Best Teleprompter App for Android (Updated!)

Best Teleprompter App for Android (Updated!)

– Here’s our roundup of the best teleprompter
apps for Android right now so that you can do
stuff like this or this, with your smartphone or tablet the next time you shoot your videos. (upbeat music) Hey it’s Justin Brown
here from Primal Video where we help you amplify your business and brand with video. If you’re new here make sure
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the description box below, so let’s jump into it. So teleprompters or autocues
are a super handy tool to help you nail a
script in front of camera or even just remember some dot points or the key things that you
need to cover in your video. These days there are some really
powerful teleprompter apps for your Android tablet or phone and ultimately there’s
two different types, those that will replace a
separate teleprompter entirely and show your script on
the screen of your phone or of your tablet, which is great if you’re going to be
creating videos on the go. And than there’s those that
work really really well with a separate teleprompter
like in our studio setup here, where you use your phone
or your tablet primarily to create a feed of your script that you can easily control. So we’ll be looking at
my top picks for both of these kind of apps in this video. And while we’re going through
make sure to let us know down in the comments what’s
your favorite teleprompter app right now and why? So the first apps we’re
gonna take a look at are the teleprompter and
camera apps all in one. So these are designed to
completely replace a teleprompter and they’re gonna be perfect
for you for creating videos on the go if you’re going
to be using your phone to create your videos. So the biggest advantage
then of using these apps and this setup is that
you are completely mobile, you won’t need any extra gear, tripods, or anything really to make
this work beyond your phone. The disadvantages then would
be that you are limited just to using your phone and not using this with any other larger or a more professional camera and also you’ll have aa much smaller area from where you’ll be
reading your text from. So getting to the apps then, there are an absolute tons
of these in the Play Store and I have to say that most
of them are absolute crap. Yes, they will let you record a video using the front facing
camera on your phone, and yes they will put your script or your dot points or
whatever else on screen so that you can read it, but the biggest problem with them is that the script is way too big and way to far away
from your phone’s camera so it’s so obvious that
you are reading a script and not talking and
connecting with your viewers. That’s the whole point
of using a teleprompter, is to be able to have your notes, have your dot points, but
still have it in a way where you’re able to present
and talk and make eye contact with the viewer. So it would be exactly the
same as me sitting here now reading or looking off on
either side of the camera as I’m clearly reading a script, it’s a disconnect. So the biggest thing you
need with an app like this is to have the text small
enough and position close enough to your camera on your phone, whether you’re using it in portrait, whether you’re using it in
landscape for it to be effective and for it to look like
you’re not reading a script. So like I said, most of the
apps out there are absolute crap if you want good results in doing this, but there is one game changer of an app and it is called Nano Teleprompter, now this thing is amazing. This is the one app that
you need to download and install if you’re
looking to create videos on your smartphone and
have a script or dot points or whatever on screen. So the biggest standout
feature with this app is that it’s not just making
you use their own camera or the built in camera app on your phone, you can actually overlay
text on top of any app, meaning that you can open this up to more professional camera
apps, things like Filmic Pro, or you can even overlay your
script or your dot points over livestreaming apps. So if you are going to
go live on Instagram, if you are gonna go live on
Facebook or really any other app that you want to use, you
can overlay your script on top of that and have it play through or you very even tap and swipe it through and speed it up and slow it
down while you’re live as well. So not only does this app work
as a floating script widget that you can put on top of any app and present your script, but it also works as a regular
teleprompter app as well. So if you do want to use it
with a proper teleprompter, you can do it with this app as well. Now the app itself is
really really easy to use, it’s fast to get up to speed, even if you’ve never used
an app like this before. To get your text in there,
once you open the app, you just press the plus
button down the bottom corner, give your text a title and
then you can paste your text in from anywhere else. Once you got your text in there, it’s really easy to
customize everything up, you can even highlight
sections of your text, make some words bold or
underline to stand out to make it easier for you while
you’re presenting as well. Then all you need to do
when you’re ready to go is hit that play button down
the bottom right hand corner. and this where you get to
customize out the window that your script is going to play back in. So you can change the background color, the text color, you can
change your line spacing, you can change the opacity, and then all you need to do,
if you wanna float this app on top of any other app
is hit start floating. So at this point that
window or that widget is now floating above any
app that you open up next. You can pick it up,
you can move it around, you can adjust the size of
it by hitting the crop button down the bottom right hand corner. If you press play, your script
is gonna start scrolling and you will be able to see it on screen. And while the text is playing you can easily adjust the speed using the slider on the
bottom to speed it up or down and you can also pinch
to zoom on that widget to make the fonts or the text
smaller or larger as well. There’s also a rotate
button up the top as well, so if you are gonna be switching between portrait and landscape, you can rotate your text around so that it matches whichever
way you’re holding your phone. Now even if you’re someone
who’s not interesting in using the advanced camera apps like Filmic Pro or using this for livestreaming
and you just wanna create your videos using it, you can get great results just using the built in
camera app on your phone with this app as well. But my biggest pro tip for using this app and getting great results with the front facing camera on your phone is to try and make the reading area as small as possible and the
fonts as small as possible but obviously still big enough
so you can easily read it. And you wanna position this window as close to the front
facing camera as possible so that your eyes aren’t wondering too far away from the camera which is where it’s obvious
that you’re not looking directly at the camera. Having it close enough in this
case is gonna still look like you’re looking directly at your viewers but with the added advantage that you’ve got your
script on screen as well. Now in regards to
pricing, Nano Teleprompter is currently selling for
$2.99 in the Play Store which is ridiculously cheap
for what it lets you do. So that’s my pick for best teleprompter
camera app on Android. Now we’re gonna take a look
at the best teleprompter apps for use with a teleprompter
in your studio setup like what I’m using here. So the advantages of this setup is that you’re able to use
a larger range of cameras. And a lot of cases more
professional cameras than just your smartphone. It also means that you can
have a much larger display or much larger script on screen which can make it easier
for you to present especially if you’re gonna be
further away from the camera. The biggest disadvantages
though with this setup is that it does require
more gear and more setup and in most cases it is less portable to pick up and move around with a teleprompter. And really quickly just to save all the questions down in the comments, the teleprompter that I’m currently using and the one that I currently recommend for ease of use and portability is the Parrot V2 Teleprompter, there will be a link in the
description below for that. I think this is a really amazing, really easy to use, really
easy to setup teleprompter, and it will work on a huge
range of cameras as well. So link in the description. So on to the apps then to use
with an actual teleprompter, again there a heap in the apps store, and again, most of them
are pretty average. We’ve gone and tested a ton and these are my recommendations. The first one is PromptSmart Pro, now this one has an absolute
ton of customizability, it’ll also work on iOS as well so if you are mixing the two devices you can get a subscription
and it will work on both. There’s lots of control over how you’re able to mirror the text so that it does actually work properly with your teleprompter but I think one of the
biggest standout features with this app is that
it’s got voice tracking and voice scrolling. And it actually works really really well. So when you get the app set up and you got your script in there and you press play and
you start presenting it, it will actually automatically
scroll the text for you based on where you’re up to reading and presenting your script. So if you someone who’s
gonna read word for word a script from start to finish, this could be an absolute
game changer for you. If you’re someone who just wants a couple
of dot points on screen, or you’re someone who likes to redo takes over and over again, maybe
that feature’s not for you, I have found that if I
do wanna redo a sentence or a paragraph again, that I manually have to scroll back up, it doesn’t go back and analyze the text after you’ve already said
it, it only looks forward. So again, depending on the
types of videos you’re making that could be a huge time saver for you. They also have a separate
available that you can use on a second device to
act as a remote control so you can control the scrolling and the speed and everything from a separate device while
you’re standing in front of the camera as well. Now PromptSmart Pro does have the ability to do video recording and audio recording while you’re presenting
your script as well. But really I wouldn’t
recommend using this feature unless it was just there
as a reference point. If you actually wanna use your
phone and present a script and do the recording on your phone, that’s what our last app, Nano
Teleprompter is perfect for. And is much much better than PromptSmart Pro’s video capabilities. So when you open up PromptSmart Pro, again, you’ve got a plus
button down the bottom to add a new script, you
can choose bulk import, you can choose import, or
you can just create a new one where you’re copying and
pasting your text in. If we hit import, you’ve
got the ability to import from places like Box, Google
Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or files that are saved
locally on your device as well. So in this case I’m just gonna go plus, let’s go new script, let’s give it a name, let’s paste some text in, we’re gonna hit the back button and our text is now saved in there. Then down on the bottom you can see that we’ve got
a settings button here, if we press on that, this
is where we can customize everything up for this script, so we can change the
fonts, the size, the color, the background color. We’ve got the ability here to turn on that voice track scrolling. You can see here detects your speech and scrolls accordingly, or you can manually set a scrolling speed, or you can manually control it yourself, where you’re just swiping it yourself and moving the script along
as and when you need it. You’ve got all of your
mirror options there from mirror horizontally, vertically. You can remember your script
position if you close the app and you come back in, it
will remember where you were. You got things like timers and guides. This side margin position, depending on which
teleprompter you’re using, is an amazing feature to really help you position the text so that
it matches your camera and the teleprompter that you’re using. A lot of teleprompter apps
don’t have this feature and this plays into the
frustration with some of them, because it’s really hard to
get the text fitting properly for your device. And you can see there’s just
a heap of other features in here as well. When you’ve locked down your settings all you need to do is hit the play button and your script is now ready to go. And if you’ve got that auto
voice scrolling enabled, it’s gonna automatically start scrolling once you start speaking. Now in regards to pricing
there is a free version of PromptSmart Pro
called PromptSmart Lite, as far as I’m concerned there’s way too many restrictions on that and it’s not really worth a look in. But they’ve recently changed
the pricing on PromptSmart Pro, now you actually download the app for free and that includes a seven day free trial so that you can try it all out, see that it works for you
and that you like the things like voice control, and
then inside the app itself, to upgrade to the pro
version after the seven days, it’s either $2.99 per month or $29.99 for the year. They also offer an extended subscription which is either $3.99 per
month or $34.99 per year, which does unlock some additional features like being able to use the remote that they give you the free app for. So the next Android
teleprompter app for use with an actual
teleprompter, is once again, Nano Teleprompter. Not only is it a fantastic
teleprompter camera app, it’s also a fantastic
teleprompter app as well. So I don’t need to do a full
run through on this app again, but to trigger teleprompter mode instead of the floating mode,
all you need to do different, once you’ve got your script in there and you’ve got it set up, ready to go, press that play button down the bottom, customize up, again, the look and feel of how you want your text to be displayed. You do wanna make sure that
you’re ticking the box there for mirrored, so that your
text is going to be flipped, so that it will work fine
on your teleprompter, and then instead if hitting start floating just press start in app. And just the same then as the
little floating app window, you’ve got all of your
controls down the bottom to adjust the speed, you can pinch to zoom to adjust the font size, you can rotate your phone
around to change it easily between portrait and horizontal, and using the two sliders at the top you can easily adjust the margin widths or how wide the text is gonna be displayed on your teleprompter. And also the focus area, which is where the text is brightest which should be the area
that you’re focusing on while you’re reading your script. So it’s really awesome
to have these features so easily accessible without
then having to go back into menus and those sorts of things to configure everything up. You can actually do it while
it’s setup on your teleprompter and in presenting mode. In regards to pricing again, the Nano Teleprompter app
currently sells for $2.99 as a one time purchase, not $2.99 a month, just $2.99. So whether you’re gonna be
using this with an actual teleprompter or whether you’re
going to be using this app to do the video recording and bring your script up on screen, you can see how amazing this app is and why I’m so pumped
to share it with you. So to round this our for you, if you are are looking
for the best app right now to use your phone camera and
to present to the front camera and have your script on screen, hands down it’s gonna
go to Nano Teleprompter, there’s really nothing
else out there like it. But if you wanna use your
Android phone or tablet with an actual teleprompter, then you’ve really got two app options, you’ve got PromptSmart Pro if
you’re someone who is looking for all of the advanced
features and controls and obviously having that
voice control in there as well and automatic voice scrolling. That’s an amazing feature
and if you’re creating videos where you’ve written out the entire script that could be the best thing for you. Or if you’re not too worried
about the voice control and you’re still looking
for an amazing app to use with your teleprompter,
then Nano Teleprompter is going to be a great choice for you. Personally, for me, my go to right now for
Android teleprompter app is Nano Teleprompter, given that it’s one app
that ticks a lot of boxes, but if I am gonna be presenting
out a really long script and something where I’m not gonna be doing multiple takes on things, then yes, I’ll be using PromptSmart Pro, and I’ll be using that
voice scrolling feature. So those are our top recommended
apps for teleprompter apps and teleprompter camera
apps on Android right now. Now if you are creating videos
using your Android device and you’re looking to up
the quality and your process to get the best results
out of your device, then check out the video linked on screen and I’ll see you in the next one.

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