Beto O'Rourke Recaps Debate Performance, Clarifies Policy Positions | MSNBC

Beto O'Rourke Recaps Debate Performance, Clarifies Policy Positions | MSNBC

thank you better right thank you for having me Maggie yeah I get the feeling that somebody said early that you begin your your responses and it's in the torrent of action tonight with a kind of an anecdotal story rather than a blunt declarative statement is that your style you know I've spent this campaign travel in the country listening to people and I think part of my responsibility is to reflect what I've learned what they've been willing to share with me and I think that's how you bring Americans into their democracy so if you're gonna meet the challenge of climate or healthcare for all or a more inclusive economy or fixing our immigration system you're gonna need to bring people in and one of the best ways to do that is with our stories so I think that's an important part of sharing the message of this country and and how we face these challenges that we have right well there's some sharp questioning tonight if you one was about the 70% marginal tax rate now I I and then the argument was made by a Elizabeth Warren that that's the rate back in the Eisenhower era of course back then in all fairness there were a lot of people who figured out their taxes and didn't pay 70% there it may have been on the brakes but people didn't pay it yeah and so I my question when he answered the question now because she didn't before are you for 70 percent marginal rate no I'm not okay what I am for and this gets to the spirit of the question is changing our tax code to make it fair for everybody to ask the very wealthiest to pay their fair share to ask corporations to pay their fair share would be a rate did you'd be happy so what if we took the corporate rate not back up to 35% where it was but to 28% you would generate hundreds of billions of dollars I think individually if you taxed capital at the same rate that you tax ordinary income you would generate hundreds of billions of dollars yes you might move the marginal rate but but I don't think you're going to capture the kind of revenues that you're looking for or address the kind of income and wealth inequality that you can through the changes to how we tax capital to the changes to how we tax corporations and then to looking at wealth and making sure that some of that is captured when it's transferred from one generation the next far more than we do right now that gets at the very basis of this actual inequality that you have in this country right now and it funds those programs that we're all talking about that ensure that every American lives up to their full potential you know what I heard tonight I heard a lot of people competing for how much they could give to people and an argue that they would take that money from the wealthy to pay for it and people seem to be competitive about that you know community college you know Amy Klobuchar other people saying all public college or university all paid for by the government right all student loans paid up by the government is that a problem of your party right now that people are competing to offer money transfers from one economic group to another in a way that it really has become galloping at this point the promises we certainly can't win or achieve these goals by pitting one set of Americans against another we got to bring everyone in so I'll give you an example you mentioned college affordability we talked about ensuring that you have some of that college debt that we expand the public service debt forgiveness program you're going to teach school you're gonna work in a VA take care of one of our veterans we're gonna make sure that we wipe clean some of your debts that you can do that we're gonna make 2-year College of Community College's first two years of a four-year degree free but we're gonna make a full four-year degree debt-free for lower and middle income students let's bring in Brian Williams and they call Wallis you guys come on in and join me with Beto we talked last time and I I i find it notable that all of your policy prescriptions are wrapped around things that you hear on the campaign trail sort of the way you organize the policies is around who they would help whose concerns and questions they would answer I do still think it's interesting that there is just a snark to the way you're treated whether it's by the media or by the other Democrats on stage and I wonder what your that's what it looked like to me as someone rooting for you're rooting for everybody I think a big field helps all of us it's certainly more fun to cover but you were singled out you were targeted you were attacked and I wonder what that was like look you've got a a president who is trying to define this country by his pettiness his smallness his meanness I don't think more of that is gonna get us to where we need to be I think we should I don't know that he was I don't know that he was getting at the root of the issue that we were talking about I'm talking about rewriting this country's immigration laws in our own image never again caging children ensuring that those who've been separated or reunited going and investing in the solutions to these challenges in Central America so that no family ever has to make this journey ensuring that we don't criminalize families who are fleeing persecution and violence when they arrive on our border in fact I would not detain them I would release them through a family case management program the nine million green card holders in this country I make sure that they become US citizens as soon as possible the more than 1 million dreamers free them from any fear of deportation and then make sure that millions more working the toughest jobs in the United States of America can register with our government and contribute even more to our success I think if we do all that it's understandable to ask those who come to this country to follow our laws because there will be a safe orderly lawful process to do that so I think we have to look at the big picture and the big opportunity when it comes to immigration that's what I'm focused on right now and that's reflective of what I'm hearing from folks across this country well hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click Subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

29 thoughts on “Beto O'Rourke Recaps Debate Performance, Clarifies Policy Positions | MSNBC

  1. What a debate,,which Wimp wants to be president, last 5 minutes,, views against the president ?? Democrats are done, gloves didn't come off, they forgot their "chones" Alberto go home and change your diaper.

  2. I wish they wouldn’t interrupt Beto just because it’s a debate. He is the only one I take seriously. He humanizes issues faced by real people. You are going to have to get through some thick skulls O’Rourke.

  3. Beto debates Pence and overnight suicide rates go right through the ceiling, as do epidemic rates of fractures from violent uncontrollable laughter. Film at 11:00.

  4. "What's my position on the tissues? I support tissues! What do ya mean my big tissues?" Better get the band back together, Beto…

  5. Standard Beto proposal… After listening to people I propose that this be done by 2030 in states beginning with a U in one foot increments for families of at least three where their dog's name is Dolly, and did you know I can ride a skateboard? And I own all the Who albums on Vinyl? Please help me get a job, my wife's gonna disown me. I'M SERIOUS. I'M ALREADY SLEEPING IN THE GARAGE…

  6. Politicians have two faces. Don't go by what he says but what he does. He is not out there fighting for the kids in cages, instead he is showing you how he can ride a skateboard.

  7. It bothers me how much Chris Matthews allows Beto O’Rourke to speak when you compare the interview that he did with Elizabeth Warren. He interrupts and foo foos Elizabeth to death but he lets Beto have full answers. Do better, Chris.

  8. Let me sum up Bob for you:
     What is stance on medicare-for-all?
    Bob: Como estas? Muy bien, e usted? ¿Está caliente la salsa picante? ¡Mis zapatos estan muy apretados! ¿Por qué mi perro no puede votar? ¿El clima es verde hoy? Mi español es bueno, ¿sí? ¡¡DONDE ESTÁ LA BIBLIOTECA!! (SLAMS hand on podium) ¡Me gustan los traseros grandes y no puedo mentir! ¡Gracias por la atención a mi corbata!
    Your time is up, but I'll give you an additional 10 seconds to clarify.
    Bob: What was the question again?
    What is your stance on medicare-for all?
    Bob: Yes.
    The end……………..

  9. With all this Hispandering, I’m surprised DeBlasio didn’t come on stage wearing a Pancho and sombrero while playing Flamenco guitar

  10. He was born to do this. Give him his birthright! If you don't he will scratch his head and wonder why he isn't being worshiped.

  11. this was my first time to really listen to Beto. when the question came up: 'what is the biggest threat to the USA', i realized there were several candidates that are active in Congress AND on committees. They get security briefings and probably can't answer some questions directly. Gabbard made the others clench their security clearances with her answer, 'nuclear war'. then Amy affirmed like she was batting away a fly. Warren and Booker both said 'screw that' and gave a throw away answers. Beto, in the middle of all this, says climate change. He's trying to play like the big boys but he doesn't even know what the game is.

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