now to sport with Meredith Shannon Action 7 News reporter Christine pays up to see with what we know apparently we don't have that story right now as you can see right here pumps gun that is live in Hernando Mississippi where there's been spottings of a cougar and that's not it that looks like a house cats but were just feet away from where a local man rolls his cell phone video on what some say is a cougar I'll be right back with a live report hello and welcome I'm leaving the news this morning the conservatives have made big gains along with the many weapons here's that thank you that will be nice for after we are done covering this all the nation's traffic to help you avoid those hot spots this Friday morning post Lots all your photos put a bit of smoke [Laughter] thousands of big built a look [Laughter] question is how do democracies find those scandals and what will it mean for for the wider region I think one of your children's just walked in i mean shift its shifting shifting sands in the region cheating relations with the north may change I would be surprised that they do North Korea North and South Korea's policy choices on North Korea have been severely limited here are some other great town names but it's it's linens let's get excited about that 69 that's pretty good at this time of year is I know you're excited about the wind but at 69 when Monique van der stru first opened her Waianae dairy farm in 2008 she wanted to sell milk but all the rules and permitting required to bottle the milk made it difficult for the small farmer to do so that's your kind of famer e you love doing it yourself good morning everyone sometimes yeah I can take last week titter set Twitter said guidelines were being updated due to confusion the company says any users who tweets content your participation activity today is swinging it was acceptable back when and how and Joanne were kind of the face of ParticipACTION Oh swinging at a playground so either way you get your activity in for the day I guess there's that well good cardio is Kate Winslet and Leonardo – crap DiCaprio once it's turned on the sign will spell out deli cat Essen after being briefed on such a horrid horrid gross crime over the last two years hundreds have landed in the Summit County Medical Examiner's Office my brother used to break in our house and steal the TV but now he's dead I call my own kids here's like an actual customer out here what's what's the best kind of firework to buy wouldn't you like to know whether boy first and last name please and he spell customize if irst la St also on chef was Constance Landry she says she's lived here her entire life almost 80 years been through just about everything just about I'm sorry miss Constance 76 to be exact 775 are you coming back to New Orleans and New Orleans East it's an elephant Haley I'm coming back baby good morning to you I enjoy reading your time right now 757 take a look here as m dot traffic zooms into an accident you'd certainly want to be aware of as you're heading out the door this morning all right let's focus on this note written rocks is actually relating into her or not but wow that was really dramatic there's a reason they call these people heroes I mean they were going at a really good clip there we've had some hot weather I guess you know the good news is yes sir send something please say help so but it looked like the the hiker or there's a young one appears to be okay physically looks like it was a successful operation that is diamond a couple had stopped at the subway in Grove City for some lunch when they saw this little dog barking and honking and its owner to hurry up the video has posted on Facebook turns out this is not the first time diamond has caused a ruckus the pup has been seen around town doing this that I was about to lose it up but seriously what a sassy dog look seriously I'm gonna look at the forecast while they sing let's go ahead and take a look at only far as chilly start for the Sun a fairly quiet weekend 88 mobile Fairhope 88 Pensacola Destin at 88 well hey there the weather right now how are you feeling hmm excuse me can't speak English you me the whole English no program every time Ragosa white is a Snow spiritual bragging about said Omaha Nebraska Petrova new year strong against Ibaka student [Laughter] an example of what we're seeing here look at them sharing water just out of the cap of that bottle it's been time yeah yeah I'm not sure that that was water well [Applause] but coach it's a pleasure to be with you guys here on the field from up close just watching coach bents Joseph from here you watch him now on the screen this diversity in his background is helping him a lot tonight quarterback at Colorado defensive back in the NFL and here he is having the time of his life a former British servicemen Leslie bins turned around to save a woman who collapsed while she was on her trip track but he's now attempting to scale the world's highest mountain again he's going back and joins us now in the studio ahead of his next mission good morning I think you have the wrong guess sir necessarily look like a mountaineer I think our mountaineer is that man is behind us it's not a tiny bite challenge just one chip challenge come on eat the rest of the chip array no it's oh come on you guys are overreacting [Laughter] that's why it's about a chip challenge oh I look fine I've got hot Oh Natalie throw up very poorly oh I like you okay mm-hmm need some water win no sweat uh-huh oh god I've swallowed the rest are there is no care I should also say to be fair Jim this oh my god did I meet EOP and my family is African but I've been eating hot sauces I was a baby this isn't affecting you Jim it's okay you can just give up now and drink some milk mm-hmm you're literally sweating Jim stop talking can we get a medic in here my lips are on fire this is not affecting you at all um at first initially oh yeah I like my nose was like a little runny but I'm okay now you look good though Jim Jenica listening basking shimmering all right so can you just say that I won you didn't win he didn't drink the milk but I clearly won why you let it sit no no oh my god I think I'm having a heart attack all right I can't I think I'm doing damage to my Joseph's system it's fine Oh

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  1. This is by far the best bloopers collected in one video. Hilarious masterpiece 💯😂😂 The cougar 😺😂❤

  2. “What’s the bears kinda firework to buy?”

    “Wouldn’t you like to know, weather boy”

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