Best News Bloopers May 2017

Best News Bloopers May 2017

The deadline for the Senate bill to pass is just a week and a half away. And then representative…(fire truck and ambulance horns are heard while the reporter is inaudible) Best News Bloopers May 2017 News Be Funny To nap about…(George Bush: Hey!)…what’s been the difference. What clicked for him. And leading the news this morning, the conservatives made big gains. You know teachers face a lot of stress these days. It’s not like it used to be but that’s pretty extreme. Certainly. Alright. You are funny. Okay. Let’s, ah, go away from that. Thank you very much. But already, there’s some uncertainty about what he was saying on benefits. Yes. Jeremy Corbyn when he was asked…(Absolutely fantastic in it’s own way.) Thank you. Just give us one sec please. Jeremy Corbyn was asked whether he would end the freeze on many benefits. After deputies bust a bird riding…bird fighting ring in our state. Corey has this unique way of laugh fulling. Laugh fulling? Laugh fulling. Push into our Virginia tea. Push into our vicinity! I was about to say Virginia and vicinity at the same time. Westard pharmaceuticals and Frenesius Ka Be Ew Sa. No more talk about our Facebook. Later up on next. Words are hard y’all. Words are hard. Joining us in our studio now is the leader of Scottish later…labour. I’m sorry. Uh. Kezia Dugdale. Thanks very much for…uh…being with us. It really does pull people in like, almost like, jerking them off their feet. Yeah. It does. (Laughing) How’s sports tonight? Um. Well. The Caps. Uh. Look like they’re one step closer to signing the striker. They so desperately need him. Much bigger than your microphone Squire. It is much bigger than my microphone. I now have microphone envy. It’s a very big microphone. Um. Where’s mine? Oh there it is. Right there. So small you can’t even find it. (laughing) Anyway. Um… May I speak about sports now? Yes please. I don’t like my bangs. Alright. 3. 2. NBC 24’s Toi Creel was at today’s hearing. She is now live tonight for us outside the courthouse. Toi? Live at the base of Warm Springs road where the Department of Road and Bridges is doing some major repairs. Emily… Yeah! Yeah Joe! So I’ve been up… My what?!? Hello?!? I wanna do one Wogboy 3 in the south of France somewhere. Be good eh? Ah! Mate! The king of Croatia! That’ll be you Karl! (laughing) We’re not going to be allowed on air after that cross so we might as well go and do it. Yeah. Yeah. No more photos of you. No more photos of you on boats mate. (laughing) Thanks Nick! Stick around to meet the gold coast man. It’s a dog! Coming up Belinda with the weather for the rest of the weekend. Thanks Georgie. No showers forecast but mostly cloudy skies over Sydney which means…another mild night ahead. All of this moisture is pushy…pushing toward us. The is probably welcome news for some areas because this is a part of the state. Dee Dee looks a little tired out there, doesn’t she? Well, the rain continues to overspread the area. We’ll check in with Dee Dee here in just a second. Alright. I’m ready for your beat. Okay. It’s the weather. It’s weather and I’m capitalizing. On a cold front that’s paralyzing the South. And it means brutal weather. Gonna get worse before it gets better. There I am. Got the pearly lights flashing. Wear designer clothes to keep me in fashion. Yo. Whew. Dust it off. So there’s a change a comin’. There is. Very nice tomorrow. Ding. Ding. Ding. Uh then 60s. 60s on Thursday. Dry on Thursday but then heavy rain Thursday night into Friday. Yellow weather alert Friday. The weekend yeah. We have clouds and drizzle but you’ll be able to do some stuff. Nothing heavy. Over the weekend. And then the Azalea Festival is this weekend too. You gonna recalibrate your little ding thing so it will work next time. Yes. I’ll try to do that. (laughing in the background) Thunderstorms! There’s thunderstorms. You guys ready? Stay home. Don’t go out. It’s raining. It’s just me and you. I wanna go to my safe place. (laughing) I love you guys. We love you. See ya later. Let’s talk about your forecast. Building in 77 degrees, partly sunny skies… There goes my earring. Wardrobe malfunction. One low off the coast. Another one moving in on Thursday. That’ll bring us another round of rain. Hope I didn’t lose that. I really like that earring. So the exclusive Accuweather forecast is down there. Tomorrow, drier areas northwest. Rain across parts of south Jersey and Delaware. The highest…(laughing) That it? Thank you. Jim! He’s such a team player. Hey, I actually rapped the weather once before and I think everybody’s ears bleed so… You did??? I did. I did. Yeah. Yeah. You gotta give me a little bit. Get started! I don’t know about this! It’s 67. Feels like Heaven. Cause we’re floating up in the clouds. We’re like wow this weather’s great because it’s not negative 8. Clouds movin’ in. There not on the spin. We gotta little bit of light rain. What’s the pain? It’s down South. Don’t open your mouth. Cause it might just rain. That’s all I got. (laughing) That was sweet! Thanks man! I guess I need to do some hip hop challenges or something… Let’s get those shoulders brushed off. Gonna go to the… See I knew. I knew I was worried for a reason. Hello. You have been giving false weather reports. Really false? Yes! Take him away! Well, here you do the weather then. I guess that’s it. I guess I’m done. Let’s talk about the weather now, shall we? On the Death Star, a very cool 72 Imperial degrees. You’ll find the weather up here is more like Hoth. Yet down here, it’s more like Scarif. You will notice also much sun from these areas here and here. But I do not want to talk about the weather on Alderaan. (Darth Vader laughs) Oh. Just a little joke. In metro Vancouver today, you do not have to wear a sweater but tomorrow it will be very cold and disappointing. It gets warmer every day. Tomorrow it might get over 5 Celsius degrees in many areas. On Friday there’s a danger that we might pass as much as 10 Celsius degrees. These temperatures are hilarious. Seriously: “As much as 10 degrees”… After Friday a small catchment passes us. Hence we might also get some snow in Central Finland. (laughing) But after that…after that it gets warmer. (laughing) You can do nothing but laugh at these temperatures. Well but, next week is warmer. It might get as high as 15 Celsius degrees even! (laughing) (laughing) Great anyway! The man is also stable. (laughing) A rumor in the role of non-removable one year. I can’t. Represent the best thing. (laughing) What is it called? The cow pose too? Maybe we need to have one with cows. How do you do a cow pose? Here ya go. He has better form. Oh! You bend your back back like that. Here’s the cat. This is the cow. Mike does pilates. That really stretches the abs. Yep. For you I had high hopes. This is scary, alright. Just remember. 10 seconds left. You got one chance. Up and over your head. Keep it straight. Okay. Ew. Oh! Oooh. Oooh. Oooh. WOW! This is live right? This isn’t some sort of fix? Every time Lamarcus Alridge caught the ball, that’s when the Rockets sent a double team. Game 1 they didn’t do it, but it seemed like… Pardon me. That’s what he was expecting. We’ll see if that changes tonight. As I am literally choking on a bug Lisa. Can you believe that? National television. I am choking on a bug! Get this man some water. Forget Aldridge! Hey hey waterboys. My man Michael Eves needs some water right now. I do have a note here for ya. Who chokes on a bug inside? Everybody in Game 1 for the Spurs. But I want to mention Rockets starters outscored the Spurs starters 77-44 in the first 3 quarters. Something there has got to change tonight and that includes Pau Gasol. I’m letting you go Michael. Go! Enjoy the game. Tip in San Antonio in 35 minutes. Peace! We did it. We beat the Brits. What did I tell ye! So Shaney boy. He is usually doing that. Starts puking and everything so he’s carrying me down the track thats why I am so fresh. Shane! Come in here. Congratulations! Thanks man. Eh. Downed a case to make us hungry for the run so… He kept us away from the sport for I dunno. A day there or two. He only made us train once a week so we’d be hungry today and by God did we have the hunger! Well, talk to me about the race. From the blocks, you got out of the gate and really put the pressure on. No. He put the pressure on Shane. That was it. You know. There’s Italians. Whoever it was. We just set out to go. In the warmup we had a crap start and Matt weren’t too happy with my aggression. He was like by golly you better up that aggression at the start. And I made sure all those cards that ranted on us. The 6 first strokes. Get out nice and hard. Aggression. That hunger. I think that set us up nicely but we had attacks on us you know. Coming in here. 20 watch got us across the line. Mark said “C’mon Tony is with us now!” I wasn’t felling great. I know if I’m not feeling good. This man isn’t felling good nayther. We were very confident so we just kept making sure. Say say to Shane. Keep nice relaxed and in control. Pump it on the legs. He’s got fine chunky legs. He’ll use them but like… The whiskey they gave us before the race there showed up to snow there. But he was throwing up before so… It was such a down and out performance. Did you think the race was gonna turn out that way? After 500 meters, I knew we up on…Who was on the very far side? Eh. Russia. Russia. They have a very good sprint. That showed us a good sprinter and were great so. I was expecting it. Mark was er, weren’t sure where we’d came. I didn’t give a crap. Eh. Sorry. I didn’t care less but… Eh. We are in medal now so. We were very uncomfortable there. It wasn’t comfortable but…you know it’s tough. There’s gonna be some noise. Going around me. This is part of the whole experience so… as you can see… This is what they call the gantry. I’m not sure you can hear me well but as you can see the ride has already started. You hear the music but… We have been talking about it too so. Now the doors are closing. (screaming) Does it go any faster than this? (screaming) Oh wow. You can look out! It’s so cool. (screaming) This is not right! We should not have done this! We should not have done this! Is it over? Almost. (screaming) So! Okay. Y’all. This was not a good idea. I think it’s over not thankfully. It is over. Man skipped his sentencing. Reporter Tracey Wilkins is outside the court house in Marlboro with what will happen next in this case. Tracey?

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