    To expand, I'm thinking the thing they weren't able to counter or understand in Jesus' time was the fact He could remain sinless, and actually die for us. Along that theme, what is the thing in our day that will confound them such? Is the Rapture alone the one thing that will confound evil and the world? If so, how do they know the timing? Keeping in mind pike's writings about how this will all go down in the world, and that's the playbook the deep state is following. Knowing how these people think, I digress to my original question.

  32. I hope the rapture does not suffer the same speculation errors as it does though I hope the rapture does not suffer the same speculation errors as it does this new scenario of prophetic events. The Psalm 83 war is newer then the pre-tribulation doctrine.

  33. Re Turkey's invasion in Northern Syria – Where is the UN?!?!
    IS militants are now breaking left, right and centre out of their prison camps previously kept by the Kurdish army..which now has to fight the Turkish army…

  34. You know, it just dawned on me… this Turkish invasion is a trial run of the politics of the Israeli invasion we all know is coming… The young lions of tarshish protest… And the Kurds approach Russia and Assad for a tentative alliance… to be gathered in to the juggernaut that is coming perhaps?

  35. Indeed. At 8:56 – It is not what "man" says but what God says and said in His Word!
    His will be done on earth, as in Heaven…

  36. Interestingly, the US is training the Lebanese Army…

  37. Pat Robertson and Franklin Graham are not Christians. Go to you tube channel dnajlion7 where he exposes them for what they really are.

  38. Pastor you are absolutely correct! Keep opinions,judgements to ourselves and what does God say and what is He doing.We aren’t that smart!

  39. Pastor,,, Please,,, I hear your humbleness, BUT You are a Shepherd, the sheep need guidance, you help them to hear HIS voice, Don't rebuke those who are asking for you 'Say' in the matter, We know in heart that GOD is in Charge, He's in Control, but didn't the Disciples help the 'followers' aka 'the sheep', but helping them understand God's word? Christs Teachings? Not all come to easy understanding of prophecy and such…Guide with the staff, don't wack the sheep over the head for asking….

  40. I really appreciate the excitement to go home! But I have family that have walked with God and are on the fence. One foot in the world and one foot with God. I’m so filled with anxiety over this my heart aches daily

  41. Pray for our president without Trump we wouldn’t We wouldn’t be able to stand up and preach about our Lord by now

  42. An amazing explanation again – just when we get so tired. God really knows how to pick us up and help us through these tough times. Thank you for you energy and enthusiasm!

  43. Please please people of all nations lisent to this. You can skeep the worshiping but lisent to the importance of Sukkot. Zecharia 14 at the end mention 3 times that the nation MUST celebrate THE FEAST OF TABERNACLE
    And the most important , not in this video, we MUST keep the day of the Lord. Holy Sabbath.

  44. The main purpose of all this happening in the Middle-East, is not about anything of this world or of men as the spiritual enemy of God would like to seem appear. It is not at all about oil or the natural resources of any nation or even about money. It is simply that God has set the stage for the Endtime nearing its end and the coming of the Rapture of the Church because only in this way He is coming the fulfillment of His great Plan with human mankind before Creation. The satan already knows that he has lost 2000 year ago and he is just fumilating his anger against God in a way he can do in no other wise. Revelation 12:12. And he knows that he has a short time before he is thrown in hell with the antichrist and the false prophet. Actually he is being forced by God to act out his devilish plans to a certain limit. And the judgment of God will be against all those who have known all these things and still are continuing to do evil.

  45. Yes Pastor JD… This is the most important message.
    No matter what we want to see happen… God's plan is going to be fulfilled.
    Of course most of us do not want to abandon Israel…no more than Peter wanted Jesus to be arrested.
    But what did Jesus say to Peter?
    He said in Mat 16:22-23
    Then Peter took him, and began to rebuke him, saying, Be it far from thee, Lord: this shall not be unto thee.
    But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan:
    thou art an offence unto me:
    for thou savor not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.
    Yes… God knows better than ALL of us. His will be done. Amen

  46. It is a shame that no exit strategy was ever discussed prior to Trump's abrupt withdrawal of these strategically important placement of these 50 US servicemen because people will be open to being murdered now and in the future because of his decision. He is being used of God, that is true, so that Biblical prophecy can be fulfilled, but it is in a negative way. The tragedy is these lives will not have a chance to ever know Jesus if their lives are snuffed out abruptly by a would-be caliph, itching to lead a neo-Ottoman Empire. I agree that Isaiah 17 is close at hand. We are soon to leave this earth!

  47. We should always keep our brother’s and sisters in prayer who are being persecuted all over the world. But, God’s plan will not be thwarted by Trump’s actions. Prophecy is now unfolding before our eyes…pay attention. Come Lord Jesus Christ!!! 👏🏻👏🏽👏🏿👏🏾👏🏼😇

  48. We agree….it's what Adonai has to say. A Belgium Jew put it right: anti Semitism is rising and as they come against the Jews, so they will come against the believers. Why? Because Jews and Believers carry the name of the LORD!

  49. Perhaps the USA doesn’t help Israel because the rapture happens near or at the Ezekiel invasion…Many officials in President Trumps cabinet are born again believers.

  50. While I sometimes watch the 700 club, Pat Robertson is out of line. He is playing and speaking for God. He also does not have all the facts. Whether we are there or not doesn’t make a difference. Bring our Boys home… The fighting will not end until Jesus comes back.❤️

  51. Pastor JD, did you see that Zion Oil & Gas discovered oil in Mannassah and Ephraim on Rosh Hashanah 2019??? You might want to check it out! (Christian company!) Hmmmmm…..

  52. I don’t see these evangelical pastors meeting the planes when our children come home in body bags.
    Even more unbelievable is Trump is only bringing home about fifty troops. It’s not like we have an entire battalion over there.
    Worse is that Trump knew the attack was going to take place regardless of any of our advisors being there.
    Trump needs these troops home to protect him agains a possible violent coup which may be taking place tonight.
    Marines possibly being activated on our soil.

  53. Cant wait for the Lord God bless you JD we pray for you for all blessings and your family Val from South Africa

  54. Pastor J.D. you are so awesome. I'm looking forward to see you in the air, that we may worship Jeschua and praise HIM together.
    Ulrike from Germany

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