Bernie Calls Out Media For Enabling Trump's Idiocy

Bernie Calls Out Media For Enabling Trump's Idiocy

>> He was just doing a limited strike. >> Just a limited strike, well, I'm sorry. >> That was Bernie Sanders during his interview
with Face the Nation over the weekend. He was talking about Trump's strategy, or
lack thereof, when it comes to Iran. And as we all know, tensions have escalated
between the Trump administration and Iran. In fact, Trump has just implemented additional
sanctions against Iran, which I will detail for you in just a minute. But what really stood out to me about this
interview was the fact that Bernie Sanders was speaking specifically about foreign policy,
something that he's not necessarily known for. He's very strong when it comes to economic
and domestic policy, but the way he would handle Iran is spot on, and I want you to
hear from him. Take a look. I wanna ask you about Iran
>> Good. >> Was President Trump's decision this week
to call off that strike, the right one? >> See, it's like somebody setting a fire
to a basket full of paper and then putting it out. He helped create the crisis and then he stopped
the attacks. The idea that we're looking at a President
of the United States who, number one, thinks that a war with Iran is something that might
be good for this country- >> He was just doing a limited strike. >> Just a limited strike, well, I'm sorry. I just didn't know that it's okay to simply
attack another country with bombs. Just a limited shot. That's an act of warfare. >> Damn, that's strong. >> I love his no-nonsense approach, and I
feel like he's become more aggressive in that approach this time around. I don't know if that's gonna rub some people
the wrong way. I know that the optics do matter, especially
when he's speaking to a woman. But I think he handled that perfectly, right. >> No, no, I look, that has, I criticized
myself for that issue last week. I don't think that's the case here at all. >> Right. >> I think it's patronizing to female reporters
if you don't treat them as aggressively as male reporters. >> Totally agree, 100%. >> Okay, so in this case, look, I actually
think that it's great that Trump called off the strikes, I said that last week. But is Bernie right that he set the fire in
the first place? Of course, of course! He shouldn't have ripped up the peace deal
we had with them. They didn't have access to uranium, they couldn't
make weapons. It was already solved. There was nothing to solve. But he's such an egomaniac and he hates Obama
so much that he was like, Obama made the deal, I'm ripping it up, I'm gonna do a better one. And so now Iran is saying, okay, look, you
ripped up the deal, you stopped doing it, we kept following it. Then you put sanctions on us, and now you're
putting extra sanctions on us. So if you want us to come back and give you
more in the deal, well, you gotta give us more in the deal. That's how deals work, right, but Trump doesn't
understand. He's like, no, me want more, me want more. And then so he was threatening these strikes. And she steps in and she does what, unfortunately,
a lot of establishment media does all day. Hey, hey, hey, hey, we're just doing limited
strikes. >> Yeah. >> Right, what was the need for that interjection,
right? That is her saying, it's not a big deal. And him coming out aggressively and saying
no, bombing another country is a huge deal and an act of war. It's about damn time that somebody challenged
these establishment reporters on their constant cheerleading for warfare. >> Now, I'm sure in Brennan's mind, the way
she interjected was meant to challenge Bernie, but in reality, what she did there was regurgitate
talking points from the Trump administration. What is a limited airstrike? That is an act of warfare, as Bernie Sanders
perfectly laid out in that clip. It is an act of warfare. Do you think that that's gonna de-escalate
the situation? No, it's gonna push us further in the direction
of war. And I'm glad that he held back and he didn't
implement those airstrikes. I'm sure something that very much frustrated
John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, who are actually angry right now that Trump is implementing
more sanctions as opposed to pursuing military action. >> I wanna say one more thing about Margaret
Brennan. Look, I don't think that she's some part of
cabal, where she loves having wars. No, I don't think that. But is she part of the same groupthink that
almost all the established media is? Yes, and I'll prove that to you with this
framing. She thinks, no, when we're going to do strikes,
and it's more of a neoconservative thing than it is a Trump thing. So, and a lot of the media is more opposed
to Trump than they are to the neoconservatives. They let the neoconservatives walk us right
into Iraq. And right now, a lot of the media is out there
going, well, I mean, Trump wasn't tough, Trump waffled on this, right? >> Mm-hm. >> But look, so the framing is, she says,
well, they were limited strikes. Now, if Iran dropped a bomb in the middle
of America, would Margaret Brennan or anyone in the establishment media just say, hey,
that was just a limited strike? They bombed a nuclear facility in the middle
of Texas. And it killed 150 people, not a big deal. It's just a limited strike. Could you imagine her interrupting a politician
in the middle of them saying, Iran attacked us in Texas, and go, hey, hey, hey, it was
a limited strike. >> I can't imagine that. >> Of course you can't imagine it. That's the pro-war groupthink. Where we're allowed to bomb other countries,
and we think they're never gonna retaliate, and that it's not gonna lead to endless wars. Well it does, and it has, over and over again. >> So let's hear a little more from Sanders. In this next clip, he specifically addresses
how important Congress' role is in making these decisions. Now, let's remember what we learned in civics
when we were kids. It is the United States Congress, under our
Constitution, that has war making authority. Not the President of the United States. If he attacks Iran, in my view, that would
be unconstitutional. >> So if you are Commander-in-Chief, you will
ask Congress for permission before you engage in any kind of military action? >> No, look, there are some times of emergency
situations, okay. That I understand. >> Defensive actions. >> Yeah, if you're attacked, immediately you
have to respond. Nobody believes that we are in that type of
emergency situation with Iran right now. So I'm gonna do everything we can to stop,
what the function of a president should be is to say to Saudi Arabia. Which, by the way, is a horrific dictatorship,
a brutal dictatorship that kills dissidents, that treats women as third-class citizens. Our job is to say to Saudi Arabia, no, we're
not following your lead. You're gonna have to sit down with Iran, we
will play a role, work it out. >> Okay so first, real quick on Margaret Brennan,
that's a perfectly legit question. It's a good question, I'd ask the same thing. Wait, when you're President, how are you gonna
handle this situation? And Bernie makes a good distinction. Well, is it truly defensive and you have to
act immediately, or is it like this, where you have a peace deal, you tear up a peace
deal, then you provoke them and then you choose to attack them by going on offense? In that case, that you're starting a war and
you should ask Congress, right. So his distinction is right. But what I love more was what he said about
Saudi Arabia. And he kept on talking in that interview and
he said, I just don't wanna be part of the Saudi war efforts. That's not the point of the United States
of America. >> Yeah. >> Exactly right. >> In fact, we have one more clip and I think
he gets into it here. So let's take a look. >> I would say to Iran, I would say to Saudi
Arabia, I would say Israel, I would say to the other countries in that region, you know
what? >> You have been at war, in one way or another,
for decade after decade after decade. And by the way, your wars have not only impacted
your own people, they have impacted the United States to the tune of trillions of dollars
and 5,000 lost lives. We will play a role in bringing you together,
and if you need economic aid, we will provide the economic aid. We will provide the resources, but we're not
simply gonna give more and more weaponry to Saudi Arabia, Israel. We're gonna try to bring people together for
what I admit, Margaret, I admit it will not be easy. >> So he wants to approach it from a more
diplomatic standpoint, stop selling weapons. And that is, I think, a popular position,
especially given the public's response to this escalation toward Iran. Now, Trump, to give him a little bit of credit,
seems to really want a deal. So remember, the Iran nuclear deal was specifically
meant to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons. But Trump wants to negotiate a deal with Iran
that would include other provisions. Maybe stop with some of the proxy wars, stop
with the missiles that are being fired at other countries. I get that, right? But the way he's trying to do it, I think
could easily, we can find ourselves in war, because it's just stoking tensions. So what he's doing right now is he's implementing
more sanctions, as I mentioned. He's trying to squeeze Iran economically. There were already sanctions in place, but
this latest round of sanctions targets specific people, including the Ayatollah, the Foreign
Minister in Iran, and other members of the Iranian National Guard, right. So all of those people will no longer be allowed
to use international banking, their assets will be frozen, and he's hoping that this
will bring them to the table and lead to a better negotiation. I don't know if that's gonna happen. But what I do know is with Bolton and Pompeo
in his ear, pushing him in the direction of war, it is very conceivable that we'll head
in that direction. >> Yeah, I don't think these new sanctions
help at all. The new sanctions are going after, freezing
the accounts of some of the top leadership in Iran, which is only going to agitate them. And as the Iranians are saying, you're not
giving us anything in return. All you do is heap on extra punishment, extra
sanctions, and you keep provoking us to what end? So what do you want that we didn't already
gave you? We gave you all of our uranium. So you haven't even made clear what you want,
and then let alone what you're gonna give us in return. See, that's how deals are normally done. So it's another way I think of Bolton and
Pompeo tricking the idiot into war. Now, MSNBC drives me crazy. So they have some good hosts like Chris Hayes
who speak out against the war, I think Rachel did on one or two occasions. But they had a panel today talking about,
is Tucker Carlson gonna be the new Secretary of Defense? I can't believe Trump's listening to Tucker
Carlson, telling him not to go to war with Iran. Take yes for an answer. Tucker is saying, don't go to war with Iran,
and he's having influence with Trump. What do you want him to do? Stop listening to that guy and start listening
to Bolton? So sometimes the way they warmonger is maddening. >> Yeah, well for them, I mean, it's just,
I get it, right, Trump is a hideous, terrible person. But sometimes the hate for Trump blinds them
from sound commentary. So they're so obsessed with attacking Trump
or attacking Tucker Carlson that they won’t give credit where credit is due, do not goad
the Trump administration into war. You don’t want war. So again, credit where credit is due. Don’t try make him out to be a weak person
on national security. You're trying to push him toward invading
Iran? >> It makes no sense. Now, finally, that leads to foreign policy,
which has almost not been discussed at all in the presidential campaign on the Democratic
side. So we have finally begun to discuss it. And so right now, there's a lot of folks I'd
love to find out more about their foreign policy. I know the history of it, but what is their
current stance, right? And some, I don't even know the history of
it. I don't know Andrew Yang's foreign policy
almost at all. Next time we interview him, I'll certainly
ask a lot more about that. And Elizabeth Warren, we need more clarity,
but Bill de Blasio was just the mayor of New York. A great progressive in a lot of ways, but
I don't know enough about his foreign policy. Now, the people who we do know about, Mike
Gravel obviously never wants to go into these wars, Tulsi Gabbard, clearly against wars,
and definitely, and just introduced legislation against this war in particular. And now you see Bernie, crystal clear. He's not gonna get into stupid, senseless
wars in the Middle East. And he says look, if people want to get our
weapons, whether it's Saudi Arabia or Israel, who are our allies, we're perfectly happy
to make economic deals, but they have got to come to the table. They don't come to the table, why are we encouraging
endless wars? Well, so far, I love that.

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