100 thoughts on “Beto O’Rourke defends Trump-Nazi claim: Name a better analogy

  1. Oh the irony, this asshole Beto O'Rourke says Trump is a danger to our country, when it's Beto's rhetoric is a danger to our country, for one he wants to take your guns, period.

  2. I thought the House Demecrats we're supposed to be Investigating this whole thing! If they are then how does Beto know more then the Investigator's in the investigation. Beto please show me your absolute proof other then your Accustions! And to be fair every one has been saying alot of people have their own. Private Server's in their places! So Beto all you have is pure accusations and Innuendos along with your wishful thinking! Because you can't beat Trump! So along with Warren I will wish you luck and send you and her on your way!!! Trump won't be impeached by the Senate that is clear! Unless the Demecrats open the process to We The People and shine light on this. I don't trust the Dems or the Reps behind closed doors. If Trump is impeached by the Senate then there is going to have to be 100% proof of Trump's guilt! We The People should be able to make our own minds up once we see the proof. But it has to be done in front of us! I am watching Tulsi and Biden! But I will never vote for a Socialist! In as President!!! If the Dems try to impeach Trump behind closed doors I will then Vote Trump to be the Revolt of completion of the Dem party for me. Their running to far left. Sad to really.

  3. This rabbit toothed loser is polling in the .000%. But CNN still gives him air time. Yeah…TRUMP 2020 MAGA, KAGA. Dems are going to get killed at the voting booths!

  4. So…Trumps a Nazi Beta? Then why is it YOU that want to ban guns. Young Francis got a Common Core education in world history me thinks.

  5. Trump calls anyone who disagrees with him plenty of disparaging things, why should we care how he feels about being called a nazi or whatever other insulting label?

  6. all facebook would have to do is make sure all paid advertisements are clearly labeled as such. the bots are a more complicated matter and i don't think facebook should be held directly responsible them.

  7. Beto Cleary has no idea what the nazis did if he thinks it's a viable analogy. It's sad how out of touch people are these days to the reality of history

  8. Who the hell is still wasting time on Facebook?! Old worn out social media portal, like used toilet paper. Deleted it years ago. Even Elon Musk canceled his account!
    Zuckerberg is a human troll, literally. Deceitful, spying, dirty businessman. Another sociopath.

  9. The president needs to be impeach too many corruptions and people are blind and not seeing what the president is doing. The senators are accountable for allowing this corruptions.

  10. The democrats are sick individuals and the followers are just as sick. We need an old priest and a young priest you know for what!

  11. This dude is so sick that he really believes he is going to win!!!! He was not able to beat T. Cruz in Taxes but he is going to become president, people just deduct from there. Peace ✌️

  12. Since this Beto is so smart why not have him explain how Hilary Clinton sold 20% of US uranium to Russia. He is obviously full of shit. Democrats should get him a joc sweeping streets in a shitty neighborhood in New York then he will change his opinion on gun ownership too.

  13. Beto has no clue what hes talking about, or is it that everything he's saying is what the democrats are doing cuz as far as im concerned, trump hasnt done anything like hitler. Did trump kill millions of jews, did he start a world war like that evil bastard hitler did? Beto just stop….

  14. Quite amusing how many Republicans ( im English but a Trump supporter) are coming here to watch Beto….. he's always good for a laugh .

  15. CNN- Project Veritas has your number.
    Beta- Mayor Pete has your number.

    Nothing really to do with this clip, but it's fun to say!


  17. You lefties are stupider than shit. A propagandists wet dream. Why is anyone still watching MSM especially the lying, lefty, scum bags at CNN?

  18. Thankfully none of the current Democrat field have the slightest chance of being elected while President Trump lives.

  19. This is the first time I have ever heard O'Rourke sound like a serious candidate. He gave excellent answers to all the questions and focused like a laser beam on our Groper-in-Chief's fascist tendencies. Why our "President" feels compelled to further the interests of Vladimir Putin is still a mystery. But who can forget that already at the Republican convention, the habitual declaration of American support for Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression WAS DELETED from the Republican platform? He was already doing favors for Putin before he even became president! Was there some quid pro quo that Putin demanded in exchange for release of the DNC and Podesta emails? Just a conspiracy theory. Let's get Giuliani on it right away…

  20. Your lying or you don't listen well check it out beto the call was in July there was no money to go till Sept it wasn't even mentioned that's what the president of Ukraine said and he's a danger alright the economy is good unemployment is down there so many jobs our Medicare is the best it's every been yep he's a danger he's making Americans work and we got more money and he wants us to think for ourselves yep big big danger to criminals

  21. Trump has almost 100% support from the nazi wannabe community. Trump DID get the "Daily Stormer" endorsement. No good American can ever vote republican again.

  22. if you want to be the president, beat the president on the ballot box, stop spreading lies…that seems like desperation to me

  23. If a presidential candidate can call someone "Hitler" because he wanted to "ban all Muslims" then there is a big problem.

    1st of all – almost all the countries in the ban bill were Obama's selection

    2nd those countries do not constitute the entirety of the muslims of the world. E.x. Turkey, Indonesia, Kyrgystan etc have more than 90% muslims and they were not in the ban bill

    3rd he definatelly does not care about the above FACTS and still he is unning for president and CNN gives him a place to puke out this garbage

    This is the definition of social and political decadence. USA really is doomed. In the epoch of internet and George Soros, where the world is so small, I believe we are all doomed.
    Only God can save us.

  24. Gosh when storming Congress the Republican Party appearing for the first time without their hoods . Their Children and Grandchildren must be so proud of them

  25. A blind eye to those who covet evil and evil intentions. Trash journalism ongoing for many years. This is not an agenda as you covet but TRUTH. My human intellect reveals to me the wrong choice of free will to choose right vs wrong. Peace to you and all lost souls living in the world and embrace evil. Independent voter. David.

  26. Hey Robert Francis, STFU you libtard asshat. You and the idiot AOC should go open a restaurant somewhere err re selling

  27. How does this shit have more likes than dislikes? You morons need to wake the f… Up this dude wants to take away your right to have guns

  28. He is right, you have to take notice of the words before the actions come. You have to speak up and call it out before the implementation, staying quiet or silent should not be an option, speak loud.

  29. I hope Trump gets two terms!!! One in federal prison and one in New York state prison. I've been saying the similarities between Trump and Hitler are too much, too obvious even before the election! As president Bush would say, "I misunderestimated" the ignorance of the American people. If you don't learn from the past you are doomed to repeat it…

  30. To all you fucking morons who keep comparing Trump to Hitler: if he really were, you wouldn't be sitting here whinging about it on national television or social media so openly and confidently 🙄

  31. This rotten piece of crap Beto O Dork is the Hitler who has already said, he will remove our 2nd amendment!!!!! He's a fake mex who uses the name Beto which stands for "Albert". He is trying to get Latino votes, well he will not get this ones and all the people know!!!!! Go F yourself Beto O Dork along with CNN the fake lying sacs of shit that they really are!!!! They should all be arrested for treason to the USA and the people for all their proven lies over and over!!!!! No one believes all the crap that you DemoRats say about Trump!!!!!

  32. But the good news is when Neo-Hitler passes gun control, Americans will no longer pay their taxes until the despotism is repealed
    (Commies still will, but Americans will not)

  33. I love this short bus candidate of the year. The more he opens his mouth and waggles his arms the worse the Dems look. What an embarrassment.

  34. Beto (let me eat dirt) O'dork
    the video diary of a fool. Changing a tire, dentist cleaning, haircut, what's next? A colonoscopy? Turn your head and cough?  This fool doesn't know his rear end from a hole in the ground that's why he eats dirt and planted a tomato plant up his rear end. There's enough clowns in DC.  Trump nickname 4 beto is "dumb"

  35. This country need a leader for this moment in history. Older politicians and people who cares about the future of this country need to support this guy!

  36. What does Beto have in common with the Dodo bird? His chances of being nominated are now extinct. And Wolf looks like a bobble head like he’s thinking……keep going Beto your saying all the things our low information viewers like to hear.

  37. whether you like Trump or not…
    how in the hell could anybody like this Beto Bizarro😡…
    takes shit out of context then builds a story around them….not one of those fkn stories is verbatim….weirdo is cherry picking….and dreams of running children over….wtf????????

  38. "The rule of law in America"….You Beto are a hypocrite. Illegal aliens swarming our border and you seem to be ok with it. We have immigration laws and Trump not you are obeying them. Trump will win in 2020. Go back to science class.

  39. trump and his cult ARE fascists. if they wish to stop being called fascists then they need to stop behaving like fascists and supporting fascist positions and principles. IMPEACH TRUMP!

  40. Constitution, rule of law,hold responsible ? If we did all this everyone from the left would be in jail..this dam guy lost his fuckin mind, and did you see now the dude can only get classrooms of 4th graders , just give it up retard Beto, Trump didn't do anything, you can't prove it so stop,,2020 Trump!!

  41. I guess O'Dork.should expect the Gestapo to break in to.his home tonite at 3am kicking and screaming thrown in the back of a truck never to.be seen again

  42. Keep in mind the two men are having a question/answer dialogue. The complete answer is as important to the content as is the question. It is so distracting to listen to Wolf Blitzer repeatedly interrupt and cut off the ending to Beto's statements, effectively canceling out the purpose of him asking Beto the question. By doing so Wolf shows that he does not know the first precept of effective communication – DO NOT INTERUPT the speaker. Beto is a lot more patient than I am – I would have slapped the jerk.

  43. Not sure if my "cognitive dissonance" is playing up or i'm just confused, but doesn't a Nazi traditionally hate joos first and foremost before other religions and races, yet after he was elected immediately visited the wailing wall, moved the american embassy to Jerusalem, has a settlement named after him in the annexed area of the Golan Heights, married his daughter off to an Israeli firster and hard core Zionist and has surrounded himself with an army of Ashkenazi joos in the white house. Think i need to up my dosage.

  44. Oh did Trump put Hillary in jail yet? Or did he decide it would create unnecessary tension on the golf course between himself and Bill Clinton?

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