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  1. I love this show and have enjoyed watching many times, Don't always get the jokes ( I am English we have a slightly different sense of humour) best we could do was The House of Cards and Yes minister. I loved the movie that set it all off too.

  2. It is unfortunate, for those of us who immersed ourselves in Sorkin's fantastic interpretation of what DC could be, that a man like Trump has erased even the beauty of what we once had. May better angels triumph, soon. – I heard Trump, on TV, calling a reporter rude the other day. Were I that person, I would have said, 'I apologize. Perhaps if I lied, were crass, or hateful, I might have gone unnoticed.'

  3. "This government created more wealth than any other in history" Really Mr. President? How does a government create wealth? Just pure misinformation about a fictional "Democracy" in our Constitutional Republic.

  4. How about the debate opening? My favorite show ever. Watched the series 7 times. Now you got me headed back to Netflix.

  5. As a kid I sided with Bartlet – now i'm with the house speaker. Funny how things are going.

  6. This is who Trump THINKS he is. AND this is exactly how long he thought he'd have to act 'presidential.' In the public eye.

  7. The greatest political drama every scripted on tv. The first three seasons, were the best TV I every seen – past, present and I imagine future.

  8. People know Aaron Sorkin's as being full of witty, clever dialog from a bunch of characters who are sardonic and clever and sometimes smug and self righteous but nonetheless admirable.

    But that last scene, and the whole episode "Two Cathedrals" is the best writing that Sorkin has ever done in his life.

    Not because they say witty things, but because Sorkin understands people, characters, pathos, setup, and payoff.

    The scene where the camera spins around and shows Jed Bartletts putting his hands in his pockets, pans up showing him soaked with an American flag flapping in the middle of a storm as he gives a silent grin, is a perfectly executed, directed, and written moment. The setup from the absolutely masterpiece acting from Martin Sheen in the scenes before and the flashback scenes featuring great moments, while having two seasons of events and struggles leading up to it.

    The perfect structure and execution of that background, setup, and payoff leads me to think that Zack Snyder needs to have Sorkin sit him down and teach Film 101.

  9. As watch West Wing on Netflix everyday a lot Good scene on this show wish my own President has more brains like President bartlet.

  10. This type of presidency is pure fantasy. The writing is feel good. The acting superb. In reality, our nation is divided due to a difference in morals & ethics. Both Hollywood & the media have their agenda and the feeble minded buy into it while past generations who built our great democracy, spin in their graves. Stop & think as to what is really right and wrong in America.

  11. @Warner Bros. UK – You missed one of the top three!! “American Heroes…The streets of heaven are too crowded with angles tonight” – S4:E2 20 Hours in America: Part 2 – IN: 25:02 Out: 27:29

  12. If there are any conservative Brits out there who may be uneasy about watching the show after seeing this, let allay your fears. Watch it. You will not be disappointed. It is as brilliant as everyone says it is. Even the tacky liberal preaching (much of it featured in this compilation) is easily recognized and just as easily ignored.

  13. Wow… thanks for this. The resolution is so much better than most of the other clips on Youtube. The only thing I hate about TWW is that most of the scenes are so dark. Why couldn't they have used a bit more lighting?

  14. “Andrew Jackson had a big block of cheese. The block of cheese was huge.” You’ve got to love Leo McGarry.

  15. She's got a crab broach on her jacket, in the same episode the president and Sam were arguing which type of crab were the best to devour… small things made this series great 🙂

  16. Maybe think about adding the subtitles for when Bartlett is speaking Latin. But appart from that, yes definately great takedowns.

  17. Lol people need to calm down, this is a made of world with made up events this is nothing like real world, if you refer this over real world them please stay in your room

  18. 🙄 this show is a fantasy world where Aaron Sorkin's belief that the world is governed by debate and explaining things is what wins power

  19. So many wonderful episodes. Outstanding writing and acting. Loved John Goodman as temporary president. Was heartbroken when the actor playing Leo died. Still binge watch series at least once a year.

  20. Man, I do miss that show. Great writing. Great acting. If anyone at the studios are monitoring this discussion — give us another show like this.

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