47 thoughts on “Best Freakout News Bloopers

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen,
    The "adults" that bring you the news. Hahahaha.
    Why do these employees get to be so entitled?
    No other job would allow these tantrums. Wow!!

  2. Dam! These anchors must be stressed out seriously behind the scenes. Wow! Bill O'Reilly was a monster.

  3. If that woman broadcaster slams her damn right hand on that desk again, with pencil included,…ugggghhhhh!!!🀬😡😡

  4. Bob Novak…class act. Dont you tell me to shut up after I interrupted something that had nothing to do with me! There are rules here!

  5. I remember one time in Los angels some guy with a cb. radio type was cutting into the news stations wireless and monkeying around with the show. It was funny as hell. Best part was the guy didn't even know it.

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