good evening tonight I'm going to sound like drunk Oh gay fucking shit good evening I'm Vance you you may have seen our newest AJ on NB C North Dakota news and he'll be joining the weekend news team as my co-anchor tell us a little bit about yourself AJ um thanks van I'm very excited I graduated from West Virginia University and I'm used to you know from being from the East Coast I pledge allegiance to the fag flag wanted to congratulate Cliff Lee for his 60s hon oh excuse me sixteen hundred strikeout a little bit of a song to watch some guy the birds came up with a hand look great Colton we consider we call it uncle it oh yeah Oh boss he's out there with a kid like Cameron Robinson and what at the location where he dropped his please on that auditors last year found the state hello nice to see you a quarter million people attending our thing it's affected so many people from those Oakland parents up to the strangers who felt compelled tonight in Walnut Creek to come together for the vigil car break-ins are down 28 percent this year business still not completed here Chris Heaton the managers still here on site starting at Houghton Avenue and going all the way to State Avenue drivers are down to the single lane in each direction photojournalist Brad Wright shows us how a forestry instructor gets his students to make and play the North American skin actually the flute in this traveling West Virginia segment live in Old Town ten bawdy KOIN 6 news and we'll keep you up-to-date ken thank you Chris Bellisario the stilt-walker I was originally going to come in between her legs but yeah that's not what was not gonna happen was not a made for good TV had she fallen over so we're not trying to create a liability um when my son was teething he used to like to take the big fat rubber end of my vibrating tooth brush and put it in his mouth on well and you just kind of sit there like oh yeah that feels good that hit the spot my gums are itchy I am being joined right now by Nicky baboon and we're going to be he's trying to cop a feel a little bit but we're gonna be talking a little bit about the light grape festival that is happening this weekend starting today mark has a little wiener have you ever dressed the Wiener up yeah I do he's um what he's doing he's actually I had a bug there first he's a– that's up the healthy what have you dressed him in mark come on be honest mark long john oh no really yeah so adorable you'd win the Martin Luther King might look like a monument it's been a key a nigger inaugural spot of the sama dama Martha I'm sorry mama sabudana ma Chandra my Raj this is a did division don't have AI FB I don't know when we're going neither does Jim I can't get this fucking in there we apologize for that what this warning means for our area this weekend's Natalie listen don't be defamation I know now same-sex marriage is legal in New Mexico the High Court says it will wait until the issue makes its way through the lower courts Linda Carson ABC 7 would you not eat my pants at the Community Shield game much no matter my publicist I had this okay okay I'll go ahead I'm not going to get in trouble it worked in practice what's it puppet but any nor'easter grinds up the sand rebuilt from the ground I don't think that teacher should be allowed back at school in Lake Station Indiana Rosie Antaeus I think right now listening to all of the fans and fans behind me um they don't really care about that at this one this is the season that matters and despite the fact that they've had such a tremendous amount of sex during the wreck during of success during the regular season you know like a name is gonna do a great job because Johnny just got the Heisman this is why I like you this is why I like you very much yeah yeah these are high high-minded fans for sure yes do you think about the oh yeah oh my gosh you guys okay our live gig your Maggie alright yeah go here going always been great in this like rain as if you like definitely found our saunas and sea so we're going to win it oh you have nothing on us come on y'all I could not have said it any better Olivia gone ducked it says that I wanted to eat her pussy they letting gone doc I've never said that in my life to her I would never do that I'm happily married I've got more than enough to eat at home thanks is that Kabul Yakka pull y'all and your boy that Hill just came in I look fat my hoping my doing I looked at my Dorian scar here been my hair I took all running red to my rescue over did I called my mama to see what she alright I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man's arms something is wrong here dead giveaway do you worry Charles thank you very much giveaway thank you very much for your time and either she homeless oh she got problems that's the only reason why she run to a black man Charles SEC thank you for being there man they could get a new pope sooner than expected your ships six shots of espresso in there the studies being published today in the annals of Neurology there's still plenty of time to take part in our last stuff abut a bus event of the season look at the Fox eyes Linda Schmidt is live at Gracie Mansion tonight where the family will be sitting sitting Shiva tomorrow Linda illegal butt injections I'm LuAnn con with the NBC ten investigators who am i chasing so-so and hugh janus turning ten we'd mention I'm sorry haha it's it's one of those it's one of them I totally felt more than that especially when you're talking to young classical penis penis right there in the middle of your screen and you can see there are that one dog is is that chained up right now some 2,200 passengers are being blown on charter flights from the Bahamas to Maryland with a promise of a full refund and a future cruise for $64 a professional instructor will take you for a three-hour heart-pounding lap ride 193 lap ride very laughs right thank you if you didn't know March is Women's History Month and today the annual of women's event hosted by the permanent Commission on the status of women will be taking place both women and men are invited to the State Capitol to hear from state legislators and special guests discuss women's accomplishments here in Connecticut hi guys I just met her yeah fantastic yes of nice titties the stories and Steve McKay has one savvy buck soggy forecast winter weather warning right now here's a live look at the Fox six no stick this is out on the weather dick whoa I am a smurf oh my goodness Oh all I need all I need is the white hat not showing any rain in Southwest Florida it is showing Jeff Beatty results 31 days until spring they're headed for whoo that was scary sorry lights just go out I'm fine it's just is like dripping stuff it's okay okay it's like uh not good Tuesday 59 degrees Wednesday there we go that looks good that looks good 63 on your Saturday and temperature-wise there we go for the Orange County coastal areas look at that they're doing a fantastic job yeah it's chilly that's right 59 degrees today Wednesday chance of some rain showers suddenly sounds like why did I get into the entertainment business I hear Dave but I don't hear on air well of course there's nothing on here maybe that's why we don't hear anything there's no audio on air between there's no are you on because it's just the radar what's happened to audio because we aren't we are usually on at this time there's nothing usually on if nothing is on the station we're inside offloaded this time I think you realize never signed off good morning how are you doing Lily she's our new grass yeah lily and I go way back so don't worry about Lily let me tell you about Lily right Lily pull this table up because they can see it in the shot now those pastures here's the big pick excuse me big picture we've all had that cups before right sorry Cypress stick opera field as well 5:36 excuse me scattered showers and a couple of thunderstorms during the overnight a compare to heavy rain excuse me rep record low temperatures mm-hmm and then a mountain shower on Sunday the rest of us will clear out only 54 though bone-chilling next week dry as a bone look at this beautiful shot this afternoon you can wow yeah oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah um yeah it's it's so it's gonna be kind of cold today temps in the 30s by tonight we should see some clearing skies all right you have a good one let's just leave it at that he's got quite the uterus right horshack this morning you should say Γ¬we sigh can't believe it okay satellite radar clear skies 73 it's hot husband sent me to such hot you we got to get serious cuz we got the news to do back Natalie Julian I say my city I'm moto hero stance the money we know Cyrus and you – I'm I said how can I learn something haunting me ok ha ha ha so Maggie come on no it'll show for sure but everyone here should hire her ok she's a super no no job problems elsewhere then pass up your country Lisa always let me show this out you won't have another hotel oh no not really every come here they come here they come here rah rah rah no leave lots that okay and I speak for all of our graduates I'm so excited about it so uh you're going to do a spoken word for us now right right and tell us what we're about to hear you're just a freestyle okay I'm just gonna pick it up as a restyle well let me sit back go ahead Marshall okay years ago they tried it years ago they tried to put me in it this is lie did you want to try to read something from your book yeah we brains we like the blood we can eat them because they feed us the only thing that keeps us to be undead if you're looking to cast a zombie movie there's your girl I have been here since what 3:30 this morning yes now I don't even know what time it is 9:45 I'm exhausted I've run out of things to say it is snowing and it sucks to scuse me guys so what are some things with higher approval ratings than Congress cockroaches head lice root canals traffic jams used-car salesman Donald Trump Genghis Khan and NFL replacement refs oh how I gonna kick it I saw can you do that yeah because we don't have any graphics so I'm just doing them so alright here we go but it wasn't all bad news for Congress they still managed to get better approval than ratings then telemarketers playground bully nut I don't know how to do meth lab necklace STD know how to do STDs either Kim Kardashian since week Fiat and Lindsay Lohan okay she's always drunk that's Lindsay Lohan Cleveland goodness Mooney guy on a feeding hair pay money cigar oh ye oh shit okay

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  1. When that lady gets absolutely ANNIHILATED at 4.20. I still, to this day, don't understand why he bounced her into that table.

    He is from my country Puerto Rico, west coast. The show was filming off air but this incident was SO FUNNY they decided to air it HAHAHHAHAHAHA

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