44 thoughts on “Benjamen Zander – Leadership on Display

  1. Make the notes really beautiful so the listeners care about what happens to it, and that's the only reason to practice…what a wonderful way to summarize the essence of performance (and to avoid performance anxiety)!

  2. This is surely an enlightenment for me. When I play the violin I was so focused that I often forgot the essence of it – which is to enjoy it.

  3. I want to go and take all of his classes. There are teachers and great teachers and then there is Benjamen Zander!

  4. Dear Mr. Zander you make me to wish for a lottery ticket wining just to have you as my music teacher!

  5. I love how, by doing the "how fascinating" bit, he made it ok, right from the start for the boy to make mistakes. And instead of being bad things, they became punchlines.

  6. This is so interesting and someone edited this so insensitively!! Why do such stupid editing on Youtube? People can fast forward!

  7. Is there anyway you can post the full video of Benjamin Zander's 2008 Pop!Tech presentation for use in a university "Leadership" course?

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