38 thoughts on “Best Argument Ever Against Political Correctness by Stephen Fry

  1. The biggest issue with political correctness is that it started with the very best of intentions and it's become this juggernaut that is so removed from the original concept that it really should be called something else than what it is.

    While not a fan of Jordan Peterson, I greatly admire Stephen Fry and his appeal to sanity and reason. Just because you might be offended by somebody else's words does not mean those words aren't valid. Being offended does not mean you're right.

  2. 'Absolute certainty' maybe comforting and provide a sense of identity when taking a side, but there are others who believe in 'self doubt' and the subtlety of humanism & harmony without the need to fuel the flames or impose their will to others (Peer Pressure).

    Insisting on others as to what is "right" end up driving a wedge from human progression, because it stops us from asking. For one, 'absolute certainty' is unscientific. So theses arguments between left or right, right or wrong, with us or against us, are ultimately pointless.

  3. Mr. Fry is a reasonable, thinking, caring, kind man, who in this time of political correction, may be like dinosaur. His good traits, now seeming out dated in this PC world, insuring his extinction. God forbid!

  4. The persecutors are the same minded people. They changed the preach. Back in the 60s-90s there were radical, anti-race, antiwhatever. Today we have anti-race, antiwhatever, but preached from the huge media. These antiwhatever people don't think about collectivism. The old ones shame black people. The new ones shame white people. So, the media and dangerous people just change their discourse. They are still the same, born in a different time.

  5. Political correctness has a place that is in politics. Public officials must uphold the law as well as be writers of laws and these laws must be for anyone and everyone, driving all towards a better society. And you cannot do that being incorrect, in my opinion.

  6. This was a poor debate. Even the speakers said so. They didn't really discuss what they were supposed to. It was too vague. Here fry is doing his best, but he clearly doesn't know what to say, so he's just pouring out filler.

  7. Disappointed in Fry, giving up so much ideological ground, just for politeness' sake. He's declined as a debator since Christopher Hitchens' demise. Sad to say.

  8. I would rather be kind than politically correct. But sometimes, my words and terms, when spoken in ignorance, can be hurtful. If I don't know someone personally, then leaning on politically correctness helps me until I learn enough to ensure that I am not hurting someone through my ignorance. It does put a bit of a barrier in the way of unguarded, honest communication though.

  9. Funny thing is the concept started as a criticism of the conservative right wing establishment and now is used to feed the persecution of the conservative right wing establishment.

    Laws impinging on what you say have problems, but people do need to understand consequences, I don't think you should go to jail for what you say but don't be surprised if someone punches you in the face

  10. That debate was embarrassing, fry put forward coherant objections to political correctness, Peterson gave us the usual word salad that's makes you think he knows what he's talking about, but no one else does, and the other 2 went on absolute tangents.

  11. If we had lived in a society that kept calling gay people “faggots” over the last 30 years I doubt our culture would have accepted gay marriage today.

    It is very possible that political correctness towards gays has brought about the changes we have accepted.

  12. PC has gone wrong. Like multiculturism, diversity, Feminism, gender dysphoria. All failed experiments. Time to put them to bed.

  13. Mr. Fry, I have never known nor heard of you before this moment, but you have earned my respect and admiration in eight minutes

  14. If the supporters of political correctness are offended by what I state, then let them be offended. It is not that I don't care about what they are offended about, I just don't care about them being offended.

    Stephen Fry is in a class of his own, brilliant!

  15. The main problem with Political Correctness, in my opinion, is that those who purport to denounce the supposedly apparent "oppression" or "indignation" of others by way of identity politics, do so under the guise of "good intentions"… That, of course, just means that Hell has a more clear path to it than Heaven.

    Most of whom subscribe to the pathologically cult-like practice of Political Correctness are either blissfully unware of the inevitable negative outcome of their actions, or they simply do not care. To me, I find this line of "logic" to be rather fascinating and simultaneously terrifying. Look no further than AntiFa for a good example of Political Correctness in an authoritative sense. As the militant arm of the Democratic party in America, they are dangerous for many reasons, but mostly sad in my opinion. Political Correctness within their ranks is so far over the rainbow that Caucasian members of AntiFa (of which comprise 99% of the entire movement) will actively and viciously attack members of their own race. Why? Because they think differently.

    Political Correctness, of course, leads to political cannibalism; In which, members of those groups attack each other as the list of "things to which they take offense to" increases… Or as the old saying goes: "The Left eats its own."

  16. It is wrong to say that both sides cannot hear each other.

    One side is almost certainly forced to hear the other side through media and entertainment and see that vision enforced via gvt violent intrusion into their lives.

  17. Great thoughts. The world has just become so polarised. And nobody seems to know how to sort fact from fear. Political correctness isn’t a left or right issue, it exists everywhere and always has to a certain extent. Christians who get offended by atheist billboards and moslems who get offended by cartoons of Mohammed, vegans who are offended by animals used in pop culture in certain ways and all the rest. It’s all the same shit. Each dilemma needs to be judged on its facts and its merits and the only way that happens is with a debate, even unfortunately if it means sitting down and speaking with people who hold absolutely horrific views. There is no better way but isn’t open to extreme manipulation and potential worse consequences. Not every liberal is a Marxist social justice warrior extremist and not every Conservative is a fascist neo-Nazi religious lunatic

  18. Always a joy and privilege to hear Fry talk. Intelligent, eloquent, modest as a human being and above all a great sense of humour. Watch Fry as general Melchet in Blackadder, and you'll never yearn for imbecilic generals or dictators to rule.

  19. Steven Fry is polite and intelligent. Very funny. I love Russell, as well. I think JBP is probably the same.

  20. I don't like Stephen Fry. His reasoning is a bit controversial. For example the biggest impulse in our world towards human rights was with a completely and totally moral person, that was Jesus Christ, with the principle of forgiveness and equity of slaves and citizens in His time (by the way, about tow thousand years ago!). There was also Gandhi, Buda, Martin Luther King, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. Because of this I feel that Stephen Fry ever mix some truths with some lies and the result is more confusion and misinformation than real reasoning. And after Jordan Peterson has destroyed completely the political correctness with science and logic, even Mr. Fry now has to agree with Perterson, but in the midst of his speach, Fry intentionally don't miss a chance to disagree and attack religious principles. For me he is a wolf in a sheep's skin because he is a peacemaker that gently stab the stomach of his adversary.

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