Best Cyber Monday 2019 Deals Still In Stock! (UPDATED)

Best Cyber Monday 2019 Deals Still In Stock! (UPDATED)

56 thoughts on “Best Cyber Monday 2019 Deals Still In Stock! (UPDATED)

  1. Hi Matt.. I do miss you on Ways to save…I never seem to be able to watch your videos.. And I did email the station…:)

  2. I appreciate your videos. I'm just having a hard time finding anything I either really want or really need among this year's deals.

  3. Are these UGI Magnetic Charger Cable 3 in 1 Cable Micro USB Type are good for iPhones and do they really work? If they do, are there any deals that are worth purchasing?

  4. I'm very sad because I saw a deal of an Asus TUF for 579$ on bestbuy one day before black Friday, I didn't buy cause I wanna wait to see if will be others best deals, and when I decided that are the best offer off all, and my uncle went to bestbuy, the laptop were out of stock ,-,

  5. Attention MATT πŸ‘‚ I'm REALLY Interested In A Self Empty Robot, Vacuum 😰 Probably a Shark IQ, "seems to be " The Best Value ! Thanks again , We Appreciate πŸ‘‚

  6. Had some scheduling conflicts & I can't believe I've missed all of Black Friday and Cyber Monday ☹ Appreciate your quick rundown on what's left & what's to come

  7. Thanks for the deals Matt!!! I want an iPad Pro sooooo badly!!!! I’m gonna start college soon so money gonna be tightly. Class of 2020 here I am

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