Bernie Sanders Laughs in Reporter’s Face After She Unleashes Stupidity on Him

Bernie Sanders Laughs in Reporter’s Face After She Unleashes Stupidity on Him

over the weekend we almost went to war with Iran we were this close Donald from had his finger on the trigger but he decided not to pull it at the very last minute think about how crazy how terrifying that is now the reason reportedly why Donald trum had a change of heart is because he was talked out of it by Tucker Carlson of Fox News of all people the world that we live in like it's stranger than fiction reality is literally stranger than fiction now Trump tweeted about this and he said we were cocked and loaded to retaliate last night on three different sites when I asked how many will die 150 people sir was the answer from a general 10 minutes before the strike I stopped it now he also explained that he didn't think you know bombing these three different sites was a proportionate response to them just killing one of our robots now he's correct about that and whatever led him to make that decision I'm glad it happened however this is a very unstable time not just in American politics but internationally if we have someone that came that close to bombing Iran war with Iran sorry you shouldn't be in that position there was you know a meme of Donald from giving himself a Medal of Honor or something like that because you know he was gonna bomb Iran but then he didn't so he's trying to make it seem like he's the hero no you're not the hero you don't get to congratulate yourself for putting out a fire that you started you don't get to do that tensions would have never been this high had you remained in the Iran nuclear deal but because you decided that you didn't like a deal because Obama is the one who negotiated it then you got us to this point gradually so we were that close to war that is incredibly difficult to fathom but nonetheless it happened and part of the problem part of the reason why we don't see more reluctance from our leaders to get involved in these types of conflicts it's because mainstream media does not push back so I'm gonna play an interview for you and this is a clip from Face the Nation with Bernie Sanders now Bernie Sanders is going to say everything right pretty much here but what I want you to really pay attention to is the framing here because the framing is what I'm concerned about this is a failure on behalf of media take a look I want to ask you about Iran was president Trump's decision this week to call off that strike the right one see it's like somebody setting a fire to a basket full of paper and then putting it out he helped create the crisis and then he stopped the attacks the idea that we're looking at a president in the United States who number one thinks that a war with Iran is something that might be good for this country he was just doing a limited strike well just a limited scope well I'm sorry I just didn't know that it's okay to simply attack another country with bombs just a limited that's an act of warfare so two points that will set off a configuration all over the Middle East if you think the war as I do the war in Iraq Margaret was a disaster I believe from the bottom of my heart but the wall of war with Iran would be even worse more loss of life never ending war in that region massive instability we're talking about we have been in Afghanistan now for 18 years this thing will never end so I will do everything I can them one to stop a war with Iran and number two here's an important point you know let's remember what we learned in civics you know when we were kids it is the United States Congress under our Constitution that has war-making Authority not the President of the United States if he attacks Iran in my view that would be on cost so if you are commander-in-chief you will ask Congress for permission before you engage in any kind of military action look there are some times of emergency situations okay that that I understand defensive actions yeah if you're attacked immediately you have to respond nobody believes that we are in that type of emergency situation with Iran right now now the sad part is that I only found out about this clip because Bernie Sanders was being attacked he was the one being attacked because he was apparently rude to that reporter because he scoffed at the question that she asked if you don't scoff at that type of question you just you're not a reasonable person she said oh it was just the limited strike I mean what she did there was try to justify it a limited strike that was an act that would have been an act of war can you imagine if Iran did a limited strike on the United States or if North Korea did a limited strike on the United States we wouldn't take that very lightly we would consider it an act of war and rightly so because that's an act of war now the thing about these CBS News reporters is that they must be trained to say things like this they are trained presumably to play devil's advocate but the problem is that if you're gonna play devil's advocate for something like war you need to make it explicitly clear that that's what you're doing you're playing devil's advocate you're saying you know or you should say rather what do you say to people who say X not just oh it's just the limited strike because even if maybe that reporter was playing devil's advocate it still makes you look really stupid because it makes it seem like you're doing pro war apologia which the mainstream media should not be doing the mainstream media's job is to educate people tell them objective facts about war if we go to war this is the cost this is the monetary cost this is the human life cost this is what would happen in terms of destabilization here's experts 1 2 & 3 to tell us why this would be a disaster but they don't do that they're doing pro war apologia this is why this book manufacturing consent is one of the best books because it explains how corporate media is almost worse than state-sponsored media outlets right you you know these authoritarian regimes they have state-run outlets and we all condemn that because that's authoritarianism you need you know an objective independent media but I mean we have corporate media under our capitalist system and we effectively get a press that is collectively more loyal to the state than some state-run media outlets and authoritarian regimes it's absurd now what the reporter then goes on to do is try and go Bernie Sanders into saying that Iran is that fault here but thankfully Bernie Sanders doesn't take the bait when you said it was president Trump's fault that this situation evolved don't you hold Iran respond yes I do to it but what what Trump has said he said during his campaign Trump has been extraordinarily antagonistic with Iran whether or not he wants to bring down their government I don't know I think people like John Bolton may very well want to do that Oh Trump is the person you remember who we drew from the Iran nuclear deal so he has been without any I don't think anyone disagrees an extraordinary provocative toward Iran and loving the dictatorship in Saudi Arabia that's not the role that we should be playing how would president Sanders resolve this I'll tell you how we would look this is a tough issue and I'm not saying it's anyone can easily resolve but this is what I would say I would say to Iran I would say to Saudi Arabia I would say to Israel I would say to the other countries in that region you know what you have been at war in one way or another for decade after decade after decade and by the way your wars have not only impacted your own people they have impacted the United States to the tune of trillions of dollars and 5,000 lost lives we will play a role in bringing you together and if you need economic aid we will provide the economic aid we will provide the resources but we're not simply going to give more and more weaponry to Saudi Arabia to Israel we're gonna try to bring people together for what I admit Margaret I admit it will not be easy but that's what the role of I think the US should be not simply to be part of the Saudi it's in the region so again everything that Bernie Sanders said there was great he talks about how it's Donald Trump who has been antagonistic he talks about how you know john bolton wants regime change in Iran but the reason why I play that clip for you is because it really demonstrates how the media is incorrectly portraying the situation don't you hold Iran responsible isn't it unfathomable to think that the United States could ever be wrong I mean we are the aggressors we violated the Iran deal we pulled out and reimpose sanctions Iran came to the table and they agreed to a deal that nobody thought they would have agreed to because it was so strong and then we pull out inexplicably you know once we get a new president and now we're reimposing these sanctions how do you frame that as anything but the United States being the aggressor objectively speaking you report the facts this is how the United States unilaterally got us to this point by poking and poking do they even stop to ask why were we flying so close to Iran to begin with we may or may not have been in international airspace maybe we crossed into Iranian airspace but regardless why are we over there if not to intimidate Iran so that's a huge problem with media they're not portraying things accurately and they go out of their way to make sure that the United States is portrayed in the most charitable way possible you know we're never the bad guys if we do something it's good by default because we're the good guys our intentions are pure of course no that's not actually the case but getting to CBS they constantly do things like this and they don't realize that it is crushing their legitimacy because if you'll recall a couple of months ago on CBS this morning I critiqued the CBS reporter who said something as equally idiotic well presumably playing devil's advocate when it comes to health care take a look the president wants his party to be the party of health care unfortunately apparently what he means by that is throwing 32 million Americans off of the health insurance they have you know what your plan would do to because you were moving them into a Medicare for all if they have insurance right now what a second president his plan and what he has supported throws 32 million people off of health care no alternative we provide health care to every man woman and child in this country I think maybe slightly different concepts we guarantee health care all he throws 32 million awful health care offices lightly referred well for the Affordable Care Act and they have no alternative that reporter also from CBS framed Bernie Sanders Medicare for all plan which extends health care to one hundred percent of the population as people losing health care so it's probably the case that these reporters aren't that stupid I hope right I hope that they're not that dumb but what they're probably doing is they're taking orders from higher-ups they're probably trained to play devil's advocate in order to appear more neutral I don't know what the reason is but here's what I do know the media's job is to educate people give us the information that we need to make informed decisions in life at the voting booth your job is to educate and this clip is evidence that they are failing to do their job because if the media was doing its job millions of Americans would be in the streets right now screaming about war with Iran and what a disaster that would be but because the United States isn't being portrayed correctly because it seems as if Iran is the aggressor well then of course any in everything that we do is justified because again we're the good guys this is a problem with corporate media this is a problem with corporate media and we've got to point it out because this is absolutely dangerous when it comes to war there's no room for you to play devil's advocate especially if you're not going to be explicitly clear about the fact that that's what you're doing if that's what you're doing but your job is to educate now do your job before you get us all killed

47 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Laughs in Reporter’s Face After She Unleashes Stupidity on Him

  1. "it's just a limited strike" this is why we hate america, and this is the liberal media, can you people see that liberals are not left!
    left wing is against american imperialism, please stop being the world super pig.

  2. I remember a time when terrorists did a limited strike because america wouldn't leave their lands (which they promised to do after they fought a war for them). It all went so great!

    Oh wait…. no it didn't! We are still in war because of it!

  3. The only candidate the U.S should vote for should endorse to:

    ➡️ End all wars
    ➡️ Demand the Green New Deal
    ➡️ End corporate financing of election candidates (this is a priority!!)
    ➡️ Commit to ending student debt
    ➡️ Pay your people a fucking living wage
    ➡️ Give your people healthcare that does not go through a third party insurance company
    ➡️ Get free college tuition like most of the rest of the world
    Jail John Bolton, Mike Pompeo and Elliott Abrams for not only trying to
    get the world into a war with Iran today, but also were the same people
    who were part of the George W. Bush administration that led the world
    into invading Iraq by lying about Weapons Of Mass Destruction
    ➡️ Legalize Marijuana
    ➡️ End for-profit-prisons

    Bernie Sanders is the only candidate pushing all of those,
    Tulsi Gabbard would be a good VP because of her anti-war stance.

  4. This proves how unbelievably disconnected the MSM are about being in the shit. They have NO idea.

    Gulf War Vet

  5. cock & loaded by a coward draft Vietnam dagger ,who NEVER ever had a fist with 2 pussy coward son who serve or had a fight .because the coward pussy spineless 1% rich milliner is going to send YOU to fight for his mineral &land since 10,000 year ago in archaeology war is greed & more & someone want to be the boss

  6. When will the liberals stop infantilizing women, and instead treat them like the resilient adults they are? If you can’t handle ridicule in response to a silly question, don’t become a journalist. I doubt even the reporter complained, just some supercilious Bernie-haters without substantive arguments.

  7. When will the liberals stop infantilizing women, and instead treat them like the resilient adults they are? If you can’t handle ridicule in response to a silly question, don’t become a journalist. I doubt even the reporter complained, just some supercilious Bernie-haters without substantive arguments.

  8. im a woman. and SHE'S A FCKN MORON… GREAT JOB BERN… this time around ur'e handing ur bidnezz like a BOSS…. period. I cul'dnt roll wit u last time cuz ur handlers ran things the wrong way. this time around u runnin ur sht the only way I CAN BE RUN.. like a boss… amen… amen. brah

  9. "He was doing just a limited strike." Dumb, warmongering, illiterate bitch. How does a limited strike in her neighborhood sound?

  10. Laughs in female reporter's face sounds like a misogynistic, chauvinistic pig attitude..

  11. Bernie and the Jets

    Oh, but they're weird and they're wonderful

    Oh, Bernie, he's really keen

    He's got electric boots, a mohair suit

  12. Misreporting the FACTS is NOT the same as playing-devils-advocate. If he were to pda he would have stated, "Aren't you forcing people to trade insurance they love for less effective socialized healthcare?" The "reporter" WRONGLY "reported" that the 38 million would be thrown off healthcare, with no alternatives, if we adopted Medicare for All, and then he kept insisting that he was right and Bernie was wrong. This isn't non biased reporting – it's fraud AND propaganda!

  13. Just a limited strike??? These Iranians blew up ONE drone. Not a human, not a base of people… a fucking drone. We shouldn't even have drones in other people's countries to begin with. That reporter can fuck off with that bullshit. How dare corporate media defend Trump's insane rage. He'd have killed dozens of people all because someone "wronged" him in his eyes by blowing up a military toy, a toy which we shouldn't even fucking have to begin with. Get the fuck out of here CBS and "Face the Nation". And big kudos to Bernie Sanders for CORRECTLY calling her out on that bullshit loaded question. Trump ALWAYS tries to play off his failures as victories. Classic villainous "heroism" where he tries to solve a problem HE created.

  14. Unfortunately, corporate media's job is to look after corporate interests or they will be replaced, which is why they will never listen to people like you or me.

  15. This is one thing I do hate about media in many places, leading questions (especially yes and no ones) that put the person veing interviewed in a position where they might be unable to answer cause of the ridiculous nature of said question

  16. Media are paid for in this country by super PACs super PACs and the corporations control these politicians so what do you expect

  17. It's like.. I had a pee and flushed the toilet today. That's how helpful I am. I could have left it unflushed.
    I deserve credit. Give me credit!

  18. Beside the entire episode being great, that song at the end is super cool too. Is that your own composition? Links to a DL or spotify?

  19. If America was truly repentant of the profit driven internationalist foreign policies of it's military industrial complex, it would expunge ALL of the oligarchic influences within its own political structure by whatever means necessary.

    Playing politics with an oligarchy getting Bernie elected ain't gonna get it done butter cup.

    The 1% legacy is too corruptive and legislatively politically defined over the American masses to never hold democratic sovereignty over their electoral processes that they will civilly always subject us to.

    THAT is how an oligarchy works, wake the fuck up. <3

  20. omg, that 1:17 picture of #45 kinda disgusting.. it doesn't look like a face of a human being. why does his skin looked like that?

  21. Traditional war propaganda crap box can’t be called as “ Media” . Youtube channel are main stream media.

  22. I don't buy the tucker talking him out of it nonsense… Trump was all talk and had no intention of attacking… Iran knew it so they tested him… Trump needed to save face so him and Tucker came up with a bullshit story of Tucker talking him out of it and Trump ordering the attack and then cancelling it last minute.

  23. I don't suppose Israel want to try to talk some sense into Trumpanzee. SINCE THEY WILL BE TARGET #1 IF TRUMP ATTACKS IRAN.

  24. Today I heard Don Lemon want war with Iran but WORK UP SOME TEARS for the dead father with his drowned daughter…it played well for him but he is has no issue with another MILLION dead in the middle east if war breaks.

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