Tyler just 24 hours ago this Bank in north of that guy right there what oh that's the robber this is live TV folks that's the robber just went by according to the bank employee so I gotta go here and call 911 Aleksey later candidate named deez nutz really a candidate registered as an independent from Iowa has the legal name of Deez Nuts no almost one in 10 voters in North Carolina say they prefer Deez Nuts hopeful Deez Nuts he came through the kale in my house week we immediately lot took Lord my wife snicker draw I thought he's not going in there let me just say that so apparently he has a method I was talking about this this weekend where he dips the hot dog in water yeah to dissolve the bread a bit you have to wonder if there is a similar event for low carb eaters so there's no bun you're just downing hot dog and the weiners left and right just alone well there's a comparison our equipment guys do a great job of breaking the balls in they also know that how I like the balls I don't want anyone touching the balls after that I don't want anyone rubbing em I don't think anybody knew there was an issue with the balls you know really till Monday morning I have no idea what happened with the balls and I'm not squeezing the balls there's a lot of variables with obviously mother nature and with with the balls some guys like them round and some guys like I'm thin some guys like them tacky some guys like a brand new some guys like old balls I mean they're all different price University says after some initial concerns it's super same they'll let David keep his balls do you feel that if Russia is not halted in its ambitions towards Ukraine that you're kind could be next some shower activity my name happy turkey day to everybody out there what's left of it anyways the majority of people over here at the Westfield Mall actually working off all those calories that they consumed having turkey that's exactly what I did to your mother buddy real spicy real classy why don't we just go to the story common problem for libraries people are taking their magazines oh yeah in Tennessee one particular magazine is a hot item take a look no it's not a men's magazine it's what crotchet world crochet world what is that I don't even know what that word means crochet what is that you know I like knitting here is Jack go ahead good morning I'm circlin I just want to make it clear first of all I'm calling from Bel Air California but I am originally from Philadelphia specifically West Philadelphia but anyway I was actually discussing this issue with a friend of mine recently while I was in Philly it occurred on the basketball court at some point during the conversation a couple of guys who were up to no good essentially started causing trouble in my neighborhood I got in one little fight and my mom got scared and said you're moving with your auntie and uncle in bel-air this low-lying eamoinn sakara mallika kakuka rasca gretchen article heart skip a dissection hello Olga Takata he also he goes on to say that II apologies of lost is what it takes me off about this cup Adam is there's nothing in it oh gee sir what stupid okay there was something in it funny because this is an empty bottle [Applause] conditions are so treacherous in Christchurch this morning that even though I was taking to the strengths we're finding it slippery I'm Stu Mills and Carlton placed with a story about one-eyed well let's have a look at your morning commute and we've got a couple of issues on the go this morning as we take okay this is my phone not my clicker that just happened do do the clowns driving through downtown Toronto with a few other clowns when he noticed a man acting strangely do do the clowns solve the man running toward two women so he yelled out a warning the women jumped in the cloud car and then seconds later the man attacked the car ripped off the side mirrors those woman's those women were safe and it's all things to do do-do-do the clouds he knows it could have been a really bad situation I know somebody that looks just like [Laughter] okay we're gonna add up through our reign time Riva how's it goin girl hey also if you have a telescope Uranus is visible to just near the oh did I say that near your near the horizon I'm gonna stick with weather okay it looks like that circulation that tornado is between Morris and Seneca and is it raining heavily around you now yeah the wind's blowing really heavily like it's a blast from howitzer at that hole I had to have one of those didn't you I got nobody to care do you know how this fire started yes I do it was cause of my cousin and I don't want to mention no names your cousin yes and you said you think your cousin started this do you know how or why and he's mad because he couldn't he can't get with me I'm married to my husband and it's a long story just make it short yeah I had to park my car to meet there because I couldn't go nowhere because I seen the tree leaves and stuff like flying everywhere sure he lives you know say I make food treats three months from the trees who do all right George there was a report over tornado touching down hurt her oh yeah oh man it all went down man I stay right next door a man from the thing that happened man a barbecue man all barbecuing man I seen a fire just come out the window man with a busted out man only thing I think first man make sure the ribs right and ran him when I got my family man bring everybody out safely my carrier buddy out myself man you know I mean keep this PG air everybody myself and I did that for me not getting injuries on I get no injuries and stuff except for all the smoke in my lungs and stuff I already had smoking my lung saw I'm alright when I was put on top I become bajo who's my equal to spacing out Avila see dodgy at ESPN NFL insider John Clayton with the insight and the latest for us on SportsCenter to push him out of business and she doesn't think that he can operate fairly good morning John and Randy I can tell you that I just learned that about 35 people from the assisted living facility have been transported to Mercy Jefferson Hospital where we were have pretty much evacuate in the building you're waiting for the children to finish the back you do not want to be out here joyriding V don is asking folks to stay off the roads and and then that helps them move along quicker here but if you can take a look at the road here obviously the buffoonery has returned but good morning we were right in the middle of it when that violence occurred earlier one of the Seattle police officers came down on his bike we got a guy here dancing around this is pretty similar to what we've seen tonight but I would prefer dancing rather than to some of the violence and some of the other property damage that we've seen tonight see how the police have them hemmed in sir let me tell your story see how the police have them hemmed in here and are allowing them to express their message as long as they stay in this area just over my shoulder here and just past my friend there is where they had the fire last year in the middle of the intersection that shut down the traffic tonight they're not letting anybody downtown as far as protesters are concerned cannot repeat the advice often enough from their guard II don't make unnecessary journeys don't take risks on treacherous roads and don't swim in the sea incredibly people have been smashing in the water here in Black Rock in Seoul till both today and yesterday Galway City Council say their actions are idiotic not only are they putting their lives in danger but it is unacceptable and unforgiveable to put the lives of people in the rescue services a danger as well kamil to it before go delivery sighs Damon ship is here that land couple of minutes so it's really picked up I think that's an understatement it's raining quite a lot Foxborough before it was raining this heavily we've been they talked to a couple of fans who had an opinion or two about what was going on the proper way to sled down a hill that's more money than snowy they say no matter what

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  1. The police officer at 9:11

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  2. Bank robbery caught on film: "This is live folks" LOL!!! ……and Weatherman: this is my phone, not my clicker!!! Great!

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