and I'm Christina's agamas egami it's all happening tonight so whoa okay good morning everyone I'm Kajal – – – doing okay – Teddy right now I think that comes and goes and I actually asked some people who live in our area about their label Billy excuse me Labor Day plans Macario synthetic yes CCI from a poner el dedo seen Yolanda solos original Mexican oh is that we have because either like is a Samoan Colosseum perfectly fine they're just playful sweet – she was doesn't it like he will be on his way he hasn't been trained oh my god the specv crews are making major progress battling the massive wildfires in California the holy fire the southern part of the state is now more than 50% contained another power displayed by your Atlanta Braves and of course we have a situation where we're gonna get you downstairs now to hear from manager Brian sticker and the Hazelden told us that he believes the issue was with a defective flux capacitor though the NTSB wouldn't comment on any potential cause today Haitians Alicia have a great time oh thank you so much Chris well coming up after the break when you throw someone a baby shower you're going to need a cake or cupcakes let's take a look outside right now top of the ten o'clock hour there's our faith Tanner how you doing with the great stories just a few minutes ago if you're gonna to walk by at least read a number if there were any numbers on the screen namaste Yael mundo well last year this roof actually oh I'm gonna somebody's weight it was walking here on the sidewalk since we're standing right in front of their building last year I was out as I was saying come game time people will be flocking from all directions as usual but you don't get what don't tongue-tied there but you do not want to get tied up by all the construction around the field guys ready for this story can we do this one all right do we need to go great I should we go to Mike we're having video issues okay so one okay well Dave athletes are often told over and over again to make sure they drink lots of our water before hitting the turf well if they're going to a practice that's more than an hour long they might need more than that especially these guys right here who are doing lots of activity in the heat I just think thank you to our sponsors and our winners I was hoping for a little cooler temperatures but sterling can't do everything okay so there you go folks back to the studio good morning 4:30 welcome to sunrise I'm bill bill you know people do that to me all the time they put down and I just did it to myself yeah it's not now on night side three days of flooding in a night rebuilding coming up I'll tell you what the city's housing complex is doing about this problem and I agree in reporting live back to you they note are you ready for me they get the full case I'm gonna give I'm gonna keep I'm gonna give you the full case I'm gonna give I'm gonna give this bravely there's bravely bravely is in the studio what you want got a thumbs up time to do the forecast you and then partly cloudy skies tomorrow morning we'll start the day with temperatures in the mid to upper 70s and hello it's gonna get even hotter and buggier over the next couple of days here we are we're gonna have that coming up with your full forecast that was fun on here okay where she adds where she's drawing yeah oh oh she oh sorry perfectly you're totally good hold on one second okay wait your turn kiddo we'll see how it goes so Ilana feverish anxiety cool you know tinder for help you for what you were doing there we'll take you right to our Riverhead camera excuse me that's my camera all right well the Sun is always somewhere so we're dealing with fog and man-eating birds this morning you could see a kind of ruffling his feathers all right you Oh Thomas Delta wants me to schools of nada and we need is live outside the Dollar Tree on South Queen Street in York Township with more on how you can help good morning Linda yeah good morning guys and those school supplies those pens those pencils those binders and even some paper sorry about that guys those are just some of the items that you will need if you're heading back to school shortly go on to the next film themselves the brunt of a massive and elaborate tinder prank our Kern River Valley is looking at those 90s as well 93 degrees for tomorrow some upper 80s and popping up because we see that cooldown Monday into Tuesday to have to be 83 degrees for tomorrow hey Carrie it's not your turn yet and then we see those upper 70s Fraser Park upper 70s as well Carrie's really excited to bring us but she was ready okay rainfall amounts could be up to 30 inches in some spots rest of the country with me guys Oh oh my gosh all right dance moves on a Tuesday morning well summer may be halfway over well as of today there's only one month left but we'll have warm temperatures for weeks to come you know that here in Texas so why not hit the water for a fun workout in this week's your best life Leslie draftin takes us to Lake Belton she's trying a stand-up paddleboarding workout that's equal parts fun and exhausting this is where you push play for the story because they don't want it to just be me standing here like this everybody we're gonna get that queued up quickly go to break we'll be right back after this okay the photos right here right I'm told I'm live on the air right we're talking about it it get out of the way and I'm looking at it and then look at the debris on the ground right right and that's what was going on when the funnel was coming down and there it is again it didn't last long didn't last long but it was on the ground for about 30 to 45 seconds okay move and there it is and again this is going to be with south of Wilshire east of the Kilpatrick Turnpike and it didn't last very long at all but this type of the storm that's about what happens it doesn't last long at all and then about 45 seconds later it did it again just off to his east that's two of me I can't concentrate on the face and the move there you go Wow all right sorry to put you through that we got to go back and get that Brad you're on time you all right let's do the weather and we'll figure out with her all about digging a little deeper now into the Kansas safe and secure school state grants for the upcoming year we are talking about matching money so if a select School District applies and was granted a one hundred thousand dollar grant they need to turn around and put a one hundred thousand dollar money have their own matching money towards the granted that they were given sorry about the rough one that was a rough one participated in our wins for jeep for kids sake raffle and effort can we get a two-shot please just keep reading a story and they were like a couple of words in there that weren't quite making sense and so you're trying to make it make sense and it's off the rails

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  1. "there is two of me" guy is my all time favorite… the way he says "get out of the way" and "move" to himself just has a higher meaning

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