Bernie DESTROYS Reporter's Attempted Gotcha Question

Bernie DESTROYS Reporter's Attempted Gotcha Question

Okay. I'm just now caught up on the different
Sunday show interviews that happened this past Sunday. One was an interview with Bernie
Sanders on CBS face the nation. Bernie Sanders is running for president in 2020 he's currently
a senator and there was a moment where the interviewer Margaret Brennan truly embarrassed
herself in trying to sort of play the tough devil's advocate or giving Bernie Sanders
had gotcha question and it completely imploded in utter total embarrassment when the topic
of Iran came up. Now before I play that part, I'm just going to play the first 20 seconds
of this interview, which will immediately give you a sense of just how dumb and cringy
this interview was. Listened to the strange sort of a, I don't even know what to call
it, just the entire demeanor of interviewer Margaret Brennan is bizarre towards Bernie.
Here's a setup of how this interview started. Thank you very much for making time barred.
Sure. You've been called an existential threat to the Democratic Party. How much resistance
within the party do you face? Well, first of all, I've got to figure out what this existential
threat actually means, but what it came from his third way, which is the corporate wing
of the Democratic Party. So Bernie does a good job of slowing it all
down at every opportunity during the interview, reducing the hysteria, but then they get to
the topic of Iran and Bernie starts correctly criticizing Donald Trump's completely erratic
action on Iran over the weekend, which we covered where we were bombing Iran. And then
we called off the bombing of Iran and Margaret Brennan starts playing. I don't know if it's
again, just playing a weird devil's advocate or playing a semantic game when Bernie starts
talking about war with Iran where she says, well, war, I mean, you know, it was a limited
strike and Bernie Sanders takes none of it and he accurately and precisely and concisely
and pithy, uh, destroys that argument. I want to ask you, uh, about Iran was president
Trump's decision this week to call off that strike the right one. So it's like somebody's
setting a fire, uh, to, uh, a basket full of paper and then putting it out or he helped
create the crisis and then he stopped the attacks. The idea that we're looking at a
president of the United States who number one thinks that a war with Iran is something
that might be good for this country. He was just doing a limited strike or just a limited
scar. Oh Wow. I'm sorry. I just didn't know that. It's okay to simply attack another country
with bombs. Just the limited trucks. That's an act of warfare. This is a great example of the different standards
that are applied to the actions of the United States versus the actions of other countries
by Americans. Okay, and this is one of the things where it's so refreshing. You know,
I have family in Argentina, I was born there. I have family in France and different places,
and when I talk to them, it's to talk to people who are not applying a different standard
to the United States than to other countries. Because think about it, if any other country
launched a so called limited strike of any kind against the United States on an American
military base abroad, even everyone would be on the same page in the U S it's an act
of warfare. Pearl Harbor in a sense it was a limited strike on a US military base. The
double standard has to stop and I guess I sort of get the idea that Margaret Brennan
is trying to play devil's advocate here and be the tough interviewer who's going to hold
Bernie Sanders to account, but she's choosing all the wrong spots. It's very ignorant the way she's trying to
do it. If North Korea did a limited strike in South Korea, would that be a limited strike
or would it be an act of warfare? I think we all know the answer in some sense. Nine
11 was a limited strike on a very specific section of New York City and Washington DC.
There was total consensus that it was an act of war, which was then used to justify not
one but two wars, the war in Iraq, which was completely unrelated to nine 11 and an escalation
of the war in Afghanistan. So I'm fine debating any of these foreign policy decisions on the
merits, whether it's Iran, Syria, Venezuela, China, Cuba policy, Russia. I mean there are
serious conversations to be had about any of those countries. And I'm not just saying
militarily, but in many different ways. There are legitimate debates about what US foreign
policy should be and how it has worked or not worked in the past, but there is this
very dangerous and disturbing tendency for Americans in a sort of bubble to shrug off
the actions of the American military when if we reverse the situation, these would be
obvious acts of war, which the same people would say, Oh wow, that was an act of war. The U s must now re retaliate against this
act of war, so I don't believe that it's a useful type of devil's advocacy by the interviewer
Margaret Brennan. I'm curious to hear what you think about it. I understand playing devil's
advocate, I do it on this show, but I try to do it in a thoughtful way where it makes
sense. I don't just pick random semantic, a devil's advocacy and throw it out there
to make it seem like I'm challenging the guest. I want to be challenging the guests in a way
that is substantive and critically useful. It's merely sort of manufacturing a context
in which we can then shrug off our own aggressive acts of violence. What Margaret Brennan is
doing here, it should be denounced and this is not the type of cover we want to provide
to our foreign policy apparatus, particularly not when you have a completely clueless and
ignorant president in Donald Trump surrounded by people who are almost completely off the
rails on hinged when it comes to foreign policy. People like John Bolton and Steven Miller
and others that are surrounding Donald. It's straight up irresponsible to do this bogus
Gotcha. Foe Devil's advocacy that was done here. Good for Bernie though in absolutely
destroying it. Make sure you follow me on Instagram at David Dot. Pacman. I've got some
great behind the scenes stuff from the studio, people curious about what things look like
here, uh, and lots of other great stuff. Follow me there at David Dot pacman and follow the
show on Brown at David Pakman. Show

45 thoughts on “Bernie DESTROYS Reporter's Attempted Gotcha Question

  1. Pearl Harbor and 9/11 are great examples of the “limited strike” hypocrisy… America deserves to have its ass kicked, honestly. America is the bully of the playground

  2. the trump administration is operating on a presumed assumption of guilt when dealing with iran. he has no interest in acting in good faith with them, and the rest of the world will censure us for needlessly escelating and indeed CREATING the tensions with iran.

  3. Far-Right Republicans, the Alt-Right, Evangelical fundamentalists, crypto-fascists, fascists, Nazis, that is the political spectrum that the Trump Presidency represents, and it is defined by: narcissism, xenophobia, misogyny, racism and hypocrisy, and these drive all their actions. On the other side: humanity.

  4. Those debates would have been quite different without the last thirty years of Bernie’s leaders, during most of which he was just a voice crying in the wilderness. He got us here. He should lead.

  5. Sanders was also, during this attempt of critique, able to illustrate and capitalize Trump's responsibility in the Iran crisis when Trump dissolved Obama's Iran nuclear deal.

  6. “DESTROYS” in the title gets an automatic dislike for exaggerating just for clickbait.
    If you’re not going to put effort into your titles, why would I believe you’re going to put effort into the video? I don’t have time for that nonsense.

  7. Why do you over exaggerate every clip that you comment on? You tell me exactly what I'm about to see but then I watch what you tell me I'm about to see and I don't see what you told me that I was about to see. You are such a sensationalist it's ridiculous. But you make me laugh so I keep watching.

  8. Pretending to be obscenely dumb and dense is a very common go to move in America’s mainstream media when interviewing anyone, who is reasonable. The insulting implication is that the interviewer is representing „the average American“ this way. In doing so, msm is dumbing down the people.

  9. Its stupid advocacy, devil is a smart person.
    That's what you get with a stupid president, the bar for inteligence is quite low now.

  10. When I speak most people in Jamaica about the military policies of the US, I always get the exact same answers "the US is the biggest threat in the world" or "the US is the biggest terrorists group". And it's hard to argue it isn't both those things.

  11. Perfect response, Bernie. Geezus. Ridiculous statement by interviewer. Great presentation, David Pakman!

  12. I can’t stand this whole socialism thing Bernie is so okay with but he’s not the worst candidate by far.

  13. It's interesting to note that Bernie is obviously a man content, comfortable in his own skin allowing him to express himself openly with clarity of mind.

  14. Politicians and news anchors in the States no longer seem to talk of war as it is a bad thing which kills people, but more as a tool, which might save or destroy your career/presidency… Nothing new I know, but it has become so common now, it worries me a little.

  15. I watch your show from New Zealand with great interest. Our media does not really go into fine detail to break down the terrible happenings within the Trump administration. It is beyond my wildest beliefs that Trump has not been impeached. I know it's complicated, but he is a god awful human that needs to go. Thank you for your efforts on this channel!

  16. I'd be interested in seeing a Venn diagram of the people who defend the US use of military force and the people who defend the use of deadly force by police… My guess is it's just a circle…

  17. G'day,

    The Japanese PM was in Iran when the Jspanese Tanker Crew OBSERVED the approach of Airborne Projectiles before they hit their Tanker.

    Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates all want to fight Iran to the last AmeriKan.

    The "Iranian Limpet Mines" story is no more credible or convincing, nor likely to have been what actually happened, than were the two Tonkin Gulf DOLPHINS ever likely to have ben the alleged "Communist Torpedo Attack !" with which AmeriKa "justified" launching it's Loser's Waauuugh(!) in Vietnam.

    Just(ifiably ?) sayin',

    Take it easy.


    Ciao !

  18. Margaret Brennan–an vacuous empty news host, with an affected stern facial expression and a "serious" newswoman voice. There is literally nobody in real life who talks the way she does.

  19. she was not trying to play 'devil's advocate'!
    she was just trying to push her (and her bosses) agenda…
    by the way, soon after that 'limited strike' comment, the segment was on hold and switched to the new anchor set to go to commercial$, where she condescendingly chuckled ' ha ha haa interview with Bernie Sanders.. we'll be right back'
    (something like that), which really showed her true colors! So no devil#s advocate, just an agenda to make Sanders look like he's either senile or outlandish or something other than relatable to her audience!

  20. C'mon, we all know why Putin called off Trump's limited strike in Iran. Don't get me wrong, I'm relieved the strike was called off. But again it's another example of Trump doing the right thing for the wrong reasons – that reason being jeopardizing his hotel deal in Moscow.

  21. You dumbass. You're barking up the wrong tree. If the US stuck, it would have been in response to the downing of the US drone. The real question you should be doing this episode on is was the drone in international waters or not.

  22. What I dislike about so many candidates running for the Democratic nomination is this sense that Donald Trump will be easy pickings, and thus would be easy sailing to the presidency. They appear on the political stage now, when Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren both have been on the frontlines fighting for Democratic values in the worst of times, not just when the political winds fair well, both in the halls of governance and the halls of media. I will be so distraught if neither are the Democratic nominee. As much as I may agree with the lesser known candidates on issues, their appearance now seems so cavelier or opportunistic.

  23. 9/11 was indeed a limited strike. It's not like a whole city was bombed into ruin or hit by a nurclear warhead. Americans are just wussie weenie wimps.

  24. I agree 100% with you David in regards to this segment on YouTube but I really do think Margaret is just not the best interviewer. I don't know her at all and I don't know much of her other than her being a TV news personality. Having said that, I just believe she just isn't the best interviewer. I don't know anything about that business and don't pretend too. So I don't know who writes her questions and why. If it is indeed her then she did a less than mediocre job. Fact is this! Not everybody is cut out to be a top notch unbiased reporter. Today's age it nearly doesn't exist. Polarity is based on what network employs you. It is truely a damn shame. TV is getting harder to what by the day.

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